[Preview] Can you improve heartburn with a low-carb diet?

[Preview] Can you improve heartburn with a low-carb diet?

Hi, Dr. Westman, can you talk
a little bit about your GERD study? Yeah, so our method was to take
case studies put it in the literature. Years go by and a UNC Carolina fellow, G.I. trainee fellow decided to do a couple of studies
during his fellowship. And so that’s a nice way to do it because
it didn’t cost anything for the professor and he just chose to do it
so we helped him. Basically it was a run a bunch kind of study
where they wanted to get 20 people but by the eighth person the results
were so strong I mean in everyone. The heartburn was gone,
they have a pH probe in for a few days and so they have acidity scores
and there are some standard metrics there and they pretty much all improved. And these were people
with refractory GERD. So he was taking the worst of the worst
that were on medication and they come off medicine
and their GERD is gone. There’s a book called,
I think is called The Heartburn Cure, Norm Robillard wrote it, it’s basically a low-carb kind of approach
and no question it works.

4 thoughts on “[Preview] Can you improve heartburn with a low-carb diet?

  1. Absolutely. I have had heartburn 2 days in the last 1.5 years since changing to a low carb-high fat diet. I suffered every day till that point and the relief was almost instantaneous.

  2. My heartburn that i'd had persistently for over 30 years disappeared on day 3 of my ketogenic diet, i have not had any heartburn since….. i am thrilled 🙂

  3. Not in my case. I've been on keto for 6 weeks, I still burp and belch throughout the day. I also do intermittent fasting eating my last meal at 6 pm. Nothing seems to help with my condition.

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