[Preview] Common mistakes on low carb

[Preview] Common mistakes on low carb

If you really want the hunger to go away,
you have to be strict. So the common mistakes are having just like
a piece of fruit, an apple or something. So fruit is sweet, right? You taste it, it’s sweet
and that’s from sugar. So an apple has about 20 g
of carbohydrate in it. So if you’re staying at a level of 20 g a day,
that one apple would be it. And actually then you wouldn’t get
the vegetables and vitamins and minerals you need optimally to have
from vegetables. So fruit is a bad idea if you want
to be in a strict low-carb diet? A common mistake, even though
you’re thinking about being really strict. People count carbs and that
means certain foods are okay, but they might be trigger foods. So for example if you are eating
cashews or nuts of any kind, really, and then you realize that there
are 5 g just a handful of nuts, but just the fact of having 5 g of one handful
multiple times through the day, means you have 20 g, 30 g. So at first we don’t allow
trigger foods and nuts are a common… So cashews are like high in carbs, right? Well, they are low. What about macadamia nuts?
They are lower. They’re low, but if you can’t stop
eating them, they trigger your hunger, then don’t have them at first. And that might be
a trigger food just for you. That’s one reason we talk to people and
ask them and then see them over time. Nuts are common reason
for things not to work well.

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  1. That's the problem with the LCHF diet, they tell you all the things you can eat and then tell you not to eat them….🐖

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