[Preview] Eating keto to survive cancer

[Preview] Eating keto to survive cancer

Max was diagnosed with…
it was a very emerging case. We were taken probably
at about this time by ambulance to Children’s Hospital of Orange County where we are told we would have
an immediate brain surgery, his brain was hemorrhaging. He had a tumor that
was growing out of the brainstem, filled the fourth ventricle
and invaded the cerebellum. Surgery the next morning so that
would be tomorrow morning six years ago and the neuro surgeon came to us
and said, “This is a really tough one. “You’d come to us in 30 days and
your son would not be with us. “So this is what we’re going to do…
we’re going to try. “The oncologist is going to come to you
and then we’re going to try. “But at some point the efforts
to achieve quantity of life “are going to compromise quality of life. “And I’m going to ask you to agree with me
that we’re going to stop there. “We’re not going to do more than that. We need to maintain the focus
on this child’s quality-of-life.”

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