Pruvit Keto Reboot | 60 Hour Keto Reboot

Pruvit Keto Reboot | 60 Hour Keto Reboot

Heather from The Fit Mom Tribe,
I’m going to go over really quickly comes keto reboot kit.
I’m also going to share because we have a new option this month.
That’s pretty cool. So I’m going to share about that and I’m
going to talk about who this keto reboot is perfect for.
And then um, after I hop off I will share some before
and after pictures from people who have done the reboot so that you can kind of
see what you’re going to get when you do this.
So first, let me go over who this kit is for.
This is how you know that you need a 60 hour reboot.
There’s four, four main things.
So number one is you have no energy. So if you’re one of those people who
just feels like you have to like constantly drink coffee throughout the
day, you just feel wiped.
Like you wake up feeling white, you go to bed feeling like,
like you’re just drained all the time. You’ve got this to do list that maybe
doesn’t get done or maybe you’re just having a hard time keeping up with your
kids. That’s a really good sign that you need
to key to reboot and if you’re anything like I was,
then you feel drained all day long and then you lay down to go to sleep and you
can’t turn your brain off. Does anybody else have that happen?
So that’s awful. It’s a horrible way to get through the
day. So that’s number one.
Number two, which leads me to number two,
is that you’re not sleeping well, so maybe you lay down at night,
your brain gets on that hamster wheel. You just can’t get it to stop.
You. Don’t feel rested when you wake up in
the morning. Doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a
morning person or not a morning person, but you know,
you wake up day after day after day and you never feel like you are rested. This is,
this reboot kit helps you sleep like a baby.
Okay? So number three is that you deal with
constant cravings or you’re always hungry.
You’re always thinking about food. So maybe you have like a sweet tooth and
you, you just are like constantly wanting
something sweet or maybe you haven’t even finished one male and you’re
already thinking about what you’re going to eat next.
So this is a really, really good way to break that cycle and
start to, first of all,
you’re going to get rid of some of those cravings.
You’re going to get rid of some of that hunger,
but it’s also gonna help you identify what true hunger is and how to know when
you are physically hungry versus just wanting to eat more food.
And then number four is maybe you’ve been watching for a long.
Maybe you know that what you’re doing right now is not working. You’re interested in this Keto
lifestyle. You’re interested in maybe adding
ketones in to your clean eating or to your.
If it fits your macros. You want to dip your toe in the keto
bond, but you’re not sure where.
This is a perfect place to do it because it’s going to be 60.
About half of that is going to be spent during your sleep,
but you’re going to wake up that Wednesday morning and you’re going to be
fat adapted. You’re going to be in Ketosis,
you’re going to know exactly how it feels.
It’s going to be a lot easier to make better choices after that moving
forward. All right,
so let me go through what’s in this box. So first of all,
this is the box that you’re going to get in the mail.
When you flip this box up, you’re gonna.
See Directions for everyday so the directions are printed right on the box. So make sure that you look at this when
you get it. So this is going to be everything that
you consume for 60 hours. Sixty hours does start on Sunday night,
so you start to reboot with one of these teas.
So it’s just a night time tea. You stirred into hot water,
drink it, and then you go to sleep.
So the first 10 hours, other reroute,
you are asleep. So you’re going to get a few of these
teas, caramel apple.
There’s also chocolate flavor. The next day you’re going to do the keto
Max, you’re going to get caffeinated and
you’re also gonna get DECAF, which is what we call capitated is
charged. So you’re going to get charged and
caffeine free. Make sure that you drink the charged one
when you wake up in the morning, uh,
save the caffeine free for after lunch. Okay?
So you’re going to get the key and raspberry lemonade that tastes exactly
like it sounds. You’re also going to get some better
broth. So this is bone broth,
which you know you’d have to be living under a rock for the last year or two or
three to not know all the benefits of bone broth to know how good bone broth
is for your hair, nails,
skin, gut,
it has protein in it, like it’s a really good source of
protein and what makes our, our bone broth better.
Literally the name better raw because it also has our ketone blend in it.
So you’re going to get bone broth, ketones,
keto, calm,
and you’re going to get these signal capsules.
And I can show you what these look like. You’re not very exciting,
but what they do is for equal, this is what the capsules look like.
You can see they’re tiny, they don’t smell like anything and they
don’t taste like anything, but what they do is they sort of ignite
this whole process to push you into deeper ketosis and they initiate
something called autophagy. Google it because I’m not a doctor,
but it’s something that’s really cool and it’s definitely something that you
want to have happening. I’ll also say that there are benefits to
fasting that date back to biblical times,
so like fasting and giving your body a chance to rest,
use up the fuel that you’ve been taking in reset itself.
Like this is nothing new. What’s new is the ketone top technology
that we’ve included in all of this. The first time I did it,
I lost seven pounds and I couldn’t believe it because I was already pretty
small. I didn’t lose anything the first day and
it was anything the second day and then I woke up the third day and I was down
seven pounds and I was like, where did all this come from?
Like bloat sludge does things in your mind that you don’t want,
so I just like flushes all of that out. Last time I did it,
I only saw a two pound difference on the scale,
but a huge change in my waist, like inches in my waist.
Like it just sucked me right in. It was crazy.
So you can get the keto reboot kit to day $79.
We are doing it as a community on December 16th.
So what will happen is December 16th, you,
you spend your weekend the way that you normally would that night,
that Sunday night you’re going to start with your teeth,
you’re going to do the reboot Monday, the reboot Tuesday,
and then you’re going to wake up on the 19th and you’re going to be like a new
person. If you know yourself,
you know that you gain. Maybe you overindulge or maybe you’re
somebody who likes a glass of wine. When you go out with your friends and
family, I know that’s me like hello. But sometimes when I do that,
sometimes when I drink, I started to make bad choices.
So this is my secret weapon. If you have any questions about the
reboot, I can answer them as someone who has
done it several times so you can post them below,
but this. This is the new thing that we just
launched today that we’ve never done this before.
It’s called the keto x l kit and it’s super cool and I’m gonna.
Try to tell you everything that you did. It’s a really,
really good option for somebody who is really ready to make this lifestyle
change. Who’s really has big goals for
themselves for 2019. You know who you are because what
happens with this. This reboot kid is over quickly.
So this is over, and then people wake up Wednesday
morning and this is what they taxi. Oh my God,
I feel amazing. What do I do now?
Okay, so that’s what happens every time.
That’s why this kit was created. So with this kid,
that’s awesome. Today you’re going to get the entire.
We look at that. I just showed you what comes in it.
So you’re gonna. Start that.
Start that with us. You are also going to get,
and I’m going to tell you exactly how I use these products,
I’ll pull box of keto cream. Now how I’ve been doing this lately and
it’s been working really well for me, is I will stir this keto into my coffee
in the morning and that’s my breakfast and this is 130 calories.
It has zero net carbs, two grams of protein and 12 grams of
fat. The fat comes from mct oil,
so it’s three types of mct oil and it is the organic cold pressed mct.
No wait, it doesn’t say we’re going to go on
here. I’m sorry.
I apologize. Not Organic,
promise you the good stuff, so you’re going to get three types of
mct oil. The advantage of mct oil as part of your
healthy fats for the day, no matter what Diet you follow,
is that mcts are quick converting fax. That means they’re not going to get
stored on your butt. They’re going to get converted to energy
and that’s what happens. It is like a bulletproof coffee if
you’ve ever heard of that, but some people add butter and g to
copy. I have tried that.
I think it’s disgusting. This tastes like pumpkin spice latte
from starbucks and it also has four types of Collagen.
In my mid thirties, I would bathe in this stuff with my
college and everywhere, so you’re going to start your day with
that, sir it into your coffee.
You can also make pancakes with it, believe it or not. Super simple pancake recipe,
so then you’re going to get a whole box of our new formula of raspberry lemonade
in Nat, which is naturally fermented formula
because this is all natural. The effects kick in sooner and they last
longer. They’re going to get a whole box of
this. What I have been doing is I’ve been
drinking this right after lunch, so I’ll have that for breakfast.
I eat whatever I want for lunch, like a rep,
have a bunch of low carb pizza recipes. I’ll do a big sale and a lot of times
just to get in my veggies and then I’ll do this right after that.
If you’re somebody who always needs that 3:00 PM coffee,
not anymore, not with this,
so that’s going to take the place of that saw me shake it up earlier.
You just add it to water and shake her up,
shake it up for a couple of seconds. It dissolves completely.
It is not thick. It is not pretty.
It’s just like crystal lite, but like way better.
So you’ve got a full box of that. You’re going to get a full box of this.
So this is. This is the same ketones.
It also has the protein and it also has like the extra benefits.
What you’re going to do with this as you’re going to stir it into hot water,
so say you’re at the office, you need your 3:00 PM energy fix where
you normally would go spend $4 at starbucks down the street and then
crashed for like crap pants. Get too tight.
You’re going to pick one of these. So if you’re hot,
if your office has hot, do this one if you are cold.
This one is. This one is best served hot,
so this one’s going to heat you up. Get you through those cold fevers,
depending on where you live this, this is enough to get you through like
two months. It staying in ketosis regularly.
You can do, you know,
cream in the morning, you can do these first thing in the
morning, like do you keep telling us first thing
and then eat normally and I’ve had people before who eat normally
throughout the day and then they’re just not really that hungry at night or you
know, maybe you’re single and you just don’t
feel like fixing a big meal. Like this can be your meal,
this is a cup of bone broth for some chicken in it and some veggies and
you’re good. So it gives you a lot of different
options. And that one also comes with,
oh, and you also get 60 of the signal s
capsules. You’re going to get two hacked
magazines, food guide,
an exercise guide. I’m an optimization hat guy,
which I believe if it’s anything like the one that I have seen before,
it’s sort of like teaching. It’s like food lists and it’s teaching
you how to add intermittent fasting to your day and how that’s going to help
you and it’s just full of really good wellness tips.
So like I said, I will pop the links below.
Now is a really great time to get. Don’t dig a bigger hole for yourself.
You cannot stick your head in the sand. It’s just going to be harder when you
wake up on January first. So a little maintenance is going to go a
long way and it’s going to get you to those 2019 goals even faster.
So can’t wait to do this with you guys. And like I said,
if you have any questions, if you want more info,
just make sure that you comment below.

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