Quick & Easy Keto Guacamole

Quick & Easy Keto Guacamole

Hey you guys Naomi here. Thanks for
hitting that play button. I want to share with you one of my favorite forms of
guacamole and this is one that my kids eat all the time. So they know that they
love avocados but what they don’t know is that they love watercress, parsley,
cilantro, onions, garlic, peppers, lime, and all of this goodness mixed into one. So
I’m going to show you exactly how I do it. You can put this into a blender a
food processor or you can do what I do I like to keep it a little bit more simple. Put some lime in here. The peppers in. I really love
what this does for your immune system. It helps to detoxify your body. So here’s
the combination of the parsley, cilantro, and the watercress. Watercress is one of
the most nutritious greens you can eat and they also incorporate a lot of
hydration. The fiber that’s in the avocado is incredible. So here’s some
onions, you can obviously put it to your liking, your level of
taste. Some garlic, yum, kind of a little less a bit of that. A pinch of Himalayan
sea salt and we are going to add one tablespoon of MCT. I try to get MCT into
absolutely everything that my family eats. It’s fat-burning, it helps to keep
you in ketosis, it doubles your production of ketones. I’ve actually
given up two tablespoons but you can put one. This is the creamy MCT, you can use
regular MCT. Yeah I love what it does for our bodies, I love how it increases in
production of ketones. It’s our shortcut to keto and right here in your guacamole. So
should we start getting this guacamole ready. Look how easy this is.
This took me what like five minutes to prepare. Just so fast, so delicious. We are
almost off to the races and it smells so fresh and when you’ve got this
combination of herbs in here along with the superfood that’s an avocado, probably
can’t get something that’s better for you. I like it in this sort of choppy way.
But it just depends on you. You can pair this amazing guacamole with crudité
very easily. Fresh vegetables whatever you like. I really like to to pair it
with a nice soft celery because I’m getting tons of hydration from celery and I’m always trying to put more hydration in my body and in my family’s so you get a lot of
hydration greens that especially celery and then guacamle here is super
hydrating as well. Thanks for watching. I hope you love this guacamole as much as
I do. It’s a super simple recipe and who would have known that it has MCT the
fat-burning MCT right in it. So if you want to see the full recipe, click on the
description below and you can subscribe like or leave a comment.

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  1. I was born and raised in Mexico. Nothing topped my grandmothers’ guacamole recipes. This recipe stands right next to them. Thank you! 😊

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