Ready to Race: Nutrition for Every Runner

Ready to Race: Nutrition for Every Runner

Think of food as fuel, not as something to fear, or something to put into buckets of “good” and “bad.” Every one of us is different and we all are going to follow different kinds of eating patterns And the key is to find a balance that works for you. So what should you eat before your run or your workout? Now, for shorter runs, things that, for distances that are going to take you 30 minutes or less, maybe even 45 minutes or less, you may not need to eat anything beforehand. You may feel completely fine. But for longer distances, you’re going to want some fuel beforehand. You want mostly carbohydrates, remember, not a four-letter word a little bit of protein for some satiety. You want to make sure it’s not super high in fat or fiber and then, of course, you want to drink some fluids. Think about how much time you have before you actually start running, and that’s kind of going to help you decide how large of a meal you’re going to have. You want to try out different foods, see what works well for you personally. And then when you find something stick with it. When should you fuel during a run? If it lasts more than 60 minutes So, again, on shorter runs, stick with water. For longer runs, you want quick, fast energy. This is the only time where I’m going to tell you to eat a lot of sugar. You want things that are going to digest quickly, not sit in your stomach, so it’s mostly just carbs. So, you may choose to alternate water and Gatorade along the course, and that may be all that you need. But if you feel like during your training you want to play around with some blocks, some gels, you know you can go to any sports store. You know, if you prefer not to use something that’s pre-packaged, you can use something like raisins, you can have a banana, You know those little applesauce squeeze pouches, you can have something like that as well. Chocolate milk has three things that your body needs after a run. Three main things. First it has carbohydrates to help re-fuel your muscles. Second it has protein to help rebuild and repair your muscles. And then third, it has the fluids along with the sodium to help with hydration.

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  1. Yes I like the information but please suggest what one has to eat before morning run like sprints, jogs when the person is also on the schedule to gain muscle mass in the evening workout.

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