Remarkable Recovery On Plant Based Diet! Dr Neal Barnard

Remarkable Recovery On Plant Based Diet! Dr Neal Barnard

Katherine Lawrence was just 27 years old when
she found out she had Stage 4 endometriosis, an advanced reproductive disease presenting
with painful ovarian and uterine cysts. This explained why she had been in excruciating
pain for the last 6 months however there was no treatment for the disease only a hysterectomy,
which meant she would not be able to have children. Let’s hear from Dr Neal Barnard as he shares
what happened next…There’s a woman named Katherine Lawrence her story is very striking
she was in the Air Force, an Aerospace engineer, she was one of the first people going into
Iraq. Her tour of duty comes to an end and she goes
back home to Louisiana and all her friends say “ Katherine, let’s eat, you’re home!”
and what does she love the most? Cheese, Mac and Cheese, cheetos all that stuff. She had a friend who knew she loved Mac and
cheese and they gave her a case of 48 mac and cheese boxes. For 48 days straight Katherine ate mac and
cheese out of a box, anyway she gained weight and she also started having these pains in
her abdomen, as the months went by it got worse and worse and worse and her doctor diagnosed
endometriosis which is a condition where cells that are supposed to be inside your uterus
migrate out and they seed around your abdomen and they start swelling with your cycle and
the pain is terrible and it also causes infertility and the treatment is a hysterectomy, in a
lot of cases. She said to her doctor “I’d rather not
have a hysterectomy Id like to have a family” and this was the treatment and she was not
getting better so they scheduled it. Anyway a friend said to her “why don’t
you try a plant based diet because there’s a lot of evidence that that will affect your
hormones, your hormone balance and what you’ve got is a hormonal issue” and she was really
half hearted about it but she thought like what’s my choice. So she went 100% vegan, no dairy, no cheese
and no animal products at all and she started feeing better, she started losing weight,
week after week she was losing weight and as time went on all of these abdominal symptoms
started to just go away. So she went back to her doctor who did a laparoscopy,
you look into the abdomen with a scope. He looks all around, the doctor is looking
all around, and then sends her into the recovery room. The doctor goes into the waiting room to talk
to her husband and he said “her endometriosis is practically gone!” Her husband said “you know she changed her
diet she went 100% vegan and she’s been feeling better week by week and her pain has
been going away” and the doctor said “No, no no, no, foods do not cause endometriosis
and there is no way that a diet change is going to heal it. There’s only one explanation for this, this
is a miracle!!!” But anyway she never had the operation, she
didn’t have the hysterectomy, her endometriosis is gone, she’s got two kids and in fact
her third child is on the way and she has now become a food for life instructor working
with PCRM to tell other women and men about how foods affect your body. Katherine said the reason why she tried the
plant based diet was really so she could tell her mother she’d had tried everything while
waiting for the hysterectomy. When she changed her diet, to start with she
ate pretty much just brown rice, broccoli and beans for 6 weeks straight. Then she discovered the book The China Study,
amongst other resources. She said that after about six months of eating
whole, plant foods she saw some dramatic changes. Not only had her reproductive problems almost
disappeared her cholesterol dropped from 178 to 128, she lost over 50 pounds and saw new
hair growth. Her reproductive problems never returned but
she also realized that the fibrotic cysts she had in her breasts since puberty were
completely gone. This was something her mother, grandmother
and cousin had and yet Katherine’s had completely dissolved. Her children are plant based and were conceived
naturally and benefited greatly from her vegan pregnancies. A regular breakfast for Katherine and her
family is quinoa, sweet potatoes & beans, or grits, greens and tofu. Green smoothies are also a big feature in
their household. Katherine now teaches cooking & nutrition
classes and shares the power of a plant-based diet. Katherine says quote” I’ve witnessed the
reversal of dozens of debilitating ailments: Type 2 diabetes, arthritis, IBS, colitis,
breast cancer, gout, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, Crohn’s disease, osteoporosis,
and many others. My favorite topic to explain is the importance
of dietary fiber, I believe it is the root of most healing.”

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  1. Another *GREAT*💫 vid‼️👍🏽‼️👍🏽‼️‼️👍🏽‼️👍🏽‼️👍🏽‼️

    Do you know of any plant based doctors in London please⁉️🙏🏽🙏🏽⁉️🙏🏽⁉️🙏🏽⁉️

  2. My wife same thing. Endometriosis for years, terrible pain, went plant based, endoscopy done, endo gone within 6 months. Along with all the other benefits mentioned, no new hair growth, but hair loss stopped.

  3. I love this channel. If you find more stories like this then please share more. i love these stories.

  4. So she went from eating dairy, processed grains and flour with a ton of cheese to a diet rich in vegetables. It’s no surprise her health improved dramatically. The same results are achievable with any diet that’s rich In vegetables, paleo, Mediterranean etc. The key is vegetables and more vegetables especially leafy greens. Real food that is, well done to her

  5. I wish I'd been plant-based whole foods since childhood….would have saved so much pain / illness & $$$$ spent on otc medicines / pharmaceuticals etc.
    Am now plant-based (mostly fruit) for 9 months – didn't stick to it in the past…but now am commited…people can take their power back + be well & have optimum health on only plant foods.
    Great video.

  6. I love this video. I also have endometriosis but thanks to my Vegan diet I don’t suffer pain and I don’t take any medications. Thanks for sharing her story.

  7. My issue with a plant based diet was after doing it for 3mo, and I would still have a little milk in coffee and an egg once every two weeks, Two months into it I stopped losing weight and my energy disappeared, GONE! I lost 30lbs in the first two months but then plateaued. The first two mo I felt AWESOME all inflammation left my body and I was great. The only thing I could think of was I was not getting enough protein and fats!?!??!/

  8. The only miracle that all humanity is waiting for to cure us from most of our diseases, stop animal sufferings, & save our environment is that we all simply JUST eat exclusively whole plant based diet.

  9. Amazing she went from eating junk food to real whole foods. So what’s the REAL reason for her improvements? Our ancestors were NOT vegans it’s why we are still here. I agree that a mostly plant based eating, but not exclusively. Also, no one mentions organic produce vs conventional.

  10. Hey JJ, how many animals are maimed or killed when plant food is harvested by machinery. Also, without animal poop to fertilize fruits and vegetables, you have only chemical fertilizers to grow food. This type of agriculture is devoid of most micro nutrients. We have moved away from nature in both the plant based and animal based food supply. This is the REAL problem.

  11. I'm a little confused here. Katherine Lawrence apparently advocates a whole plant based diet (is this equivalent to a vegan diet?) and yet, one of the recipes listed on her website is "One Pan Chicken Dinner"?! How vegan can that be?

  12. Today, March 2, 2018, I am celebrating my first year anniversary as a vegan. One year ago I was 235 pounds with a bmi of 37 (obese). I had diabettes and high blood pressure for which I was taking drugs. On the last day in February 2017 I watched Forks over Knives, a documentary on how our food is produced and how harmful it is. The next day I went to an all-you-can-eat restaurant (golden coral) and ate every vegetable or whole food I saw. During the next 60 days I lost 33 pounds, stopped all medications as my blood glucose was normal as was my blood presssure .I had stopped eating all animal products – beef, chicken, eggs, diary, fish, butter etc.etc. I did stop losing weight but saw in retrospect that I was still eating processed (packaged) foods which I cut out and lost another 22 pounds in the following two months. I had gone from 235 to 170 – a whopping 65 pounds. It had been a decade or longer since I was below 200 pounds. I am 77 years of age.
    As I live alone in the Oregon outback in an off-grid home I built myself I used videos like this as my support group. There are at least a dozen doctors posting videos that recommend a plant based "diet" and cutting out processed foods because they are loaded with addictive substances like salt, sugar and oils. At every meal I would go to youtube and select another of these videos as my support group. (Google plant based doctors – Neal Barnard, John, McDougall, Michael Gregor, Michael Klaper, Joel Fuhrman, Dean Ornish, Kim Williams, T. Colin Campbell, Caldwel Esselstyn, Alan Goldhammer, Doug Lisle, Matt Kedernan, Alona Pulde, Thomas Campbell, Garth Davis, Pam Popper, and so many more.
    Today, I have actually modified my eating habit by including a two day water only fast once every week which gives my body a chance to heal itself. What the Doctor of all doctors wrote: "Let food be thy medicine" is so true (Thanks Dr Hippocrates.)

  13. Hoping WFPB will help me get rid of diabetes and HBP, obesity, kidney and liver problems, hi chol and hi triglys. Am 75 and disabled…nope, getting old is not fun, whoever said they were the "golden years" had a horrible sense of humor!!

  14. So she fixed insulin resistance. And reduced the massive nutritional deficiencies she had. No wonder she got better.

    The important thing to realize is that there are multiple diets that can fix insulin resistance and remove nutritional deficiencies.

    And cheese didn't cause this all. If you believe that then you have cheese in your head instead of a brain.

  15. Her doctor wasn't practicing medicine he was practicing "God of the Gaps". He didn't understand how she got well, and the doctor thought that he was perfect, so it had to be a god that saved her.

  16. It feels great that we have the way how to live. Great story and it is not the only one. Thousands of other people change their lives by changing the way they eat. The problem is, not everyone knows about it.

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