REVEALED – Top 10 Low Carb Vegetarian Foods

REVEALED – Top 10 Low Carb Vegetarian Foods

(Upbeat Instrumental Music) I’m Dr. Group, and I’ve studied natural
medicine for over 20 years, so please subscribe to this channel. I’m gonna be putting out many different health
changing videos for you. Now, there’s a lot of people out there following this trend of ketogenic. This is nothing new, this has been around for a long time, Atkins did it. Ketogenic is nothing more
than just low carbohydrates. It’s bringing your body
into a state of ketosis, which means your body starts
using ketones for fuel instead of glucose for fuel. What happens? You start losing weight, and that’s why most people
are using ketogenic diets. Everybody’s always
asking, “What can I eat?” “Is keto good for me?” “Are low carbohydrates good for me?” Keto is just a trend, really,
if you think about it, all it is, is just low carbohydrates. But you have to really ask yourself, are you going keto, or are you addressing the root cause of your health conditions, like, why are you going keto? Are you doing it to lose weight? Are you doing it because you
wanna be a healthier person? Okay, so what I did today, was I picked my favorite low carbohydrate, keto approved, vegetables. Now, let me say, please make
sure that you always buy all of your foods organic, this way you’re avoiding the pesticides, and avoiding the insecticides, avoiding the GMOs. And right now, we’re
gonna start with kale. Kale is actually a cruciferous vegetable, it’s high in iron, chlorophyll,
vitamin K, calcium. It’s very nutrient dense and it actually has more
vitamin C than an orange. Now, what you can do is actually massage kale before your eat it, and that helps you digest it. The next thing I like is chia seeds, and chia is actually the
ancient Mayan word for strength, it was used over 3,000 years ago. Chia seeds have more omega-3 fatty acids than any other plant food. Chia actually helps me feel full, it’s packed with zinc, magnesium, and even protein. The next food I’m gonna
talk about is spinach. Spinach is high in iron, B vitamins, vitamin A, C, K, dietary fiber, it’s actually even high
in calcium and magnesium. It’s also good to juice spinach. If you’re making fresh
juices in the morning, I recommend using spinach as a juice. Next, we’re gonna talk about celery. Now, celery is extremely
beneficial to juice, I like putting celery… I like making celery juice by itself. Celery was initially used
as medicine actually, it was classified as an herb years ago and used for toothaches, insomnia, hypertension, anxiety, and believe it or not, the Romans used to use
celery as an aphrodisiac. So, it’s a very great
staple in a low-carb diet that you can use, and you can put in your salads and you can use however you want. So, celery is a good addition to add to your low-carbohydrate diet. You can eat celery raw as well, or just snack on it throughout the day. Next thing, avocados. I love avocados, avocados taste great. There’s so much stuff
you can do with avocados, and it’s actually classified as a fruit. They have higher levels
of potassium than bananas, and eating avocados can actually lower your cholesterol levels. Believe it or not, avocados
are about 73% water, 15% fat, and 2% protein. So, I’d like to know what
you think of avocados, if you have any recipes, I like making fresh
guacamole with avocados, but if you have recipes, or you like to use avocados for smoothies, anything like that, please leave some of your tips in the comment section below. Most people will tell you, do not eat fruit on a low-carb diet, do not eat fruit on a keto diet. I’m a big believer in fruit, by the way, fruit is powerful. Fruit has little tiny seeds on it, fruit has lots of water, it has fiber, it has lots of phytonutrients
and colors in it. So, berries, when I’m on a low-carb diet, when I’m on a keto diet, I love to mix in some
of those vibrant colors, the rainbows of colors, and berries, strawberries,
blackberries, raspberries, even the outside of a strawberry
has up to 200 tiny seeds, and you can see tiny little seeds in here, and blueberries as well. Very strong antioxidants when
you’re looking at berries, and other nutrients, vitamins, minerals, they’re just power-packed superfoods. They can contain folate, B vitamins, potassium, dietary fiber. I’ll tell you another thing
that I love, is cauliflower. It’s a staple of my vegan-keto diet, and even when I’m not on a vegan-keto diet I still enjoy cauliflower because there’s so many
different ways to prepare it, and it just has an incredible
taste and crispiness to it. I know a lot of people now that just love to make cauliflower steaks, you can even get cauliflower steaks in restaurants these days, and cauliflower is only 25 calories for almost four ounces. It’s an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin K, pantothenic acid, B6, but it also contains dietary fiber, and believe it or not, omega-3
fatty acids and biotin, which is great for the hair,
the nails, and the skin. There’s so may different
ways to prepare cauliflower, sometimes I like to just
put some lemon juice, some apple cider vinegar on it, I like to eat it raw, or just broil it or steam it. Eating everything raw in it’s raw state is going to give you the
highest vibrational energy for your body. Most people just eat too much food, that’s why it’s another good thing to be on a vegetarian, raw if possible, doesn’t have to be raw, you can steam these things, or make juices, raw juices out of ’em, but all of these things are going to add to the vibrational energy
field in your body. Next to cauliflower, we have broccoli. Broccoli is actually known as the crown jewel of nutrition. Broccoli is extremely rich and powerful in vitamins and minerals. I like to eat it raw, steamed, there’s so many different
recipes out there you can use for broccoli. Cabbage is an excellent
source of vitamin K, which most people are deficient in, B6, and cabbage promotes bone health, it maintains blood pressure. And what I love about it is it actually helps detoxify the body, it helps heal the bowel and it helps regulate your sugar levels, as well as initiates
the metabolic pathways for weight loss, so cabbage is one of my
favorite foods as well. Moving on to nuts and seeds. Now, I always keep nuts and seeds around, raw nuts and seeds, for that power-packed energy boost if I need it throughout the day, or if I just get hungry. If I’m doing intermittent fasting which I love to do, or even water only fasting which I would also recommend, if you’re on a low-carbohydrate diet, you should really look
into intermittent fasting because it can really
speed the process up. We eat 10 times the amount
of food that our body needs, so skipping one meal a day, you should just automatically
get in that habit and then just implement these things throughout your normal day, or while you’re putting together your vegan-keto dietary plan. So, one other thing I
like to add in sometimes if I’m hungry or if I don’t have time, is I’ll just mix a vegan protein powder, plant-based only, just whip it up in some almond milk, maybe put a a little almond
butter in there as well, and that’s a good snack. So, these are kind of my
favorite vegetarian-keto foods, you might have some as well, please put them in the
comment section below, and don’t forget to
subscribe to this channel. We love to bring you this information on how you can change your life. Give us any of your recommendations, give us any of your feedback. And until next time, you have the power to heal yourself, you have the power to be mindful, which means paying attention to your food, eating your food in a
parasympathetic state, eating your food in a calm state, eating your food in a loving state. And don’t forget, you have the power to heal, and always live healthy. (upbeat instrumental music)

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