Sam’s Club Has a Copycat Chick-fil-A Sandwich…and We Reviewed It! | Chicken Sandwich Taste Test

Sam’s Club Has a Copycat Chick-fil-A Sandwich…and We Reviewed It! | Chicken Sandwich Taste Test

– We all love Chick-fil-A,
so when we have a chance to get that flavor at home like everyday I gotta give a try. So I did this with the nuggets
when Sam’s came out with kinda their version of
Chick-fil-A’s chicken nuggets. They didn’t say that, but that’s what everyone
knew they were doing. So now they have come out
with a chicken sandwich. So I’m gonna give this a try. Not only the sandwich,
but the waffle fries. And it wouldn’t be research if I didn’t compare it to the original. So that’s what I’m gonna do. I thought it was just gonna be the patty, but it’s the whole sandwich. And this is just like microwavable. I mean I’m skeptical already because of microwaving the frozen bread. Oh, hold up. I didn’t read the fine print. It says it right here. Pickles not included. I mean that’s my favorite part
on the Chick-fil-A sandwich. And I know from when
I tasted their version of the nugget that it’s like
heavy on the pickle flavor. Almost a little too heavy
compared to Chick-fil-A. I mean it makes sense,
’cause you’re not gonna microwave the pickle, it won’t be good. But just remember if you get these to pick up a jar of pickles. I’m gonna have to go find
one before I eat this. I don’t know how many calories
a Chick-fil-A sandwich has, this one has 470. (crinkling) Whoops. I don’t even know if I was
supposed to open the package. At Chick-fil-A, you know, the chicken is always bigger than the bun. So they’re pretty
accurate in their sizing. The bun looks a little bit
smaller than Chick-fil-A’s. You can see little flecks of dill. I feel like I don’t ever see
that in Chick-fil-A’s version, the original version,
the OG chicken sandwich. So that’s telling me that this is probably gonna have more pickle flavor. But, it’s probably gonna
satisfy that craving. Open one end of the wrapper to vent. Well, I kind of ripped open this package so I’m gonna try the test with
a properly opened package. Microwave it on high for 80 to 90 seconds, or until it’s hot. Let it stand for one
minute in the wrapper. That’s kinda like how it steams, you know, in that little package
Chick-fil-A puts it in. And then enjoy. So we can have Chick-fil-A
in like two minutes. But I’m not gonna heat that up yet until I get the fries cooked, ’cause, you know, I wanna
experience this meal as it was intended. These are just basic waffle fries. I’m sure they look like
Chick-fil-A’s though. Yup, they look like Chick-fil-A’s. It’s gonna take probably about 20 minutes. So I’ve got my oven preheated,
I’m gonna get these going, and then we’ll come back
and taste the sandwich. All right, fries are done. I mean, they look really
good, they look really close. In some ways they look like
they’re a little bit thinner. Let’s see how they taste. Original. I mean yes, they’re the same. All right, so the fries are good. And that big bag is a four pound bag of these waffle fries for like $5. All right, now it’s time to cook the sandwich to go with the fries. All right, my microwave is down here. I’m gonna do a minutes and 20
seconds, which is 80 seconds. I’ll remind you what the regular Chick-fil-A sandwich looks like. It’s been steaming, it
doesn’t look soggy though, it still looks good, perfect. You got the pickle coming out. I do wanna show you the regular patty does not have little
flecks of dill in there. All right, it’s done. I found pickles. ‘Cause we gotta give it the the fair try. The chicken patty is about the same size. But the bun on the Member’s
Mark is different and smaller. It does not smell like Chick-fil-A. I’m just gonna try some of the chicken. It’s the dill, there’s just too much dill. It’s not as much like vinegary
pickle as it is just dill. I’m gonna put a pickle on there. It really does not taste
like Chick-fil-A’s. When I tasted the nugget version
of this it seemed closer. This chicken sandwich
has a lot of differences. I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s
just not really Chick-fil-A. The texture of the chicken
is a little bit different. It feels just a little more processed than the Chick-fil-A patty. And it’s this bun. But this is probably the only kind of bun that you can freeze and
then cook in a microwave and it still hold’s its
shape and integrity of a bun. The soft little hamburger
buns that Chick-fil-A uses, you know, it wouldn’t work like that. So they had to choose like a firmer bun. But because of that, it doesn’t mesh as well with the chicken. I like the fact that it is convenient, the size is good, it says no
antibiotics or steroids used, so that’s always good. This box of 10 sandwiches is $15. Now that is way cheaper than
the Chick-fil-A sandwich, because we can spend a lot
of money at Chick-fil-A. So for a dollar and
some change per sandwich it’ll do the trick. Is it Chick-fil-A, no. Would I buy these, probably not. Will I buy the fries, yes. So that’s my review on the
southern style chicken sandwich. The southern style is of
course Chick-fil-A, right? Have you tried this sandwich? Leave a comment below and let me know what you thought of it. And for more great taste tests don’t forget to follow Well Done Food on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Cheers. (upbeat music)

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  1. 10 sandwiches for 16 bucks and the price of the fries are a steal. Great for movie nights, just grab extra chick fil a sauce.

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