Secret Diet Plan to Loss Weight 1kg per Day

Secret Diet Plan to Loss Weight 1kg per Day

here is a secret diet plan to slim down
your body and cut down your way to five to eight kilograms in just seven days this is the best
vegetarian diet to lose weight are you wondering what is diet is any
different when you have tried almost everything possible in the world and
heaven got the best results this vegetarian diet to lose weight will
help you lose weight very quickly you can expect the following things by
practicing this diet plan was you one is around five to eight kilograms in
seven days to natural glow to the skin three elimination of toxins will make
you feel light and energetic for reduces the lap around the tummy in place this diet plan includes being a fruit
vegetable starch and prepare yourself for the vegetarian diet plan you need to avoid alcohol for a few days it is also very essential that you bring
a minimum of 10 glasses of water every day and you will not be consuming the
same amount of carbohydrates which you normally do water will be your main source of energy
for the whole day it will also boost your metabolism and
remove the unwanted pounds from the body naturally also take glass of warm water
with one spoon honey 11 daily in the morning topics to be discussed in this video one what you have to do for the seven
days of your diet plan to tips will help you do plan your seven days effectively three alternative routes that illegal – for alternate vegetables that will be five that chart for all seven days with
diving here is what you have to do for the seven days of your diet plan they want me first then it is always the
hardest try to give yourself away from all signs
of craving as you will be consuming only fruits you can have them in any quantity
you like it is suggested that you can do more watermelon lime oranges apples ,
granite strawberries and balance 20 times a day but should only fruits the only source of nutrition is from the
fruits they provide you with all that you need for your body if you prefer to
cut them up and eat it’s great but make sure you aren’t adding anything else to
it are making fruit juices day to like the first day the second day is all
veggies day feel your stomach filled up with
vegetables if you need to boil their raw vegetables will do you can even begin
your game with a boiled potato and the teaspoon of butter this is done in order to give the body
and up energy and carbohydrates for the day but after that only from boiled
vegetables only one potato this day is enough don’t consume more than that adding a
pinch of oregano or basil seasoning to make the vegetables or edible is perfect day to is a calorie
free day with a good about the fiber and in France a 383 is a combination of day
wanted to you can dimension fruits and vegetable even want any amount you like
a drink lots of water is directed you need to avoid potatoes on day three of
you are getting enough carbohydrates supply from the fruits or well on the
fourth day of the vegetarian that you wait at the Liberty to eat up to six
bananas for the whole then you can drink up to four glasses of
milk you must have heard that bananas help in
weight gain however in this diet they act as a
source of potassium and sodium for the body since the intake of salt is reduced
bananas will do the job you you can also have one of our highly
diluted to reveal the soup chicken exists capsicum onions garlic and tomatoes it is a tasty and healthy recipe which
will help in the wing loss process you can bring the only one time of day
it is fully to refresh your taste buds from
all the vegetable and fruit intake be careful to resist yourself for just three days away from
me wait the five day 5 is a festival day
for you as you can have a tasty meal a bunch on tomato broth from cottage
cheese also known as for near India and also add soya chunks your meal make the
place with the magic ingredients and drink make sure to increase your water intake
on day five up to six Tomatoes and increase the water in deep with one
quarter of the daily consumption this is done in order to cleanse your
body from uric acid the tomatoes are for the fiber and
digestion process the water will purify your body from all
kinds of toxins a six-day six is a little different today by you will be
eating sports cottage cheese and other vegetables but by excluding tomatoes no tomatoes on day six avoid them the tasty soup and lots of water should
help you through your day vegetables will provide vitamins and
fiber to your body you will already notice change in your body by this time continue consuming a good amount of
water every day day 7 the last and final day of the diet plan this is the most important day you will
be feeling light on your hose and happy and side out you can have fresh brew choose one cup
of brown rice or half Apache and other vegetables you would want to leave you
can complete your day with the consumption of water that is the whole
diet plan for seven days if you can follow it strictly no one can stop you from gaining a
healthy and slimmer body the bolo tips will help you to plan your
seven days effectively one no fruit juices allowed in the first six
days try to increase water and take 215
glasses by the fifth day we avoid to copy your alcohol you can
replace you with black tea black coffee and lime
water all these and without sugar three a 45-minute workout on alternative days
will help you get the best results for in case this weight loss program you are
undertaking is for a particular occasion try it to run to be or and with two to
three days gap after I over seven days five vegetables can be taken in salad
for Maureen as a whole you can press it with squeezed lemon
herbs garlic or even wider one vinegar nothing else should be added to this
takes the recipes given you unlimited quantities will be a pleasure while you are following this vibration not like the ingredients you can add
other vegetables like cauliflower corn asparagus cabbage and others try to stay
away from all types of beans kidney lima Pinto etc they are said to be high in
calorie remaining three topics will be continued to second part of the video thank you we subscribe my channel to get more
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