Sesame Street: Wyclef Jean And Cookie Monster Sing About Healthy Food

Sesame Street: Wyclef Jean And Cookie Monster Sing About Healthy Food

for eating cookie. When they don’t, they shout
“Look, he trying to throw loyal fans a curve.” WYCLEF JEAN: What’s he
doing eating fish or a vegetable dish. Man, he sure got
a lot of nerve. COOKIE MONSTER: You need
balanced diet. Come on and try it. Not believe how great
you feel! WYCLEF JEAN: Yeah. Munching carrots or beans
or poultry or greens. COOKIE MONSTER: Along with
your chocolate chip. WYCLEF JEAN: Eh! Banana or plums– COOKIE MONSTER: Will
make you go “yum!” Nutrition, it really hip. WYCLEF JEAN: So hip! COOKIE MONSTER: Yum! EVERYONE: Healthy food, boy,
it tastes so good. COOKIE MONSTER: Me one
healthy dude, ’cause me eat healthy food. Me love it! EVERYONE: Boiled or stewed. WYCLEF JEAN: Yeah, yeah. EVERYONE: Whole or chewed. You’d feel just great if you’d
eat some healthy food. COOKIE MONSTER: There’s broiled
spring chicken. WYCLEF JEAN: Grapes
ripe for picking. EVERYONE: And swordfish,
tuna, and trout. COOKIE MONSTER: And apple and
cherry, all kind of berry. WYCLEF JEAN: And broccoli
and Brussels sprout. There’s lettuce, tomatoes,
and boiled new potatoes. COOKIE MONSTER: There’s spinach
and celery and beet. WYCLEF JEAN: Eh! Milk and honey and cheese. COOKIE MONSTER: Parsley,
pepper, and peas. EVERYONE: There’s peaches
and cream of wheat. COOKIE MONSTER: Yo! EVERYONE: Healthy food,
boy, it tasts so good. EVERYONE: Me one healthy dude,
’cause me eat healthy food. COOKIE MONSTER: Me love it! EVERYONE: Boiled or stewed. COOKIE MONSTER: Yeah, yeah! EVERYONE: Whole or chewed. You’ll feel just great if you
eat some healthy foods. Yeah!

76 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Wyclef Jean And Cookie Monster Sing About Healthy Food

  1. well they made cookie monster anorexic … if you think about it the diet that is healthy for the cookie monster is cookies and now cookies are a sometimes food thus technically making anorexic and unhealthy… but this will go over kids heads and won't even be known when they all grow up so meh

  2. Is Oscar the Grouch now happy to help kids combat depression? Does Forgetful Jones remember everything now to save stupid kids? Sometimes lessons are best learned from people or muppets who make mistakes.

  3. @zefafrikaans I know! Its horrible, the parents needed someone to blame instead of themselves because their kids are fat.Its a shame.

  4. this is horrible…. they ruined the whole show trying to make it more modern… i do understand that it was to make the parents able to enjoy it better.. but sesame street was better the way it was.. and showed kids a nice way to be… now it just sucks ๐Ÿ™

  5. @DukeCityPoets as a child.. if u watch sesame street u think thats whats modern… its not like its based on the 1800's… its not unproductive…… i watched it when i was little… whats the difference if kids watch it now?? they would learn the same things i did… and im not saying cookie monster shouldnt be raping… im just saying the whole show in general has changed… and to me not in a good way… they dont play any good songs anymore.. like "sing a song" or "c is for cookie" its dumb

  6. No, this is not real. I have a nightmare. Cookie monster doesn't rap; he hates Hiphop. Furthermore he eats cookies and no vegetables.

  7. @carolandpie good thing that you are not the target audiance than, and the target audiance seems to like the songs that are on it now. The show really does need to stay current because than the kids might have difficulties relating to the storylines and would stop being interested. Besides all of the other kids shows have changed as well, for example Barney and Veggietales.

  8. @MsLeighj exactly. everything has changed.. the world now is messed up.. when i was little i watched old movies like singing in the rain and listened to the beatles… now kids are watching hannah montana and listening to lady gaga. the other day my 4 year old cousin was singing "i wanna take a ride on your disco stick"..sesame street used to teach kids differently then they do now… i just wish some things would stay the way they were (:

  9. Cookie Monster is rapping about eating healthy foods but when he himself has been eating only unhealthy cookies all his life… -.-

  10. Wrong. He's been advocating healthy eating since 1972. As Cookie himself said, "What? You think cookie all me eat? But me still Cookie Monster. Me got reputation to think of."

  11. Oatmeal Raisin is his second favorite after Chocolate Chip. But it is a lesson about moderation and eating a varied diet, not just sweet things or fatty foods.

  12. Yet, the original was made in the 80s and Cookie's been promoting healthy eating since 1972 (see the apples skit).

  13. As a child of the 80's I find it strange to see Cookie Monster singing about vegetables. I know, I know, think of the children…sigh
    But C'moooooon! Cookie Monster was the rebel of Sesame Street! He was eating cookies before dinner like a beast! It was funny! I miss old Cookie Monster. ๐Ÿ™

  14. Do people realize this is a remake of a video that came out back in the 1980's? It's a remake of an old school Sesame Street video.ย 

  15. I understand modernizing for a new generation of kids, and this technically does do it's job and is decent, but I prefer the original mainly for it's instrumentals and I think it was sung a bit better too (mainly by the veggie girls).

  16. Hmm. Yeah. No. Sorry guys. I'm not feeling it. I want to be open minded about the changes sesame Street has been going through over the years, and I'm all for them remaking old songs for a new generation, but this version just doesn't feel as big as the original. The instrumentals don't sound as rapid or bada**, the earlier fast editing and colors that helped make the original stand out and feel like a real rap, and it's way too short in comparison to the long length of the original. This just feels underwhelming compared to the original, almost like they had to cut corners due to having wyclef Jean guest star. The best kind of remixes of a classic song, IMO opinion, is when you improve or do as good as the original.
    On the plus side, I like the idea of wyclef Jean doing the song with Cookie. I like Cookie's Jamaican outfit, and these vegetables at least look friendlier compared that broccoli.

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