Short HELP Talk: Benefits of Healthy food- Sattu

Short HELP Talk: Benefits of Healthy food- Sattu

Third in the series of talk from Help Library. Your kitchen is your medicine box. Something that I am taking unique is what we call Sattu Now what is Sattu? You ask a north east Indian- Jharkhand, Bihar, UP, even the part of Bengal and they will tell you what is Sattu. They will laugh at you if you ask them what is Sattu. Believe me… How it is made? It is made out of chickpeas- roasted, special kind of chickpeas and grounded like an Atta (flour) now sattu has various uses It is one of the best thing when you use it as a drink In the morning, a glass of water, two spoons of sattu. Mix it, stir it and have it You have good health throughout the day, infact what Horlicks and Bournvita selling? In it the most basic compound is Sattu. Trust me sattu is one of the most important drink for us and our diet. And it should be. Now sattu can also be taken, which I do it. also in the summer like this. Mix it with Chaas and its the only thing which gives you energy immediately that is best part of Sattu Now let me go back to tell you that its the only thing that helps all age groups in whatever quantity you require as per your age and for your body The most lovely thing is that it is easy to digest, and can be had by everyone It has an insoluble fibre content that makes it healthy for intestine It helps to flush out oil, this is the best part of it. It flushes out oil from the food that you have taken, either fried food or added oil to vegetable Or to your non-veg food, or biryani. It flushes it out, this is the best part of sattu It energies you what I told you earlier Growing children are advised to take a tea spoon of sattu to take care of nutritional need A child in Bornvita, Horlicks, need to take sattu Because it provides a balanced diet and also in achieving a glowing skin It is also good for glowing skin. Ladies, please keep this in mind that it is very good for you Diabetic condition and blood pressure patients find it easy to cope by consuming sattu How sattu can be had? Its not only in drink form. I make uttapam out of it, add it to uttapam batter Add it to my Idli batter, and chapatis. Honestly sattu chapatis, yes they do become hard at times but its a must if you can consume sattu Sattu is also used by us atleast I use it very often to thickening of the soup You add it to your soup and you have got sattu at its best You add it to your gravy and sattu is the best You can thicken your gravy, soup because sattu does all that without any problem

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  1. Hi.

    I recently stumbled across sattu as a source of protein for body builders. I have always wanted to stay away from whey protein isolates and artificial sources of protein.

    For someone like me, aged 22 and someone who is lifting weights, what would you recommend as a daily dosage of sattu ?! Thanks. Sattu is really an amazing wonder food!

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