Should You Try The Carnivore Diet?

Should You Try The Carnivore Diet?

so today I want to talk about the
carnival diet for two reasons the first because I want to get views because it’s
a really popular topic right now and secondly I’ve been asked about it quite
a lot so I thought I would make a video and give my two cents on the carnival
diet so what is the carnival diet basically the carnival diet is just
eating meat some people will include eggs as well
and you know it’s just like red meat and eggs that’s a typical carnival diet um
or just meat but so it’s it’s either one of the two and it’s sort of like a
similar diet to the ketogenic diet so the ketogenic diet is very low in carbs
like 5% or under so you’re still including vegetables cruciferous
vegetables you can still include some nuts
you can still include the occasional fruit maybe even like potatoes and stuff
as well if you’re doing a cyclical ketogenic diet and you’re eating carbs
before workout or on the weekends so the ketogenic diet still includes a wide
variety of foods and the carnival diet is a bit more extreme than this and you
know it’s basically meat so why is this becoming popular as of late well I mean
there are no studies we can look at to see why the carnival diet is becoming so
popular but I think one reason is because of the popularity of the
ketogenic diet the ketogenic diet and low carb diets in general have always
been symbolic of weight loss and fat loss and over the years there are trends
you know for a few years low-carb is popular and few years it’s and for a few
years it’s not over the last few years especially over the last two years the
ketogenic diet has really exploded in popularity and with this I think has
come the increase in popularity of the carnivorous diet you can see like the
subreddit of zero carb and carnivorous diets have increased in subscribers
dramatically over the last few years so there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s
been growing in popularity oh the main reason people do it is mixed
a lot of the time it’s going to be full fat loss because you know ketogenic
diets very symbolic of weight loss they help you cut your appetite it’s really
easy to lose weight quickly on the ketogenic diets although down Superior
for fat loss people tend to gravitate towards that because it seems like the
easiest option for weight loss I think the same thing is happening for the
carnivorous diet now as the carnivorous diet something
you should try well the thing is there have been many anecdotes even really
prolific figures in psychology on YouTube dr. Jordan Peterson
even he has proclaimed that the carniverous type sort of saved his life
and being extremely low carb was great for his autoimmune disease so I think
that for cases like that where eating this sort of extreme diet benefits you
because of things like autoimmune disease or perhaps other things like
autism which zero carb diets are being researched about helping I mean if it
helps with something like this and you find that personally it makes your
condition whatever that may be feel better then of course why not
you know that that should be your priority finding a way to alleviate your
symptoms and the safest way possible when it comes to fat loss again the
carnivorous diet could be an option for you but it’s not required you can lose
weight eating a ton of carbs so the question is why wouldn’t you you know my
answer for whether you should do the carnivorous diet for fat loss is my
exact same answer to whether you should do the ketogenic diet it’s an option but
you should start with trying to lose the fat with carbs because you’re going to
be able to eat more foods the food is you know tastier although that’s
subjective but I think the majority of people would agree that carbohydrates
are tastier so if you can get away with that then why not do that now when it
comes to health right and micronutrient deficiencies the thing is with a kind of
risk diet you’re not actually gonna get scurvy you’re not actually gonna get
deficient and vitamin C your body doesn’t need it as much so the chances
of you becoming extremely micro nutrient deficient and certain vitamins and
minerals eating things like red meat and perhaps eggs that’s what you call a kind
of restart it’s gonna be not as likely as if you were to do something like a
vegan diet and not supplement so it certainly is possible I personally think
it is possible to live a you know a healthy life if you
do a carnivorous diet but I certainly don’t think it’s optimal um because you
know the research is showing that you don’t need fiber you don’t need a
vitamin C if you’re eating a diet like this and the reasons for that a complex
and I can explain that in another video but that’s the short answer so you can
get away with it but again the question is why why do that in the first place I
don’t really see the point people have been asking me like are you gonna do the
kind of risk dying I used to be a fan of trying out a ton of different diets but
I know what works best for me and I enjoy eating carbs I enjoy drinking you
know pear juice I enjoy drinking and eating foods that taste good and have
carbs I like having some sugar as well and I don’t see it as a problem for me
as long as I can keep my micronutrients up and you know get the results I want
so you know that’s my personal take on it you know at the end of the day we
don’t need carbohydrates to survive and I do think that says a lot in itself
about what our bodies are sort of made to eat you can build as much muscle you
can you know you can get the same results with that loss and building
muscle if you’re just eating meat it’s certainly possible the only requirements
from your diet or you know muscle gain is going to be protein to trigger the
mTOR pathway and trigger and protein synthesis protein is all you need you
don’t need carbohydrates but they do help because carbohydrates are really
gonna increase muscle glycogen they’re gonna help with your performance at the
gym so you know unless you’re willing to do a diet like the kiddo genic diet or
in this case the Conover’s diet and stick with it long term so that your
body adapts to it then honestly I don’t see the reason and trying this out I
mean try it if you want try it just to see if you enjoy it but you know start
what’s with what is more sustainable for the long term before you do these more
extreme diets so is the kind of restart going to be better for fat loss when
compared to the kiddo genic diet or to a normal diet um again it’s about calories
and it’s about protein so if calories and protein are controlled for all diets
are going to be the same however I do have to say that if you were to do the
kind of retired fat loss would be incredibly easy because it would be so
so difficult to overeat because you’re eating so much meat
you’re getting in a lot of protein and protein is gonna increase your
metabolism it’s the most thermogenic macronutrient a protein is going to
decrease your appetite because of the increase in appetite regulating hormones
like peptide YY right so because you’re consuming that much protein it’s going
to be extremely difficult for you to overeat and because of that it’s gonna
be much easier to stay in a calorie deficit on a consistent basis so I do
think that if someone isn’t counting the calories and you know and they change to
a con averse diet the chances are they’re gonna lose weight much quicker
because of that reason but when everything’s matched for everything is
the same so you know my point from before stands it’s not something you
need to do it’s not superior so thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed
this video and until next time I’ll see you later alright you

13 thoughts on “Should You Try The Carnivore Diet?

  1. Will experiment in the near future, with carnivore diet, I'm keto now and I will slowly transition into carnivore. Also liver and organ meats are very nutrient dense. But I really think a diet variation is the best for long term health. Good video Philip! 💪

  2. Phillip, The Carnivore Diet is great as a next phase in the Ketogenic journey. Start with Keto, get fat adapted add IF, then when you hit a stall do Carnivore for a short time to break through that barrier. That's what I've seen.

  3. would love for you to have a video with happy healthy vegan. been following for awhile now, really love the content!

  4. Another reason for the recent interesting is Jordon Petersons exposure…. and as I type this you mention him, lol

  5. Its a need for me. Vast majority of the people I meAt with in the carnivore discord are there because they took a dip in health. Their plane was going down and all the other diets were just slowing descent, not righting. Then we have those wanting to lose weight, those usually come from keto.

  6. You are young enough now that you can easily "get away with" lots of carbs. Somewhere between 35 and 40, when you develop a stubborn paunch, are losing your hair, etc, then maybe you will wish that you had acted before trouble started not just reacted to it.
    Personally I have overcome a seizure disorder by going carnivore (keto helped but on carnivore it is gone). If I had started eating this way at your age maybe I never would have had to deal with this disorder. Who knows.

  7. I always enjoy your commentaries my friend, do more videos with Siim Land, have a great week!

  8. I think carnivore diet is actually more sustainable than keto once you have gone 30 days on it. Because it almost completely kills the carb cravings and greatly increases your appetite for meat. Also is much simpler. No calorie counting, no carbs counting, no thinking what to eat. Just eat fatty meat when you are hungry, until you are full..

  9. The most amazing thing is there is no waste. I rarely poop anymore (not joking). I eat a pound of meat and I dont feel bloated or constipated. My body just absorbs all the meat and my bowel movements are pretty much nonexistent. I use to feel gassy a lot and that has passed also.

  10. How much meat should you eat? I sometimes ate 600g, sometimes 750g and sometimes even 850g…which is bit too much. Don't want to overeat..

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