Snake Diet One Meal A Day | Weight Loss Journey 2019 | Day 326

Snake Diet One Meal A Day | Weight Loss Journey 2019 | Day 326

hi it’s Mieka fasting weight loss and
today is day to weight loss results for my snake diet one meal a day 500 calorie
dry fast name plus two hours of cardio okay first let me give you a club
nothing will work unless you do maya angelou okay so i’m gonna tell you what
I ate I’m gonna tell you what exercise I did and then I’m gonna tell you my omad 500 calorie weight loss results I like that quote because I’m not doing a
good job at this challenge that I’m supposed to be doing I’m really messing
up the DRI fasting part um I’m doing great with the 500ncalories
I’m doing great with the two hours of cardio but the DRy fasting and timing is
just really messing with me only because the way the challenge is supposed to go
is I’m supposed to dry fast and then immediately do the cardio but the way
how my days are going it’s not working out right so I’m really watching it but
I’m still sticking to the 500 calories and the two hours of cardio ok what did
I eat I ate and I thought really hard about this I was at the water park um
and I was thinking of I’m just gonna get two tacos from Taco boom I know people
don’t want to see that and it’s not a big deal to me but I know it’s a big
deal to people and I knew it would have been like 480 calories um and it would
have been quick because I had to go to someone’s house to do their hair then I
was thinking a burger without a bun that was probably 500 calories but I didn’t
want to try to lift that up anyway I ended up coming home and cooking instead
I made a whole bag of cauliflower which was about a hundred a hundred to 112
calories I mixed in cream cheese like 60 70 calories worth then I put turkey
pepperoni on top and I counted everything I’m not gonna say all the
calories but this whole meal was 500 calories and there will be pictures at the end okay then I play a little bit of
shredded cheese on top of that then the pepperoni and I had 1/3 cup cup of
cottage cheese that was the main meal then dessert you guys know I like
desserts I did not have enough calories left to make what I like to make which
is my nut cluster thingies so I took 1 cup of strawberries and I put monk fruit
I sprinkled a little monk fruit on it mug fruit is like sweetener
supposed to be a natural sweetener and it has zero calories so that worked that
was my meal the cauliflower pizza stuff was pretty satisfying let me see what
exercise did I do I did five hours at the waterpark I will
say three of those hours I’m just gonna say half of the hours was activity I’m
swimming or walking and the other half was just chilling okay so that’s about
it today I’m supposed to be doing the son of fast for religion reasons I don’t
know how that’s gonna work out I started my dry fast yesterday around 8:00 I’m
going yeah I don’t know what’s about to happen today um my challenge is messed
up but I’m sticking at least to the 500 and the two hours of cardio and I’m
trying to do dry fasting okay who saw my snake diet one meal a day weight loss
results not happy 225 that’s minus one and that is not
what I’m looking for I’m looking for two pounds a day
but Maya Angela said nothing will work unless you do Maya Angelou if I was
doing the snake diet omad 500 with the dry fasted
to our cardio perfectly I believe that would have been a whole nother pound
okay so we’ll see how to gait today goes
today I’m starting today three and I will see you later probably at the gym
in a live stream because it’s gonna help me not be bored for two hours
and I’ll see you tomorrow with the day three weight loss results by here’s
pictures now you

29 thoughts on “Snake Diet One Meal A Day | Weight Loss Journey 2019 | Day 326

  1. Heyyy Mieka Exactly. TFS you can do this don't give up don't feel bad pray for me because it's so much going on my end but i will message you on Instagram okay take care & have a blessed day Amen. ❤❤ you Mieka

  2. Great Choice about Eating At Home!
    Oh yeah I loved the ping sound and 😀 Subscribe!!! I'll try and catch your live stream later today.

  3. hi another great video you are doing a great job keep it up im happy for you you definitely got this thanks for sharing this I really enjoyed it peace

  4. You face is looking so young and glowing. I like your routine. I love how you are still using your dry erase board. Day one tool to keep track. Your doing awesome.

  5. the up's & down's of weight loss, you will get there you have determination, we will finish the year off strong

  6. You are doing Awesome😊…it's ok 1 pound a day perfect. If you do a full month…you will lose 30 lbs. Keep going..

  7. Wow 2 hours of cardio 😱 you go girl that is work lol. Try a nice cream, its frozen banana, sweetner(honey or maple), little plant based milk, and cocoa power if you like, its so good and not too much guilt eating it. Its been helping my sweet tooth with this summer heat🍌🌞.

  8. That quote from Maya Angelou is great. What matters and will make a difference is that you’re putting in the effort. Most can’t even do or try. First time hearing about this snake weight loss regime

  9. Always always always choose to eat at home. You get a lot more filling food in your calorie budget when you eat at the crib. Also, don't get discouraged with the weight loss number. Your face looks slimmer and sometimes the scale doesn't move like we want but inches are falling off. I've been sitting at the same weight for two weeks eating the same food each day just to insure I don't go over my calorie budget but when I take my two week progress pics I always see visible inches lost on different parts of my body.

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