Super Easy Keto Cheesecake Recipe – Keto Dessert Recipes – Low Carb

Super Easy Keto Cheesecake Recipe – Keto Dessert Recipes – Low Carb

what is up everybody this is Lyle no
hippie BBQ and what I’m be doing today is I’m gonna be making some mini keto
strawberry cheesecakes now listen this recipe is so easy that even I can knock
it out we all know at least two people that know me know that I cannot bake at
all the ingredients we’re gonna need are pretty straightforward and simple let’s
take a look at those we’re gonna be making a crust what I have for that is I
have some butter recipe is going to be in the description I have some Splenda
brown sugar and then I have some almonds that I had thrown in a blender and
blended them up until it created kind of almost look it’s coarser than what
almond flour would be which i think is gonna be great for this now as far as
the cheesecake part of it goes we have some cream cheese we’re gonna use a
block of that you have an egg some Splenda sugar substitute lemon juice a
little bit of salt a little bit of vanilla and we’re gonna be topping it
with this strawberry mixture that I’ve made these were fresh strawberries that
I sliced up and then cooked them on a stove top with a little bit of Splenda
as well was just that simple now the first thing I need to do is start
hooking up this the crust on this so let’s get started with that it’s really
all that we need to do is add our butter to our chopped up almonds almost like I
said you could use almond flour it is kind of that consistency and our split a
brown sugar we’re just gonna kind of work this in together alright that’s
good to go let’s take a little tablespoon just so I can kind of measure
them make sure that they’re all about the same a tablespoon of this Trust and
just add it to our muffin tin now I’m just gonna press down just so it
can flatten out now this is going to go in the oven 350 degrees for about eight
minutes crust in the oven let’s be working on this filling now I happen to
be using a KitchenAid stand mixer I figure I need to get some use out of it
anyway but a hand mixer would work just fine so
we have our cream cheese in already let’s get that going add our egg sugar substitute of another lemon juice and then our final
ingredient is the salt I’m going to turn this up and get it blended smooth the
filling all blended up and everything I brought the camera in close just so you
can kind of take a look at what that crust looks like and that crust tastes
good and I’m just going to use a tablespoon and add our filling to it
it’s probably gonna take about a tablespoon and a half I do want to leave
a little bit of space for my strawberries on top all right that is a
wrap let me grab this strawberry and this stuff tastes good in its own as
well and I’m gonna finish getting the strawberries on this once I’m done
topping them it’s gonna go back in the oven at 350 degrees for another 20
minutes so these just came out of the oven after being in there for 20 minutes
at 350 degrees what I’m gonna do is let these cool down once they’re cool I’m
gonna throw them in the refrigerator and let them sit overnight and that should
give it a chance to sit so we’ll pick this up tomorrow
so this cheesecakes had a chance to set overnight time for us to get into it see
we think about it now I’m gonna tell you this crust listen
I know everybody’s talking about almond flour but that almond did I blend it up
if you have a nutribullet something like that throw some fresh almonds in there
that is the bone I mean I’m telling me this is all that plus that Splenda brown
sugar definitely sitting it off this without a doubt is my favorite keto
dessert that I’ve tried so far give it a try
I’d like to thank you guys for stopping my no hippie BBQ I appreciate it low carb dessert keto cheesecake

27 thoughts on “Super Easy Keto Cheesecake Recipe – Keto Dessert Recipes – Low Carb

  1. Hi Lyle those low carb cheesecakes look wonderful, love them thank you for sharing this recipe. I hope,you are well.

  2. Lyle, your cheese cake looks easy and delicious your really dropping the pounds you'll be ready for that Speedo this summer.

  3. Looks delicious πŸ‘ŒπŸΏ

    When baking, Splenda Sugar Blend is a good option. Since the straight granulated Splenda can cause the trouble guts when eaten in too strong a concentration. The Splenda Sugar Blend does raise the carbs a little, but easier on the belly πŸ‘πŸΏ.

  4. Yummy Yum Yum! Tfs! I'm gonna make this asap,Lyle! I'll let ya know how it turns out! It looks deliciousπŸ˜‹πŸ‘

  5. Cheesin' out over here, check out Xylitol if you can! But keep it away from your pets if you have any βœ…

  6. Okay you got me at cheesecake~ love it! Looks delicious, Lyle. I like how you made individual serving sized cakes in the muffin pans. Very tasty looking at 3:52 Deliciousness at the end! All the overnight patience was worth it. Beautiful looking dessert, brother. You rocked this recipe!

  7. Lyle this looks like an awesome recipe. Cheesecake is one of the few sweets that i enjoy. I don't know how much weight you had lost up to this video but it is obvious that you had lost a lot.

  8. love cheesecake lmao still doing the corn dog batter, Made like long john silver FISH doing COD FISH fried with the corn dog mix batter got more favor than long johns ! Oh i tired KALE MY VERY 1st time! LIKE MUSTARD GREENS what it tastes like > its YUMMY way i did it was bacon dripping, salt, garlic powder, butter, 2 cups of water, steam until cooked YES GOING TO BE EATING MORE KALE FOR SURE The bake potato in it really set it off nice CHEERS BROTHER

  9. looking good Lyle!!! I ainΒ΄t no baker either, but dang I think I could make these! they look amazing

  10. Those looked delicious. Have you tried the other sweeteners like swerve and stevia? I’m hoping to find one with little after taste. I hate diet drinks because of it. Thanks for sharingπŸ˜ƒ

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