Keto Diet: What it does and why you need Carbs

Hi I’m Paul with Iron Orr Fitness. Okay so we’re talking today about the Keto Diet. Something I’m sure you guys all heard about very popular right now. Uhhh I’m gonna talk about just kind of a little bit abut what it actually is just…

Why Is A Low Carb Diet Good for You?

Why Is A Low Carb Diet Good for You?

Well saturated fat story has been very prevalent in the media lately because it’s really been the cornerstone of our dietary guidelines in the sense that we’ve advocated for lowering saturated fat and been telling people for almost four decades now to reduce the saturated…

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How To Make KETO Coffee

How To Make KETO Coffee

Hey you guys this is the Kaizen Man, welcoming you to The Kaizen Projekt. And today’s video is about one of my favourite favourite things in the world, and that is – coffee. Coffee is something that I’ve been enjoying now for pretty much my…

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