Take Responsibility for Your Health – Don’t Trust Food Companies – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Take Responsibility for Your Health – Don’t Trust Food Companies – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

the food company’s actions is not a
conspiracy it’s a business hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health
and Wellness with Violet I’m Violet I’m a psychologist and the reason I make
these videos is because I want people to understand how their physical and mental
health come together to create their overall feeling of well-being today I’m
actually going to tackle the idea that big business isn’t necessarily
conspiring against us they’re engaging in absolutely legal practices to sell
products and I want to talk about how those practices end up affecting us
affecting the choices that we make and affecting the things that we think about
ourselves and about the world when we end up at a certain weight so first when
you take a product and I have a product here in my hand I’m not it’s obviously
some type of nut butter I’m not gonna say exactly which brand it is but when
you take a product like this and you look at the label you’re gonna see some
very interesting information so first I want to point out that in terms of
transparency this company is being transparent enough in terms of what
they’re expected to tell us it’s all written there so in order to make a
decision about whether or not you’re going to eat this food it would be
important for you to understand what’s actually in the food so and look at
those ingredients it would be important for you to be able to look at them and
say I know what those ingredients are so select roasted peanuts very obvious
soybean oil again seems quite obvious corn maltodextrin that was a little bit
less obvious sugar very odd obvious hydron Aidid vegetable oil they break
that down into cottonseed and rapeseed again I know cotton plant is and I’m
assuming rapeseed is also from a plant but I’d have to look that up then we
have salt very obvious mono and diglycerides okay it goes on to say that
this contains peanuts so here’s the thing what’s corn maltodextrin so let me
get my trusty computer here is I’m going to look up what corn maltodextrin is I’m
gonna read it because I didn’t look this up beforehand I grabbed that I came to
make this video so let’s see what it is maltodextrin is a polysaccharide another
new word now polysaccharide we’re gonna look that up in a second that is used as
a food additive it is produced from starch maltodextrin is easily digestible
being absorbed as rapidly as glucose and might be either moderately sweet or
almost flavorless so as I read further it says maltodextrin is high on the
glycemic index meaning that it can cause a spike in blood sugar what are we
learning here what we’re learning is that that’s a second word on that label
that means sugar so let’s look at the label again so let’s look at that root
word Lissa right when you look it up what you learn is that mono and
diglycerides are imports from vegetable base glycerol so basically they’re your
they’re getting these from vegetable based oils what’s important for us to
take note here for those of you who are following a ketogenic lifestyle is and
this product we now well I mean we knew that when we read the label that we have
both high carb and high fat in the same product which means it’s a product
that’s likely to be stored obviously a high carbohydrate food is going to be a
food that’s gonna stimulate my dopamine pathways which is a food that can cause
me to have addictive reactions to it and then we get to the it was this a
conspiracy if they’re putting extra sugar in my food so that I’m gonna be
addicted to it and you know here’s where I question that word conspiracy you see
when a drug dealer sells me some cocaine and I purchase it we don’t say well it
was a conspiracy against violet that he sold her cocaine and she purchased it we
just say that violet made a mistake she shouldn’t have bought that right as a
matter of fact we look at the drug dealer as maybe not the best human being
but someone is trying to make money we understand what he’s doing this is
addictive if I can get you to buy out once I know you’re gonna come back and
buy it forever what’s really interesting is that drug dealers well at least smart
drug dealers don’t take their own drug and when you talk it to people in the
food industry the ones that kind of understand
what is being done to food in order to get people to buy it a lot of them don’t
buy their own product so I think we need to take a page from their book if you’re
not buying your own product why would I buy it if you’re eating Whole Foods but
you are shipping out cereals to me why would I buy it
how do jug dealers get us hooked on their drug a lot of the time you go to a
party and they offer to you for free and again it’s not a conspiracy it’s just
smart marketing you give away you give it away you give it away and then when
they can’t not have it they come running to you and then you sell it well food
companies do the same thing they often put foods on special that are highly
addictive and yet the fruits and vegetables the meats hardly ever go on
special and when they go on special it’s nowhere near the kind of special that
you get on the cereals it’s nowhere near the special you get on bread I mean you
can get bread two for one I’ve never seen steak two for one now the other
thing at least not in Canada I don’t know about the states I can only talk
about Canada but the other thing that food companies do is they give you free
stuff you I regularly in my advertisement package that we get in
Canada because they said these things I’ll called in Quebec called publice
acts and in the poopy sack it’s not unusual to find cereal little boxes of
cereal little trial sizes of granola bars chocolate bars like they give away
all manner of food in Canada because they know that if you try it and you
like it you’re gonna go out and buy it and then once they have you buying it
chances are you’ll buy it for years it’s not different they want you to buy it so
you can become addicted so you can keep eating it and it’s very open because
otherwise they wouldn’t be giving it to you for free we need to keep in mind we
have been educated about staying away from drugs we have been educated to
understand that drugs are harmful dangerous will ruin your life and yet
people still take them people who were educated before they started taking them
it’s not seen as a conspiracy if a 40 year old is
a party and takes a decision while sober to try a drug so why is it considered a
conspiracy if a 40 year old decides to try in a chocolate bar or try a new chip
or try it right a new cereal I have that ability to look at that label and know
exactly what’s in it and know how it’s gonna affect me so here’s where it
becomes interesting are we allowing ourselves to really take the time to
understand how food affects us isn’t that the bigger issue and that’s
not a conspiracy this is about now my education we have been educated about
the harmful effects of sugar we’ve been told that candy is not good for us since
we were little children and although we were permitted to eat it we were told do
it in moderation but how many of us are really keeping their sugar to a moderate
level how many of us have actually taken the time to investigate what constitutes
sugar the thing that I find interesting is not that we eat so much sugar the
thing that I find interesting is the fact that we were educated on the fact
that sugar is not healthy and yet how many adults again those forty year olds
do you see eating chocolate bars do you see eating chips do you see eating candy
if we’ve been educated to know that sugar is not good for us why do we allow
ourselves to eat cookies and cake and ice cream again this is not a conspiracy
every person has a decision to make about what they’re going to eat and when
I’m trying to help everybody to understand is that as long as I call
this a conspiracy then I’m looking outside of myself to the world to say
it’s your fault it’s your fault it’s your fault when in reality I’m the one
choosing what I should be eating and I’ve been choosing up until this point
to eat sugar so what choices are you gonna make in your future are you gonna
continue to choose to eat sugar now that you’re aware that we have 5 grams of
sugar floating in our bar in our blood at any particular point in time
and that every time we raise that sugar level our body needs to store and every
time that sugar level falls our body needs to replace it which typically
means pushing you to eat are we really gonna allow ourselves to be in the
situation where those fluctuations are happening because we cause them because
when I eat extra sugar there are fluctuations that start happening in my
blood sugar I’m I gonna allow myself to cause my own situation because that’s
the question again that’s in front of you are you taking the time to
understand how food affects you how sugar affects you how fat affects you
and how protein affects you are you taking the time to understand and then
apply it to the way that you eat on a daily basis so what do we do about this
part of the answer is knowing all the different ways that companies list sugar
all the chemical names for sugar like this dextrose in most all the OSes like
lactose and maltose dextrans and all the different ways that sugar sugar alcohols
and concentrated sugars are being listed all the chemical names so that means
that I really do when I see something listed on a label and I don’t know what
it means I should be looking at up because when I look it up then I’m gonna
know what is it right and to know all the different ways that fats can be
labeled because if I don’t know what’s in the food I’m eating then I don’t know
how it’s affecting me it becomes really important for you guys to take the time
to educate yourself about these things because at the end of the day we get one
body and we can decide to fuel ourselves with nutrient-dense quality food that’s
gonna help us to build the body we want in the next few years or we can make the
decision to allow food companies to process foods that we don’t need so that
we can eat these quick processed foods save time in the short run and lose time
in the long run whether I lose it through early death or I lose it through
my inability to live my later years the way that I want to live
later years you want to be running around with your grandchildren you want
to be taking vacations wherever you’d like to take them so focus yourself on
living the life you want to live by starting that today eat healthy and
understand to read your labels and honestly I’ll give you another tip eat
as many foods as you can that don’t have labels you don’t need to read what’s in
broccoli because it’s broccoli you don’t need to read what’s in ham because it’s
ham try your best to eat foods that don’t have labels and you’re gonna see
that it’s much easier to make sure that you don’t accidentally eat extra sugar
or accidentally get addicted to something I hope that this video helped
you to understand how you can take better control of your life how you can
make sure that you are doing what you need to do to build the body that you’re
gonna love to run around in in five years 10 years 20 years I want to thank
you for watching Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet I can’t wait to
talk in the next video

14 thoughts on “Take Responsibility for Your Health – Don’t Trust Food Companies – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

  1. Dr Violet When I look up Vegan keto there isn't a lot of recipes, Dairy free/nut free/meat free doesn't leave much food choice left. I actually feel better on vegan maybe because all the carb, but one confusion I have is, if calories in-out still dictates weight loss, 1g of fat is 9 calories vs 1g of carb is 4 calories, I can eat more food on high carb low fat diet right? You mentioned insulin and calories are different system in your video but still i couldn't follow.

  2. This is good information. I'll make sure that I stay away from such bad ingredients. You've become one of my favorite Doctors. Thanks again.

  3. Yes, I read labels. Corn, rape, soy, cottonseed are all plants made into sugars or polyunsaturated oils and all of them are anti-ketogenic. If a chemical's name ends in -ose, it is a sugar.

  4. Another excellent Video Violet. I totally agree; once you keep your nutrition to whole products, like meat, salads, veggies, nuts, and some high fat yogurt (that I allow myself from time to time), there is less and less space for those impossible to pronounce ingredients. And thing is, you can usually home make those foods that has those ingredients. For example, it's quite easy to make a home made cesar salad with just the good stuff. As for peanut butter (regular, not light 😉 ), well there are plenty of 100% peanuts options out there, even by the same company with a green label that makes it with some sugar. I even found a replacement for Nutella made of almond butter with cacao… If you look a little harder, and avoid those impossible to pronounce ingredients, then you can live a healthy #ketolifestyle with a lot of variety in your foods.

  5. Well said Violet. I have always been a label reader but even more so since going keto. Eating fresh whole food ingredients is definitely the best way to approach nutrition.

  6. Keto has really been a learning experience for me. Now I read every ingredient list and don't assume anything. Sugar is in things that I would never suspect. 👍😊

  7. Thank you for this video. I 'm struggling with sugar addiction and needed to hear this. I do well until I am at work and there's junk food everywhere combined with stress eating. I need to remember I am responsible.

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