Talking Tom and Friends – Hank’s New Job (Season1 Episode 41)

Talking Tom and Friends – Hank’s New Job (Season1 Episode 41)

I’m going to paint giant flames on
my rocket because one time I had shoes with flames on them and I was
the best runner at school that day. Yeah, decorative flames are cool I guess,
but the real secret to winning is… Fins. Plenty of extra fins. Fins…? Are you sure? Pretty sure. At least that’s what I
always notice whenever I look at my first place rocket, or my
other first place rocket, or my dad’s first place rocket or my
grandfather’s first place rocket… Wow… Hank, can you help me win
the Wooden Rocket Blastoff? Well yes, Ginger, I suppose
I could help you win. But, remember, winning the
Blastoff takes teamwork, expensive power tools, and
total focus if you wanna – What. Is. That? This sundae is called “All Or Nothing.” If you can eat it all, it’s free. If you can’t, it’s five hundred bucks. Uh-huh. I heard free sundae. I’ll take it! Are you sure? Rhonda, please. I’ve never had trouble
finishing a dessert in my life. It’s your stomachache. Attention, everyone. We got a challenger here
for the “All Or Nothing”. Huh, challenge, yeah, right. This will be easy-peasy icy-creamsy. Whoa. What kind of ice cream is this? It’s made from a special super-condensed milk. That’s rich. Alright, I’m full. Thank you for dining with us today. Your total will be… um… five hundred bucks. Five hundred? Here’s the thing. I don’t have that much money
with me, or in the bank… Then, here’s the thing, you’re
the new dishwasher. Take your sponge. Name it. Love it. And learn how to use it. Wait. Did I just get a job? I don’t want a job, how did I get a job? The last dishwasher quit and this
is way easier than hiring a replacement. But what about building my rocket? We’ll start as soon as I
get home from my job. Which I’m just starting.
Which I’m not sure how I got. Oh, that’s sweet. Now get to work. Wow, Ginger, that’s a really cool design. Um, but isn’t that too many fins? Or maybe it’s not enough fins. I don’t know. When’s Hank getting home? That’s weird. He should’ve
been home by now. Huh! Um, hmm. With Hank gone, and his spot available,
it’s actually possible to select a TV program. I can’t even remember the last time
I actually held a remote control. Well turn it on. Bongo and McGillicuddy. I’m
not watching this stupid show… Come on, Ben. Give it a chance. It’s funny. Sure, why not! It will be interesting to study the
lowbrow comedy that amuses Hank. Okay, McGillicuddy, today’s the day we
finally arrest those no-good banana thieves. Eee! Ooo! No, you can’t eat the evidence! Oh! Cuddy. An orangutang working on a banana crime? The comedy possibilities are infinite. It practically writes itself. Hello everybody. Hank! Finally! Look at my design. Yeah, that’s great. Hank, look. Look! Hank! You are not looking! Haaank! Hank, have you been washing
dishes this whole time? Yeah, look, my fingers are all
pruney, I’m exhausted… Hank. Okay, good enough. Get up! We have to make my rocket! Oh, we will. Just give me one second to… Hank! Wake up! Hank…? Oh yeah! Uh… Yeah! Rhonda, I think I’ll head
home early today. Okay? Oh no, you won’t. Oh I have to. I promised Ginger
I’d help him build a rocket. The dishwasher can’t leave
until all the dishes are washed. But I did wash all the… Back to work. Eee oo aah ooo ooo! Why am I upset? Eeah! Because a giant rubber mallet
is not authorized police equipment! Ooo oo aah oo eee! McGillicuddy, you are a piece of work. Bongo… Tom, I’m laughing because their
working relationship is like a comedic exaggeration of ours! Yeah, I know! I’m totally McGillicuddy,
and you’re totally Bongo. Totally! Okay, I admit it. I had the wrong idea about this show. It’s fun, relatable, quality entertainment. Hey, Hank! Have you seen this episode
of Bongo and McGillicuddy with the giant rubber mallet? Can I have one minute to myself
before you bombard me with a million questions? Is that so much to ask? Oh, yeah, whatever you want, Hank. Look at this place. What did you guys even do all day? You know, this and that. Watched some TV, took a nap… Watched some more TV. Took a longer nap. Well, it must be nice… I wash dishes all day,
and now I come home and I get to wash more dishes. It’s like three dishes. I’ll do it. No, you’ll do it wrong and
then I’ll need to fix it. Just forget it. Ha ha, alright. Hank, The Wooden Rocket Blastoff is tomorrow. We have to make a rocket now. Rockets don’t get the dishes clean, Ginger. All you ever do is wash dishes. That’s it. Go to your room! You’ve got it too easy, that’s your problem. I don’t even live here. No back-talk! Okay, let’s go, Ginger. Hank’s had a very, very long day. Look at what you’re doing to this house. You’re not the man I decided
to occasionally hang out with… Oh… I’ve never seen Hank so grumpy. If you say so, Tom. Hank, we need to talk. I’m sorry, Tom, I’m going to have to reschedge. I have these quarterly dish soap
reports to fill out by tomorrow. No, we need to talk now. Oh, here we go… Since you took this job, it’s like
you don’t have any time to spend with the people you care about. Like us. Listen, I am under enough pressure
at work without you two piling on. Hank, there’s always going to
be dishes that need cleaning. But there’s never going be another
chance to help Ginger win the Wooden Rocket Blastoff. Maybe you’re right. You know what, I’m gonna… It’s work. I gotta take this. Yep, go for Hank. Well, the dishes aren’t
gonna dry themselves… You know what, get the towels on
the phone and tell them it is my way or the highway! What are we gonna do? This job is really bad for Hank… Yeah. And it’s upset the delicate
balance of our workplace. So… How can we get him to
remember what’s really important? I think I have an idea. Blastoff. I think you missed a spot. Hey, Tom. Let me get you a menu. Table for one? No, we’re just going to get a quick
bite then give Ginger’s rocket a test launch. You know, before
we go to the big Blastoff. The rocket’s built, huh? Yeah, come on, I’ll show it to you. Hey, Ginger. You built
a rocket all by yourself? Let’s see it. She helped me. What do you think? It’s not a… It’s more of a… It’s not that it’s, it’s just
uh, how do I say this… What? Spit it out. Well, first of all it’s very pink! Pink is the slowest color in the rainbow. Everybody knows that. And look at the base. What about it? Is there some kind of fin
shortage that I’m not aware of? Oh, it needs fins? Yes, it needs fins! Can you fix it, Hank? I don’t know, but we have to try something. Hank, get over here. This totally solidified oatmeal is not gonna scrape itself from this bowl! I’m sorry, Ginger. If I don’t clean that oatmeal,
I’ll have to soak it overnight… This is just like that episode of
Bongo and McGillicuddy where Bongo got a second job selling pretzels at the mall. Then, when McGillicuddy needed help preparing
for the dune buggy race – Bongo realized it doesn’t matter
how many mall pretzels you sell if you don’t have time to race a dune
buggy with your best friend. What am I doing here? You’re taking these dishes to the kitchen. Rhonda, there are some things in life
that are more important than clean dishes. Yeah. Almost everything is more
important than clean dishes. Now hurry up and clean these dishes! Sorry, Rhonda. Ginger and I are going to
the Wooden Rocket Blastoff. What are you saying? I’m saying I quit. Yay, everyone, woohoo! We have some un-fin-ished business! Meaning it needs way more fins. Incoming! Here is my apron and my sponge. Never liked you anyway. Yeah, lets get out of here. Yeah, let’s go! Let’s focus on winning the Blastoff. This looks interesting! No more distractions. What. Is. That? What do you call people
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  1. Hank : if you want to win you have to take total focus
    Hank : 0:53 WHAT IS THAT
    Me : total focus huh
    This is how many people understands my joke

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  5. How the hell does hank have to do a job out of his own will and change his life HE WAS JUST WASHING DISHES and how the hell are there so many dishes in a restaurant that barely anyone goes to

  6. I think Hank is smarter than Ben only he acts dum and imature 😅😅😅 we always see hank's inventions. They r supa kul😑😑😑😑

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