Testing Demonstration with your Keto-Mojo Meter

Mister Mojo here, and
we’re going to be testing our ketones and our glucose today. So I like to take an alcohol
swab because you’ve got to keep it clean, get that
out there, set over that. I use the side of my finger right here. There’s a lot less nerve endings there so testing on the side of your finger makes for a much more pleasant experience. And we’re going to start off, I’m gonna do my glucose test first. Notice I can open up the glucose test vial with one hand and pull
that out nice and easy. This is an advantage
over the blister packs. So I’m gonna place the strip in there, take my lancet device.
I’ve just put a fresh lancet in here and I pull
it back, cock the handle, orange, I’m ready to fire,
I’ve set the setting here to the middle, nice, and I go like this, get that down, got a nice little bead here
and I do my glucose first because it only takes five
seconds to get a reading and air is actually the
enemy of blood for accuracy. So I’ll just put that in there and I hope a camera can catch that. There we go and it will
gently suck up the blood in time. There we go. In five seconds I’ll have my blood glucose and that’s 88 which is excellent and I have a one-touch
ejection. Bump. Like that. I can pull that out. Now we’re going to go straight in after that. We’ve going to go and grab
a ketone measurement. Pop that in there, it’ll
show CH for checking. I’m gonna look at my blood sample here. Don’t have my good bifocals
on but we’ll try that again. There we go, that looks good. Put my strip in, it’ll
show CH for checking. I hope it comes, there we go. I see the blood icon flashing and the code 794 matches
the code on the side of the vial. I’m gonna put that in there like that. See if you guys can get that, there we go, suck on up nicely. Boom. There we go, and in 10 seconds we will get a ketone reading and in this
case it’s 1.6.

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