here’s the ugly truth trying to stop the
coronavirus right now is like trying to stop the wind you can’t it’s spreading
worldwide like wildfire all you can really do is do your best to prepare
yourself as best you can and that’s what I want to talk about in this video
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okay unless you’ve been living under a rock the last four months I’m sure
you’ve heard of COVID-19 or it’s more commonly known as the coronavirus
disease symptoms include fever, dry cough fatigue shortness of breath and phlegm
production as of filming this video there have been nearly a hundred twenty
thousand cases worldwide affecting 114 countries and 6 continents of those 63
thousand people have recovered they’re fine so that’s the good news there are
45,000 people who still have it 40 percent of them with a mild dose just
under six thousand people are serious unfortunately some mostly the old with
underlying issues will die and as of shooting this video
the coronavirus has killed more than 4000 people now let’s talk about more
numbers to help me paint a better picture for you this data comes from the
first wave of infections in Wuhan where lung health is poor and smoking rates
are high these are the fatality stats and I wrote it down for you so I don’t
miss anything 1 in 76 in the 50 to 59 age category so that’s 1.3 percent one
in twenty seven in the 60 to 69 year old category so that’s three point six
percent fatality rate one in 12 in the 70-79 range that’s 8% and one in six in
the 80 plus range category that’s fourteen point eight percent the good
news is that kids aren’t getting sick probably because they have strong immune
systems but if you have pre-existing conditions like cardiovascular disease
diabetes obesity chronic respiratory disease you are considered at risk now
about 0.1 percent of people will die from the seasonal flu every year so
that’s one in every thousand with this one in China with those stats that I
just mentioned you’re looking at about a two to three percent fatality
rate so right away people are saying it’s not a big deal you have a
better chance of dying from influenza you have a better chance of dying from
eating sugar dying from a car accident or dying from obesity itself and those
stats are absolutely true for now and I’m gonna tell you why in this video and
I think that that’s the biggest point that people are missing here because
there’s a lot of confusing information out there full disclosure I’m not a
doctor I’m an educated coach so don’t take the information in this video as
medical advice but because I have this platform I feel like I have a moral
obligation to educate as much people as I can about this disease also I’m gonna
be quoting Michael osterholm a few times in this video because he’s an
internationally recognized expert in infectious disease epidemiology he
characterizes himself as a medical detective he knows his stuff he knows
his stuff so much that he actually predicted the coronavirus happening all
the way down to where it’s gonna start in China so if you want a more detailed
explanation of where I’m getting my information then make sure you check out
his interview with Joe Rogan now let’s get to some real stats according to him
this could be ten times worse than a really bad flu season year and it’s
gonna hit the older population with underlying health problems the most and
this is pulled right out of the World Health Organization website and I quote
the number of cases of kovat 19 outside China has increased 13 fold and the
number of affected countries has tripled and this is the infamous r0 number
if you haven’t heard of it and experts are still trying to establish what the
actual r0 number is and the r0 number is the amount of people that one
would infect going back to the WH) website and in the days and weeks ahead
we expect the number of cases the number of deaths and the number of countries
affected climb even higher end quote and as I’m making this video the coronavirus is now considered as a pandemic a pandemic in case you didn’t know is the
worldwide spread of a new disease that affects large numbers of people multiple
sporting events have now been cancelled because of this threat the NBA last
night just suspended their season because one of their players tested
positive for the coronavirus the National Hockey League is probably
going to be next to follow suit McLaren just pulled out of the Australian Grand Prix
because one of their team members just tested positive the NCAA in the
U.S. decided that they’re gonna play all their games in an empty arena because
they don’t want to gather large quantities of people the threat is real
you guys and according to Michael Osterholm Again he’s the one who predicted
all of this he conservatively estimates 48 million hospitalizations 96 million
cases happening and over 480 thousand deaths happening in the next three to
seven months this is not one to take lightly and the numbers are going up
astronomically three weeks ago Italy was operating business as usual and now the
entire country is on full lockdown and according to him it’s just the beginning
this is gonna unfold for months to come okay so here’s what you really need to
know about COVID-19 the coronavirus is like the influenza virus it’s something
that transmits through the air so your infectious before you even get sick
breathing is literally all you need to do and the primary risk here again is
having underlying health issues so if you smoke or you’re in poor health and
you saw those stats from China you’re at risk the fatality rate goes up
unfortunately one of the major risk factors is right here in North America
we are in ground zero for it and it’s obesity because obesity is just as bad
as smoking when it comes to causing life-threatening diseases because it
usually carries other health complications and this is where it gets
scary in the US especially because 42 percent of their population is either in
the obese or severely obese category and some people are still in denial about the
corona virus they think that it’s temporary it’s not again it’s just
starting now I want to clear some things up in this video because you see some
people wearing masks and gloves and all of a sudden you’re like oh my god should
I be wearing one of those that unfortunately is largely ineffective
because again the main form of transmission is just breathing so it’s
probably not the best idea to go on a cruise because they recirculate air in
cruise ships trying to stop the spread of the coronavirus right now is like
trying to stop the wind you can’t it’s not going away anytime soon so
unfortunately if you’re older or you have a lot of underlying health problems
and unfortunately a lot of North Americans do you
probably don’t want to be in large crowds so you can take care of that part
unfortunately we don’t have a vaccine yet and we won’t have one anytime soon
so what is the best defense against the coronavirus and that’s really the point
that I want to make in this video and unfortunately not enough people are
talking about it instead you have video after video of people mass buying and
hoarding toilet papers and the unfortunate thing is you have people
physically fighting over them and it causes this huge state of panic the best
defense against the coronavirus the best thing that you can do is to shore
up your immune system just be as healthy as you can be and this is where working
out eating a proper diet and making supportive lifestyle choices like
getting adequate sleep managing your stress levels and living an overall
healthy lifestyle goes way beyond just looking good shirtless because all those
things combined strengthens your immune system and that is the best thing that
you can have right now if you’re on medication for high blood
pressure keep taking your meds again get adequate sleep make sure you’re doing
some form of exercise every day and eat a healthy diet that’s really all you can
do to help you get prepared for something like this and that’s why I
talk about proper nutrition sleep exercise and managing your stress in
every single one of my videos you want to drastically lower your alcohol intake
because alcohol is literally poison entering your body there’s probably no
better time than now to quit smoking take your vitamins and just keep your
body healthy that is your best defense right now against the coronavirus now
what about people stockpiling antibacterial soap and hand sanitizers
and you see some people selling this stuff online and they’re asking for an
arm and a leg here’s the thing hand sanitizers and antibacterial soaps are
good for stopping infectious diseases you should always be washing your hands
to begin with anyway the problem is the corona virus isn’t gonna be transmitted
by physical touch again breathing is all you need to do so don’t stop using hand
sanitizers but just don’t think that it’s gonna have an impact when it comes
to stopping this virus keep washing your hands but don’t think that it’ll stop
this disease from spreading now what about masks if you have one of
those surgical masks the ones that only cover your mouth unfortunately it’s not
gonna be really effective because it still has holes on the side
and air can come in from the side now if you happen to have one of those
apocalypse masks the one where it creates a full seal then that’s more
effective unfortunately there’s a worldwide shortage of it listen unless
you have an underground bunker with its own air purification system there’s no
need to panic buy toilet paper don’t fight other people you’re just gonna be
stressing yourself out and that’s not good for your immune system the other
thing about this is I really hope that this wakes people up those people who
don’t believe in vaccines if we had one right now think about how many lives we
would save think about how different the world would be right now guys eventually
we’re gonna get through this but right now the threat is real and
your best defense right now against the corona virus is to just shore up your
immune system just to be as healthy as you can be and if you want to know
exactly how to do that then keep watching the next question then becomes
how are you actually supposed to eat if you want to lose weight because here’s
the thing 80% of your body composition is determined by your diet
you can’t just freestyle this part do you have a proven plan that you can follow
to help you with that I want to give you a free copy of my lean body blueprint
this is how I melted all the fat around my stomach without depriving myself of
my favorite foods or wasting hours at the gym it’s a simple four-step process
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the next video virtual high five


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