The best diet for healthy kidneys

The foods that are best for maintaining healthy
kidneys are those that generally are the best for keeping you healthy. I would stress
keeping to a low salt diet because that will reduce your blood pressure and whatever the
cause of your kidney disease, keeping your blood pressure normal is incredibly important. That
said you need to be careful what you use as a salt supplement because some of them contain
a high amount of potassium and sometimes people with kidney disease have real problems with
their potassium. The other foods and drinks that I think are worth considering are those that are very high in what we call antioxidants because those
are also very good for your blood vessels, tend to keep your blood pressure lower. I’m quite
interested at the moment in the benefits of beetroot juice which contains a lot of a substance
called nitrous oxide which dilates your blood vessels and will reduce your blood pressure.
But otherwise, eat sensibly, avoid a high protein diet. Just because you leak protein
in your urine, you shouldn’t eat a high protein diet and high protein intake puts
a great stress on the kidneys. So if you’re dieting, do not go on to a high protein diet.
But a sensible diet, if you have diabetes, controlling your sugars well is of paramount
importance and looking after yourself in general.

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