The Best Muscle Building Foods For A Bulking Diet?

The Best Muscle Building Foods For A Bulking Diet?

What’s going on, guys? Sean Nalewanyj on and in this
video today we’re talking about the subject of foods that are the best for building muscle. And I actually want to basically dispel the
idea by explaining why there’s no such thing as any single food or any single set of foods
that you need to include in your bodybuilding diet to get the best results possible. Before I jump into it, guys, make sure to
hit the subscribe button below to stay up-to-date on future videos. And also click the bell icon as well, that
way you’ll be notified any time I upload new content so that you don’t miss out on anything. So this is a pretty common type of article
or video that you’ll see online. You know, the top ten foods to gain muscle
or twelve super foods that build muscle fast, that sort of thing. And it is true that there are certain types
of foods you’ll usually find in a typical bodybuilding diet because they’re more macro
friendly and more nutrient dense, but the truth is that there’s a virtually endless
list of different possible foods and food combinations that you can use to meet your
daily nutritional needs and no single food is a must by any means. Remember that proper muscle building nutrition
isn’t about one single food here and one single food here and another one here, and this food
is good and this food is bad and that food is in between. It’s not about single foods. Instead it’s about your overall intake for
the day as a whole in terms of the total calories, the total macro, and micro nutrient content,
and the fiber. That’s how your body actually looks at it. And so it’s really just about knowing what
your total nutritional needs are for the day and then using some combination of foods to
meet those needs. It’s pretty much just a numbers game when
it all comes down to it. Now, you obviously want to be basing the bulk
of your diet around nutrient-dense, minimally processed Whole Foods and getting in a few
servings of fruit and veggies in the mix. Because it’s not just about the grams of protein,
carbs and fats, but it’s also about getting sufficient fiber and micronutrients as well. But no single food has any special properties
to where your bottom-line results are going to be impacted based on whether you eat it
or not. And when I first started lifting, because
of just bad information, I did fall into that trap of thinking that I had to choke down
certain foods because they were the best for building muscle. And I thought that an effective bodybuilding
diet automatically was supposed to be bland and boring. So, I remember literally just eating tuna
straight from the can and hating every single bite of it, or eating plain egg whites every
single morning even though I was totally sick of them, or having, like, really bad tasting
meal replacement shakes that were marketed as being the perfect muscle building meal. And I did that for quite a while before realizing
just how unnecessary it really was. The idea that a healthy diet should automatically
be un-enjoyable is a completely outdated concept. Or you hear these quotes like, you know, food
is just fuel, or eat for results not for pleasure, nothing tastes as great as being in great
shape, but this is all just BS really. I’m not saying that you’re going to be able
to sit there and eat high-fat, high-sugar food all day long, you know, or that every
meal is going to taste like a cheeseburger or an ice-cream sundae. You can mix those things in moderation but
if you just take the time to plan things out there’s no reason why you can’t legitimately
enjoy all of your meals throughout the day. And even healthy macro friendly meals can
taste really good if you just put a bit of effort into it. So, just go through each main category of
foods; protein, carbs and fats, and pick a few good options within those categories that
you most prefer and then just based your diet around those foods. So if you don’t like tuna, then there’s no
reason whatsoever to eat tuna. If you’re not a fan of eggs, don’t eat eggs. If you don’t like oatmeal, or bananas, or
broccoli, then don’t eat them. No single food source is a must-have in your
plan. And rather than thinking in terms of an individual
muscle building food, think more in terms of an overall muscle building diet. So if you really like, say, strawberries and
grapes then use those as your main fruit sources. Or if you prefer turkey and salmon rather
than chicken and beef, use those as your primary protein sources. If you’re a vegan then you don’t need to eat
any of that. You know, you can go with beans, lentils,
and tofu to hit your protein needs. If you’d rather have sweet potato instead
of rice for your carb sources then go with that. And if you’re still a beginner and you want
a good list of nutrient-dense macro friendly foods that you can use to eat on your overall
nutritional need, then I’ll just list some ideas for you in the description box in order
to make things easier. But just figure out your daily calorie needs
and your approximate macronutrient needs and then use whatever combination of foods you’d
like. And that list certainly isn’t definitive but
it’s just there to give you some ideas. And if you’re willing to just put in a bit
of extra time and effort then you can also find tons of great tasting recipes and meal
ideas using those foods if you just search around a bit. You don’t have to eat totally basic combinations
only, like chicken breast, rice, and green beans. I mean, that’s fine if you enjoy it and you
prefer the simplicity, but there are a lot of different sauces and flavorings you can
use. I’ll link a post I did on that in the description
box for you to check out, outlining twenty low calorie sauces and condiments that you
can use to flavor your meals. And again, lots of recipes out there, you
know, wraps, quesadillas, omelets, healthy pizzas, fajitas, things like that. And lots of sweeter dessert type stuff too
using, you know, protein powders, Greek yogurt, oatmeal, there’s just so many things to choose
from beyond a plain piece of protein and a carb source with salt and pepper on it. Just run a basic online search using Google,
YouTube, or any other social media platform using terms like fitness recipes, bulking
recipes, cutting recipes, and you’ll find an endless variety of different options from
really simple recipes to more complex ones that can be easily fitted into your nutritional
needs for the day. And going about your diet in this sort of
way will get you the same bottom line muscle building results, plus two huge benefits. Benefit number one: is that you’ll be way
more likely to stay consistent with your diet over the long term. Remember that building muscle isn’t a quick
fix and if you want to get into great shape and stay in great shape, it’s a lifelong thing. So if you take a look at your current diet
and you can’t say that this is a way of eating that you’d be happy to maintain over the long
term then something probably needs to change. Food is just such a central part of our lives
and most people out there, unless they’re doing intermittent fasting, they’re probably
eating three or more times a day. And if eating is literally a chore because
you’re forcing yourself to eat things that you really don’t like, there’s a pretty good
chance that you are eventually going to burn out and quit. And then the second benefit, and it’s a very
simple one but your life will just be way better, I mean that’s such an obvious thing,
but if you’re eating four times a day and you genuinely look forward to each meal and
you actually enjoy it, you know, I consider my own diet to be fully enjoyable, that’s
just a way better way of living than eating four times a day and not enjoying it. So by shifting your mentality to where you’re
just viewing your nutritional intake in terms of an overall day or an overall week and focusing
on hitting your calories and your approximate macros from minimally processed Whole Foods
and then laying your diet out in the most enjoyable way possible, you’ll get better
muscle building results because you’ll be way more likely to stay consistent and your
day to day life will just be more fun and enjoyable. {period} And if you’re literally doing dumb
things like I was, like choking down tuna straight out of a can and forcing yourself
to eat foods that you really dislike, then you’re going to save mental energy and willpower
as well. So, I hope this was helpful, guys. If you want to learn all the details on how
to apply this way of eating to your muscle building program along with concrete workouts,
meal plans, and supplement advice along with one-on-one coaching, then you can download
my Body Transformation Blueprint by clicking here, or by heading over to
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you again soon.

72 thoughts on “The Best Muscle Building Foods For A Bulking Diet?

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  5. Bro i m dependent on my parents.. Actually i m an indian n yeah we have to live with our parents though for like.. Lifetime!
    But i m 18 n studying medical science! I have been training for an year n its hard to hit my protein intake.! What 2 do?? I m 5'8 70 kgs 15% bf.. Plzz help me i roughly get about 80 gms of protein and my gains are minimal! Srry 4 my bad English โ˜บ

  6. ive been maintaining my strength levels and even progressing a bit during a long diet and i pretty much enjoy everything i get to eat. many people are just too harsh on themselves and they end up doubting themselves, losing commitment and possibly just giving up altogether.

    i keep a detailed log of my eating habits (autist alert!!!) and looking at it i see ive visited fast food joints every month eating occasional subs, hamburgers and pizzas and i hit my goals every time anyways. the subs i eat are about 650kcal each, a burger is about 450kcal and a basic pizza at a local restaurant is 718kcal. a burger will not hurt you at all; in my case im eating 2700 kcal a day which is about a 20% drop from my maintenance levels and i can still stuff em down pretty much every day caloriewise. i dont, though.. hehe

    most of the calories throughout the day consist of homecooked meals with a lot of veggies though, and weirdly enough i tend to snack on certain baby foods a lot (they have a high water content, low sodium/preservatives and low calories. the stuff for 2-/3-year-olds is the bomb!). the water and fibre from vegetables and fruits tends to keep your hunger satiated for long periods of time and if you like, you can snack on cherry tomatoes & carrots n shit all the time too my dawg..

    the same ideology applies for bulking, but just opt for more calorie dense options. if you like peanut butter, you can put a dab of it on foods and shakes you make (has like 600+ calories per 100g). increase portion sizes a bit. you can easily get on and maintain a net caloric surplus if you just keep track of what you're doing.

    don't be too harsh on yourselves, but be mindful and approach your goals with a certain degree of meticulousness. ezz shit bros and sistas!!!!

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  15. make sure to eat plenty of protein rich foods such as bananas and potatos, you also if your bulking want to make sure you are getting plenty of carbs from sources such a salmon, nuts, beef.
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  23. I agree with everything said here, but I am different and prefer very simple meals at this time.

    I eat homemade whole wheat bread daily as the primary source of my calories and complete protein. I don't get sick of it, and I eat other things, too. Whole wheat bread in sufficient quantity has more than enough complete protein. I have many meals with nothing but bread: it is very simple and satisfying to me but I know mos people won't tolerate every meal having mostly or only bread.

    Pure whole wheat flour bread (720 grams of flour): 2500 calories, 95 grams of complete protein, 73 grams of fiber.

    It takes just a little work to make bread, but it's worth the effort and dough as well as cooked bread can be frozen and refrigerated. It's best when it's fresh and hot. I almost never eat bread cold; I will microwave it unless I have no other choice, like traveling.

    Try it and you may like it enough to add a few bread meals to your diet. It's a lot different than store bought bread. I don't use oil, by the way. Some say oil is good and we need oil. Yes, there is already oil inside wheat and all vegetables.

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