The Chaffle for People Who Hate Eggy Tasting Chaffles

hey there it’s Steve from SeriousKeto
and in this video I’m gonna try and overcome one of the biggest objections
to the chaffle and that’s the eggy flavor but before we do that if you
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the most common complaints that I get in my chaffle video comment sections are from
people that simply don’t like the taste of the cha ‘fl and generally it’s the
egginess that they don’t like and I did a little
bit of research to see if I could figure out do some people have more sensitive
taste buds to eggs kind of like some people love cilantro other people think
it tastes like soap and the answer is yes some people actually do have higher
degrees of sensitivity to the sulphuric compound in eggs especially the yolks
but also I found out on some farming discussion boards that the type of feed
given to the chickens can impact the egginess of their yolks so it all seems
to kind of come down to the yolk which is why we’re gonna remove that today
we’re gonna make two yolkless and hopefully not eggy tasting chaffle –ls
the first is just going to be a riff on my base recipe it’s the egg and the
mozzarella – the yolk for the second chaffle I’m gonna use a couple of things
that in my experience kind of neutralize that eggy taste when you’re baking so
let’s get to making them the first thing I want to do is see the difference in
weight between a whole egg and just the white so I know if I need to add
additional white to the recipe or scale it in one direction or the other
Okay 52 grams in this 1 egg white only 34 grams so I’m gonna try and add a
little bit more just to bring us up around that 50 grand mark again I overshot just a little bit but what the
heck let’s go with it just to keep all things equal with my
previous videos we’re gonna add 1/2 cup of mozzarella to our egg white and mix
and then I’m gonna divide this in half because I want to try two different
approaches to this we’ll have our just straight-up egg
white mozzarella to our other batch we’ll add 1/2 tbsp of psyllium husk 1/2
TSP of nutritional yeast just 2 or 3 drops of liquid stevia and a pinch of
salt egg white only on the left and my egg flavor destroyer batter on the right we may need to dial back on that egg
mixture a little bit we are at about 4 minutes and they both stopped steaming
so let’s take them out first do you straight up egg white mozzarella and
then my total egg Buster batter I’ve had both of these chaffles on a cooling rack
for about 3 minutes let’s give them a try first the egg and cheese only it
it’s a lot softer I don’t pick up much flavor of anything outside of the
mozzarella there’s a little mozzarella flavor not really getting any egg I mean
I didn’t get a huge amount of egg before but now I can say I’m really not getting
anything in terms of egg it’s not a bad chaffle it’s just sort of without
character so I guess if you want your sandwich ingredients to have the
starring role and to not have any of its flavour detracted i guess by your chaffle
this is a fine alternative just use a little bit less than i used because you
don’t want that foaming out of your – waffle maker for the next one i took 4
different ingredients that I know can decrease the egginess flavor in
something the salt but a stevia the psyllium husk and the
nutritional yeast so let’s give that a try much much harder and you know it
still got some pliability to it it’s got some good chew I don’t taste any egg at
all in this and honestly I think of all the experiments that I’ve done so far
this reminds me more of bread than any of them so this is I mean it’s got a
really nice chew to it it’s dense yet pliable just a little bit crispy on the
outside I like this this this is a really good sandwich chaffle in my opinion
so for those of you who are looking to get away from that eggy flavor if that’s
what’s really bothering you about the chaffle give these two recipes a try
especially that second one now for that second one the egg flavor batter Buster
whatever I want to call it you are gonna want to double your ingredients on that
since I was only using half of the base waffle mixture so you’re gonna want to
use a tablespoon of psyllium husk powder a teaspoon of nutritional yeast still
just a pinch of salt and you know three four drops of liquid stevia hopefully
with this video we’re able to bring some more people into the cha family thanks
for watching

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