The Fiber Myth – Belly Fat versus Intestinal Bloating

The Fiber Myth – Belly Fat versus Intestinal Bloating

Let’s talk about the fiber myth. This may occur with you, or a friend or a
family member that you know, where their stomach is sticking out and they have belly fat, but
it looks like a basketball belly. One of the causes of this bloating belly is
not necessarily always fat, it could just be bloating from your intestines. Why? Because they’re consuming way, way too much
fiber. Now I know this fiber myth has been around
for about 30 years, but it is absolutely not true that consuming more fiber will decrease
the risk of colon cancer. That is a myth. There is no association between the two. I’ve created some links down below to show
you that. In fact, it might increase your chance of
colon cancer. I know now you’re confused even more, but
just hang with me, okay? Now, when you are constipated, sometimes doctors
tell you to eat more fiber, Metamucil, whatever, and the reason why that does work is because
it irritates and it stimulates the colon more than anything else, to dump the waste. It’s not necessarily something that is forming
the bulk of your stool. Here’s what really happens as far as this
fiber, especially from the whole grains and the bran, like the Metamucils and the different
fibers that people take. It creates a lot of inflammation in the colon. It creates a lot of mechanical damage as these
fibers go through and this undigested fiber is basically food for your microbes. And when you take too much fiber, it creates
gas because there’s a process called fermentation. Just like if you’re making bread or beer or
alcohol, you get this gas that comes off. Well, too much fiber can create an over gas
situation where you’re getting too much fermentation because the bacteria are going crazy and you’re
just bloating up like a balloon, and your stomach looks all swollen. This could be very, very damaging over a period
of time. It’s not necessarily always just the grains,
too. It could be some healthy vegetables that you
eat. The notorious ones are the cruciferous, unfortunately,
because these are the good ones. That would be like kale, broccoli, brussel
sprouts, cabbage, and even avocados. Those can create a lot of bloating when you
eat them. If you bloat from those vegetables, all that
means is that you have not established all the good bacteria in your gut to be able to
digest this yet. You don’t have the microbes to balance these
out. Some people can do it, some people can’t. Personally, in the past, I had the biggest
problem with broccoli. If I consumed broccoli, I would have so much
abdominal pain, I would just double over. It would be very, very painful. And even in traces, in certain foods, if there’s
broccoli in there, even broccoli soup will do that. What I did to do an experiment is I juiced
the broccoli and I drank the juice. I had no reaction at all, so I knew it was
the fiber. That would be something I probably want to
bring up right now. What’s more important? Is it okay to juice? Should I blend my vegetables? Well, it really depends on if you can digest
some of these vegetables. If you can’t digest certain vegetable fibers,
if you react to brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, then I’m gonna recommend juicing
those, but don’t juice the carrot and the fruits along with it. I don’t recommend that. Just juice the green drinks and drink that
if you want to get the nutrition, because there’s a lot of nutrition in those vegetables,
okay? But if you’re okay with blending, then go
ahead and do that. I recommend a kale shake. Some people might even bloat with kale, which
is the least of all … easiest to digest of all the cruciferous. If you’re finding that you continue to bloat
more than a half hour with the kale shake, then I recommend that you blend it before
you go to bed, keep it in the fridge, and drink it in the morning. It’s much easier to digest that, okay? And if you still have a problem, I’m gonna
recommend that you switch from kale to spinach because we can’t have you bloating when you’re
trying to lose weight. That’s not going to work. A lot of people bloat unknowingly from cereals. They think cereal is good for the colon because
it’s a bunch of fiber. Not good. It’s going to cause a lot of distention in
your gut. Since there’s more nerve endings in your gut
than in your spinal column — there’s like a hundred million nerve endings — this is
like your second brain, so if this is not right — your small intestine — your head’s
not going to be right. You’re going to have a lot of headaches. You’re going to have a lot of brain fog, ADD,
a lot of attention issues. So very important to help your digestive system
by making sure that the culprit is not too much fiber. Cruciferous vegetables can also irritate you. Keep a log on what you eat and how it reacts
to your gut, because we really cannot have you eat anything that is irritating the colon
or gassing you out. So what vegetables should you eat? Well, number one, definitely avoid the grains
and the bran and the cereal and all that, that’s a given. But you might want to switch your vegetables
to zucchini, spinach, lettuce, romaine lettuce, celery seems to be fine. What else? String beans, squash, tomatoes, beets are
fine, asparagus is really good, cucumbers. All those are usually, they don’t create reactions. But in some people they might, so you’re just
going to have to personally go through and find the vegetables that don’t bloat you and
consume that. I just wanted to touch on this because there’s
so many people that they think the fiber is really helping them when it’s really destroying
their gut. Go ahead and make this change and watch how
much better your colon is with inflammation and gas, and consistency, and you might want
to seriously consider doing a good probiotic to start to enhance the flora, so you could
eventually have some of these vegetables. All right? Hope you enjoyed the video, I’ll see you in
the next one.

100 thoughts on “The Fiber Myth – Belly Fat versus Intestinal Bloating

  1. Before I became fat adapted I was blotted all the time specially if I eat cereals ( concerts of farts 💨 )
    Now it made cense ,l
    I’m down from 120 kg to 92kg and filling much better
    Thanks 🙏 for sharing your knowledge

  2. HI. Dr Berg.

    I love your videos. .

    I want to make a point.

    In this video, 4:22 , you advised people to switch from kale juice to spinach juice but spinach juice is got too much calcium and that person could eventually develop a kidney stone from calcium oxalate if they do do have the appropriate or they vitamin D3 and vitmin K2.
    so be mindful of taking spinach juice alone.

  3. Most Americans don't get enough fiber in their diets. The recommended intake is between 20 and 38 grams of total fiber per day, depending on your age and gender, with 25 grams being a realistic goal for most people. …

  4. Well I get somewhere between 80 g of fiber to 100 g of fiber a day. Are DNA was developed thousands upon thousands of years ago if you look at man's feces found in caves from these time periods. We had unbelievable amounts of fiber in their diet . DNA can't change that quick were designed to have lots of fiber in our diet. I have a cup of string beans, sweet potato, a Cup blueberries mixed into a smoothie with 8 tablespoons of flaxseed 2 tablespoons a Chia an African fruit fiber, pecans walnuts punk and seeds,Mesquite powder, another type of fiber forget the name of. All of this makes into a smoothie and a giant glass. 8 to 16 ounces of fried mushrooms with mushroom powder added on top, another kale smoothie with berries. And a Cup broccoli.Have an onion raw I've calculated all of the fiber before it somewhere between 80 g of fiber to 100 g of fiber a day. At first I got a little bloated I gained weight. Once I developed all the microbes in my stomach I stop having gas. I started to lose weight very rapidly. I feel great I have lots of energy. I eat all of this within about a six hour period of time. I drink a lot of green tea,And I loosely follow Ray Kurzweil supplement plan.

  5. The human body does not need fiber, I know this now. I've been on a carnivore diet for some time now and haven't gotten any cravings for anything. Just to see what would happen though I had a little bit of a salad in but had to stop because I felt like I was dying. There were intense stabbing pains in my colon that I now know was because of the fiber. If fiber was not a foreign entity to the human digestive system then why is it that when you cut it out of your diet and then put it back in after some time you feel like you're literally going to die and your body tries to kill itself? I'm an ex vegan carnivore by the way.

  6. Ugh this sucks because eating an oat/wheat based cereal is apart of my diet. It’s an easy meal, and I can easily amp up the calories if I need to make it more hearty. I don’t want to have to stop eating cereals.

  7. this morning i ate banana's, oranges a bagel and a tiny bit of cereal and i got so bloated. now i just ate lunch and i ate brown bread with lentil soup, grapes and some shreddies and i feel like i cant breathe

  8. In the event that one experiences bloating or pain, one very traditional Chinese remedy would be to take the blunt end of a pencil and push it hard towards an acupuncture point called ZuSanLi 足三里, hold the pencil and keep the pressure until the pain subsides, usually takes 5 minutes. ZuSanLi is 4 fingerwidth down from the kneecap and 1 finger width to the outside. If one presses it with a finger one feels sudden numbness. One only needs to do it on one leg of ones choosing, but oftentimes people choose the right side.

  9. I bought Dr. Berg's plan and have been keto for 9 weeks. I listen to the videos while or drive or work and pretty much any other time I can. I am down to a small snack about 2PM (3 pieces of gouda cheese 3 beef sticks and 6 pieces of celery) and then dinner at 5:30. I have lost 29 lbs. I'm only 10 lbs from my goal. My prayers to everyone and I'm rooting for all of you.

  10. I wonder if DIM supplement that also contain sulforaphane can cause the same bloating effect as broccoli if a person have issue with broccoli already?

  11. I spent 10 years begging multiple doctors for help after I was injured and had to have 4 bowel resections, 2 colon resections and patches placed in my diaphragm. I gained almost 300lbs in less than a year. They told me to eat less and exercise more yet put me on restrictions as to my movements, my activity, etc.. Then we found a good doctor who realized that I was a victim of a lymphatic dam caused by the surgeries and one that could not be fixed. So I live on lasix and various other medications to control the issue. I just got out of the hospital yesterday after debilitating abdominal pain put me in 4 days ago, diverticulitis, probably caused by my now OCD like control of my food intake. You may have saved my life.

  12. It just shows that you need to always pay attention to what your body is telling you. This highlights the controversy between juicing and blending.

  13. Thanks so much Dr Berg. I was about to gulp down my morning dose of sugar free Metamucil and your video came on. It went straight down the toilet without the “middle man”. So glad to be done with it (wasn’t working anyway) Following your excellent advice !

  14. I went from oatmeal in the morning (ova-lacto-vegetarian) to a keto-diet with several cups of broccoli. A couple of fresh Asparagus in the diet, stopped the bloating for me, I believe there's probiotics I them. Anyway I used to take lacto-acid capsules for the problem, but no more.

  15. So where do the 7-10 cups of veggies a day come in? I tried to do that for a long time but that was the only intake I could do a day and my blood sugar stayed high from all the carbs.
    And if you want slow and steady you should be listening to Dr. Sten Ekberg and Dr. Ken Berry. They are also excellent speakers.

  16. I had a c-section before 9 months…before pregnancy I had a flat I lost all my pregnancy weight..but my stomach looks so big…in the morning it's flat but as the day passes it becomes big and bigger…even I have gas problems also…how solve this problem???

  17. Please do not use the word: FIBER; it is a myth. Cellulose is a SUGAR = CARBOHYDRATE just like Glucose or Fructose. Cellulose cannot be broken down by humans. That is why Candida shows up.
    Please do not talk only about "bacteria" when the gut flora is made up of fungus, bacteriophages, viruses and parasites. Candida will give off odorless carbon dioxide gas just like baking bread in its budding, non-flesh-eating form. Amoeba and bacteria will give off bad smelling gas. Archaea will give off methane.
    Please do not make hard-and-fast rules on 'too much fiber' when there are those who claim a miracle by taking enormous amounts of fiber while others can't stand a single molecule. It is about the laboratory-grade military bugs that have been released on us that dictate what diets palliate them.
    Constipation for a large part is caused by Herpes destroying those millions of nerves you spoke of in the intestines thus shutting down peristalsis. Your video inspired me to think of what the relationship between "fiber" and herpes might be. The Australians think that herpes hides in candida to avoid immune detection. If cellulose feeds candida then "fiber" indirectly supports the growth of herpes.
    Please do tell us how drinking cruciferate juice won't kill the thyroid gland?
    Kale was never consumed raw by any traditional culture in history . It is a psyop to make people ill. Anti-oxidants destroy thyroperoxidase.
    Please tell us how to avoid oxlate stones from drinking spinach.
    Please get in line with the Blood Type Diet because the recommended vegetables might be damaging to the wrong blood types.
    A gift from me to all of you: Cauliflower may be the most dangerous plant on the planet.

  18. Ok here's one guy who isn't an M.D. saying don't eat fiber and many other medical doctors saying to eat fiber. How are we supposed to know who to believe? I wish all chiropractors, osteopaths and medical doctors would get together and agree on something.

  19. I am so tired of trying to figure out what is right with so much conflicting information. One day things are good for you and the next day they are not. And no one EVER addresses food addictions (i.e., sugar addiction, soda addiction, caffeine addiction, processed food addiction, etc.) They are real. We can talk all day about what we SHOULD do, but when you are dealing with addictions, it’s REALLY hard to eat right.

  20. Your body just needs to get used to fiber. If you haven’t eaten a high fiber diet before and you start out eating a ton of fiber, you’re going to bloat.

  21. Dr debi said it 1st. Kale-broccoli is man made. If it’s real-then you should never bloat. Natural leaves are best

  22. Fiber is so beneficial and by far the most overlooked nutrient. Men need about 40g of fiber a day. The average American male gets a small percentage of their daily requirement. Eat more fiber.

  23. Sir…. Even physiology text book says that fibers increase the intestinal motility without causing any harm to the tissues.

  24. You talked about certain vegetables bloating you is that okay to take your organic Cruciferous SuperFood supplements. I've been taking them for a while now and they seem to help but I still have some bloating but not anywhere near as much as I used to.

  25. Had raw veggies yesterday. Feeling miserable today. Bloated and lethargic. I do fine with moderate servings of cooked vegetables.

  26. I'm a preschool teacher. A couple kids at the school have "issues". Their pediatrician told their parents to give them mucelax….which makes them have major blow outs. We tell the parents to give them a probiotics and smoothies with vegetables. They only want to listen to their dr. 🙄

  27. I’m fucked – switched to a vegetarian diet = have to eat beans to hit protein levels for muscle building = bloating – FML

  28. Dr. Berg, How do vegetables and leafy greens grown in organic, living soils compare to hydroponically grown? I suspect that in living soils the vegetables absorb trace minerals whereas in the hydroponic conditions they can only absorb what the farmers put into them. Please advise.

  29. Try to adopt the same lifestyle as your grandparents for food, physical effort, etc. You have roughly the same genetics. Be careful with any advise others may provide… Make small adjustments only to avoid the problems your grandparents have had.
    Mine ate a lot of bread + butter. A lot of milk with coffee. Potato with onion. Pork meat in small quantities (salami etc). This worked for them (lived more than 80 years. They were from the countryside. Fruit was pretty rare. They died from cancer or cyrrhosis, but after 80 years old how do you suggest better?

  30. Finally a REAL DR. Most GP's are a bunch of muppets who dont even look healthy forcing us to take their graduall genocidal drugs.Dr Berg has got HUUUGE COURAGE.Thank you for your knowledge and honesty.

  31. Doctor I have a big gastric when I have eating food my stomach come big even if i eat small meals even when I didn't eating food and I feel hungry also come big so tell treatment of gastric

  32. A young girl I knew had a basketball belly most of her childhood to teenage years, and later she found out it was a tumour the size and shape of a basketball.

  33. You talking to me? This is so me, lots to think about. I'm low carb and after 55 lbs lost I have a basketball tummy am so going to change this stuff and maybe go by some probiotics to get started. Excited. Thanks again. Ps. I allready had the basketball before the diet but it wasn't as noticeable surrounded with fat.

  34. I must have healthy gut bacteria because I never have a problem after eating cruciferous veggies. I actually get painful bloating and gas from eating a low fiber bread (like traditional pizza).

  35. I noticed the older I get the more foods my body wouldn't digest I'm 45 years old skinny and I have a big stomach from bloating.

  36. You are so spot on with so many things….people read books but don't listen to their bodies….and as an Empath I literally feel the energies of food and how my body reacts and I nevr eat the Diets other people eat……like you often say don't drink too much or look for other vegetables……or even eating very low carbs with long distance sport..that many people surprises when I do. Thanks for all the good advice and calm explanations……..the world of sience in general is a panic maker trying to earn money from poor thinking souls.

  37. After 2 weeks of beano and probiotics I could tolerate navy beans and broccoli. But all it takes is something like a medication to kill off good gut flora. Our gut flora keeps our digestive system healthy.

  38. Vegetables are good, vegetables contains lots of fiber, fiber can cause colon cancer, vegetables are no good then?

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