The Food Processor Keto Chaffle Experiment

The Food Processor Keto Chaffle Experiment

hey there it’s Steve from and in this video i continue on my mission to improve upon the chaffle
but before we do that if you enjoy low-carb cooking videos product and
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whenever I release a new video in this fairly brief video we’re gonna test out
another idea I had to improve upon the chaffle what would happen if instead of
just folding the ingredients together with a spatula we really pulverize them
with a food processor let’s take a look we have the baseline chaffle here on
the right and here is the version that we did in the food processor so I guess
one of the things I notice it seems like there’s less of the you know clumps of
mozzarella let’s give them a taste base chaffle I just never get tired of the
regular chaffle let’s see if the food processor chaffle brings anything to the
party now I don’t know if it’s psychological but the food processor chaffle tastes cheesier to me it really reminds me of those the Brazilian bread
those cheeseball bread things I forget the name of them I’ll look it up and
post it when I edit the video I don’t have to try another bite and the food
processor one again definitely cheesier tasting so as is always the case you
cannot go wrong with the base chaffle if you’re looking for it cheesier chaffle and don’t mind a little bit of extra work both in making the chaffle
and in cleaning up try the food processor method see what you think I’d
be curious to know if you find it cheesy or – so if you try it
post your findings down there in the comment section thanks for watching

8 thoughts on “The Food Processor Keto Chaffle Experiment

  1. Feedback from a new viewer: the music loop doesn’t complement the topic. Something less frenetic would be better. Or no soundtrack at all would be even better.

  2. Isn't the point of a chaffle to be quick easy and delicious… Seems like you keep trying to make them more complex. Or maybe just trying to gain subscribers from the hype surrounding chaffle right now? 🤔

  3. Enjoying the work you're doing. I find at the moment my chaffles are burning, but I am using a full size waffle maker. I'm troubleshooting different ideas to correct it, but I'm curious to see how your full size waffle maker tests go.

  4. If it wasn't for this video, I would have never heard of a "chaffle" it took me a few to figure out it was a play on words… Ch-eese w-affle? Chaffle? Maybe in the future, just tell people what it is in case they have never heard of it since it seems like a trendy new term. I like it! Keep doing technique experimentation videos! Sometimes, you WANT to use an item because you just bought it or something. Alternatively, sometimes your kitchen is being remodeled and you have very limited equipment or its hard to access! (My situation) I've been cooking with a [good] toaster oven, microwave, and grill if I really need to. No real kitchen

  5. Steve, I enjoy your videos and if your goal is to perfect the chaffle, I'll follow you anywhere lol.

    I tried the "Nutribullet method, perhaps I pulverized it a bit too much it was too runny, maybe because I used cream cheese instead of mozzarella. I cooked it longer and it was fine…nothing goes to waste!

  6. I just made my first chaffle. 1 egg, 1/2 cup of mexican blend cheese mix(no mozzarella), some salt pepper and granulated garlic and I am now hooked definately going to experiment with flavors.

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