The New Nordic Diet from Gastronomy to Health with Arne Astrup

The New Nordic Diet   from Gastronomy to Health  with Arne Astrup

How can penetrability be used to fight lifestyle diseases
and obesity? Can the new Nordic diet improve children’s
physical and mental development? Can we develop a new healthy diet concept as
the Scandinavian answer to the Mediterranean diet? How can local ingredients and foods encourage
people to eat a healthier diet? These are some of the questions this course
aims to address. I am Arne Astrup, Professor MD and Head of
Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports at the University of Copenhagen. I’m also the Director of this multidisciplinary
research center OPUS based at the university. I’m very excited to lead you into this world
of gastronomy and health. I’ll tell you more about our experiences in
developing a new food culture which emphasizes food wellbeing and the environment. This course precedes the new Nordic diet the
world’s largest research project on adult and child health and wellbeing and will help
you to better understand global health challenges such as obesity and obesity related diseases. So, it’s a new food culture developed from
2009 to ’13 with key emphasis on gastronomy, health and the environment. Major researches into its effect on acceptability,
behavior, learning skills and disease prevention have been conducted by the OPUS Center at the
University of Copenhagen and with the people behind the award winning restaurant Noma in
Copenhagen. OPUS was established to investigate whether
it’s possible to develop a healthy new Nordic diet that is palatable, environmentally friendly
and based largely on foods originating from the Nordic region. The aim of OPUS is to create optimal wellbeing,
development and health for Danish children through a healthy new Nordic diet. Members of our university with expertise in
these areas will assist in answering these questions. In addition to our researchers from the faculty
of science the course includes also researchers from the Danish school of education at the
University of Aarhus, leading chiefs working with the new Nordic diet and ingredients and food
entrepreneurs from different environments here in Denmark. In this course you will be given an opportunity
to participate in discussions with fellow students from all over the world. The chosen case studies, texts, videos and
other resources will guide you through the exciting world of science, health and food.

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  1. Sådan Arne! Jeg elsker Arnes gode råd. Og hvad så fordi han er lidt udtørret og grå i ansigtet, jeg synes det er helt okay i hans alder.

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