The Problem With Modern Diet And How You Can Help Change The Food Industry | Eric Edmeades

The Problem With Modern Diet And How You Can Help Change The Food Industry | Eric Edmeades

Let’s talk and let’s talk quick because I’ve got a limited window here to deliver. I think what’s a really important message and And that is that I want to suggest you that almost all the suffering that humans endure almost all the suffering that humans endure today is because of one thing and that is There’s a difference between the pace of change in our society and our evolution so for 99.999% of our history we live in one way which involved a lot of trees and fresh air and hunting and gathering and being in nature and then we invented glass and electricity and power and Internet and you know a whole lot of other things and we haven’t necessarily kept pace with that and So our instincts haven’t kept pace with that does this make sense? For example how many people in this room have ever actually faced death? I mean really faced it now keep your hand up if you meet what I faced it I don’t mean the car came too close. I don’t mean that the doctor said you might have a problem I don’t mean that the bus almost hit you I mean that you were in a moment where within about 4 minutes you were certain you were gonna die then leave your hand up Notice this room. It’s less than 10% of the room Less than 10% of those people have ever faced the reality of possible immediate pending death. Why does that matter? Well as somebody who’s faced it a few times. I’ve had white rhinos charging at me and turn around at 15 feet away. I was not in a Jeep and And I was in a casino in NASA in the Bahamas when four men walked in with automatic assault rifles and started shooting everywhere So I’ve faced it but here’s what’s interesting. If you have faced it, then your adrenal system has been calibrated properly See I get a visa bill and I never look at the visa bill and goat shit man, I think it’s gonna kill me Never happens But I think for a lot of people that is what goes on see what happens is if you have a miscalibrated System then anything can give you stress that is life-threatening Does this make sense? All right So when we consider that that is ultimately one of the challenges we have is that our software and our hardware evolved for one lifestyle and now we’re living in this new lifestyle which how fast is it changing by the way as a parent of a 20 year old boy and an 18 month old girl Yes as A parent of a 20 year old boy in the 18 month old girl. Here’s what I can tell you My son has a car and a driver’s license. In fact, I called him. I was in Vancouver a few weeks ago I go Daniel. Can I please borrow your car he goes, how far are you going? Surreal right, but my daughter might never need a driver’s license See, that’s how fast things are changing but our DNA doesn’t change that fast We can evolve spiritually as fast as we want But we can’t change our physiology and that is a problem because there there was a moment Nobody really knows when the moment was but it was safe 15,000 years ago and some people were zooming around doing their normal hunting-and-gathering thing and then they noticed They noticed something and one of them turned to the other one and he said something like this Okay, it was probably she It was a detail thing to notice, you know, and she said to her friend Hey the last time last year when we were here, that’s where we threw all the stuff when we were done with it You know all the the rinds and stuff and look there’s plants growing there do you think we could grow plants with intention and In that moment, we changed everything In that moment, we changed food production forever Here’s an example if you suddenly realize that you can grow the food that you want to eat Do you grow the bitter green stuff or do you brew it grow the really tasty stuff? You start growing the tasty stuff and at that point in time everything starts to go wrong At the point in time when you start to choose what you’re going to grow when you start to influence the environment You start to take the wrong left turn and that continues right out to the point Where you end up in a situation where? You have food manufacturing companies that today are all about profit And if they want to make profit then what do they need to get you to do anybody in here you want to get more? Sales in your business. How do you get more sales? Sell more stuff who can you sell more stuff to? new people and then you can sell more stuff to your existing clients in order to get Your existing clients to buy more stuff. You have to get them to want more stuff Well, if you’re a food manufacturer, that means you need to make food that people want more than they need You need to build you need to build food that when they eat it they feel Unseated you need a manufacturer food that doesn’t satisfy their nutritional requirements so that they will keep eating You need to make food that has substances in it that are Addictive in nature so that the people don’t have a choice about how much they eat and when they eat it Does this sound familiar to anybody I? Was 21 years old And I was sick. I Mean really sick like I mean, I’m not talking facing death sick. I’m talking that I’d been taken tree through my sinuses I had I had you know gut pains that were so bad that I couldn’t think I had horrible cystic acne that was painful to smile and It was my life. I always had that tissue I was that kid that always had the tissue in their pocket, you know the one You know, I was that kid and and I went to doctors The doctors want to help me Yeah, they did they did they wanted to they didn’t go spend six eight years in medical school because they didn’t want to help people but were they Empowered at medical school to help me no No, they weren’t but I didn’t know that. Well, my dad was a famous orthopedic surgeon My uncle was a well recognized orthopedic surgeon. We had doctors all over the family And so I trusted doctors and I visited them for year upon year upon year and you know what they gave me pills inhalants injections and then finally surgery Yeah, you know what? It seems like God or evolution. Whatever your belief Accidentally put tonsils in my throat total accident Gotta take those babies out That’s what they said to me Luckily for me some friends of mine sat me down and said Eric. I think you need to consider some changes to your diet Just for a month And so I did and over the next I’m telling you Two weeks my body started to change any of you who suffered with acne will know the difference between new acne and old acne The way that works in case for those of you didn’t have this problem is new acne are these little red spots that are coming? up and old acne are the ones that are healing and I looked in the mirror one day and I realized I only had old acne. There was nothing new coming up This is after two weeks of making change also one morning. I woke up and I breathed through my own nose Yeah, now I know some of you are know exactly what I’m talking you going. That’s a bit weird, right? But let’s back up for a moment who here has had that flu You know the flu I’m talking about the one that you’ve had for just long enough that you start questioning whether it’s worth being alive Who’s had that flu? Imagine then you wake up in the morning one day and the first time you breathe through your nose at the end of that flu Doesn’t have feel amazing life suddenly becomes worth living again Well, I’d like you to imagine what that’s like when you haven’t breathe through your nose for seven or eight years It hurt Room temperature air hurt the tissue wasn’t used to it Two weeks later no acne. No allergies. I had dropped 35 pounds off my body. I was completely transformed and Then I became deeply curious. I mean deeply curious how is it how is it that I could spend year upon year upon year visiting doctors and get no result and Then I could just simply change what I put in my body and I could get all the results And so I asked a doctor one day I did I asked a doctor I’ve now asked hundreds of doctors in countries all around the world the same question But I asked the doctor one day How long did you go to medical school now the first problem with asking that question when you’re 21? like I was at the time and By the way, when I was 21, I looked about 14 Yeah, I’m at my whole life. I’ve always looked about ten years younger than I really was until I bought a movie studio That’ll fix that real quick You just that’s enough stress that you catch up with your years, right? But when I was 21, I looked 16. Can you imagine being the doctor and a kid says? How long did you go to medical school? Six years and how much time did you send studying food? No, not very much how much specifically Well none By the way go ask your doctor this question and you will find that the answer is none unless they took an elective In every country around the world. I’ve asked this question. I’m in an event in Germany about a year ago there’s about a thousand and a half people in the room and there’s a doctor sitting just about here and in the middle of my Talk I go to a navy doctors in the house. He raised his hand. He’s here I get a microphone to him and in front of a thousand people in Germany where I’ve never asked this question before I asked him How long did you go to medical school? He was a general practitioner six years. I asked him again How long did you but study food? Microphone in his hand cameras around thousand then half people watching he says none and For many of the people in the room the penny dropped they suddenly realized what the Significance to that question was and I’ll put it to another way in case you’re still wondering what the significance is How many of you would be happy to take your car? to a mechanic Who had never studied fuel? It’s funny right had never studied oil had never studied antifreeze Would you take your car to that mechanic then? I suggest you rethink your relationship with your doctor And so I found myself with this deep-seated curiosity, but you know what they didn’t have this was BG before Google and So I couldn’t just walk up to my computer and go what the hell is going on There is no there was no answer for me. There was no Ask Jeeves This was even before Yahoo! I Mean there was no solution for me And I don’t know if any of you had this but sometimes you have a pervasive question You’ve got this pervasive question and there’s no way to answer it. And so pretty soon. You start living your life through that question it’s like everywhere it and even if it’s not conscious it is that that’s not the answer and Then and then one day I’m on a plane from them I’m away to Africa doing a wildlife photography thing and and I’m reading this article And in the article, they talk about elephants being captured and put in zoos and circuses which I’m no fan of so I was curious because the article was the history of it and It said that a hundred years ago when they took these elephants and they put them in the zoos and circuses They would make a lot of money because they would attract the audience Right, but the elephants would only live or six or seven or eight years maybe ten But nobody knew that that was a problem I mean they made their money back in that ten years and that was the main concern for them until they found out that elephants in the wild could live seventy years and suddenly they became deeply concerned about their investment I’m sure some of them were concerned about the elephant but I’m thinking it was mostly a profit and loss question and once they had That profit and lost question. They were forced to do the very simplest thing. They were forced to evaluate elephants in the wild sure, they could have conducted a multi-generational macro nutrition and micro nutritional study on elephants to try to figure what’s wrong but or they could just go and look at the ones that are getting the result and Duplicate that This is make sense And so that’s what they did and they found out that elephants in the wild eat 200 Kilograms 500 pounds of fresh grass and bark and fruit when it’s in season and they drink 70 liters I don’t know how many gallons that is It’s a lot every single day and when they duplicated that for the elephants in captivity Look at that 70 or 80 years. I Became fascinated Because as reading this article they were making a massive grammatical mistake in the article They kept referring to the elephant’s wild diet and the elephant’s captive diet. Let me just back up for a minute The elephant was on a captive diet was on the zoo and when it was in nature it was on what? the elephant diet not the wild elephant diet the elephant diet and the grammarian in me wanted to take out a red pen and Circle every instance of this wild diet rubbish in the thing Like that’s not it’s the elephant diet. And as I want to do this I start thinking to myself Oh Elephants have a diet. So does every other organism on earth? every organism on earth has a diet an oak tree has a diet a Cheetah has a diet its diet is 2.5 kilograms of fresh meat every day. It won’t eat It won’t eat existing meat. It has to kill it itself a hyena doesn’t have that issue Right, they have different diets the leafcutter ant has a diet. What does it eat? You might think so, but They don’t They go out and they collect leaves and they bring them back and they compost them and grow fungus because they’re fungal ores And if you try to make them eat leaves They would die and Then and then now I’m studying I go off em doing some work with cheetahs and I’m studying cheetahs you guys understand that a cheetah The only production car on the road that can outrun a cheetah from 0 to 60 miles per hours the Tesla Do you get that? Can you imagine a four-legged little animal can outrun any of your cars from 0 to 60? That is evolution for you or God Just in case we can ask Neil later see if he can find out for us But the point is that I’m studying these cheetahs and here’s what’s fascinating They’re trying to breed them because we are pushing them into extinction and they want to breed them and be able to reintroduce them to The wild and all this kind of stuff and and then and then they find out well Okay, we have to breed them. Well the first problem when they were breeding the wild dogs and wolves that’s really easy You put a male and a female together in there and somebody gets pregnant. It’s done But with the Cheetahs, it’s hurt complicated cheetahs Don’t mate easily you what you do is you take a bunch of male cheetahs and you put them in pens in big enclosures and then you take the female cheetah on a leash and you walk her up and down the pen and she sniffs each of The Pens you checks out the boys You know has to take a look what they do for a living, you know Gotta check out a few things see what they got in the driveway You don’t figure it all out and then though and then the female she’ll take a look and figure out one that she wants to, you know, get to know better and they let her into the cage and Then they close the door and what’s gonna happen at this point is she’s either gonna kill him or made him It’s a lot like human dating Similar and so Then they got them to go through the motions, but no pregnancies were occurring and so there why are there no pregnancies occurring and so they brought doctors in and they took a look at a couple of things and they compared live blood analysis of wild cheetahs versus captive cheetahs They’re eating the same food. So they’re really confused as to what’s going on here. They’re both eating meat They’re carnivores. They’re eating meat is meat good or bad Yes I want to be clear the answer to that is yes, there is both good and bad meat and And and here’s what happened the cheetahs in the wild are eating antelope antelope that run for a living and they’re four percent fat and the cheetahs in captivity were eating donated cows and horses and pigs that are generally thirty to forty percent fat and That was making enough of a difference that they could not get pregnant Oh Incidentally check out how easy it is for people to get pregnant now think about that that’s called evolution again only evolution preventing stuff and So once they figured that out The Cheetahs started getting pregnant and and so that started making me think about okay So first of all, every species on earth has a diet Secondly diet looks a lot more specific than I thought I mean, it’s not even that they’re they weren’t trying to make these cheetahs vegetarians they were just eating them feeding them the wrong meat and Then and then I go and I find out about the majalis burg vultures Oh my god, they’re beautiful beautiful high cliff vultures They live on the mountains and they’re going extinct like everything else in the Lovell that the local farmers were nostalgic for these vultures And so they they created what they called they figured the reason they were losing all the vultures was because you know as all the farmland was spreading there was less wilderness and Less wild animals and and so what they did is they created vulture restaurants No, really? they they cleared out big chunks of the forest so that the vultures would feel safe to land and when a cow died or a Horse died. They would leave it there for them and the vultures came down and they ate but nothing changed the numbers kept going down until One day somebody was studying the vultures and he watched a young vulture standing at the edge of the cliff because their way up behind the mountains and the young folks are standing at the edge of the Cliff, and it was getting ready to take its first flight and it stepped off the cliff and one of its wings snapped Why did it swing snapped? Calcium deficiency Now in America that happened to the condors because of the DDT’s and insecticides that were in the water and in the systems But they don’t use those there. So what was going on? I’ll tell you what was going on When do vultures get to eat? two vultures often swoop down kill a wildebeest No No, they eat after whoo After the Lions after the Hyannis and buy don’t buy into this whole the Lions have good PR agencies they have you believe that the Lions go do all the hunting and then the end the cheetah comes along and steals it know what Really happens is the cheetah that were not the cheetah the hyena the hyena will often be the one to go do the kill Then the lion steals it then the photographer show up Then the hyena has to try to seal it back that’s what really happens, but I want you to consider It’s what happens I Want you to consider that a hyena can crush a giraffes thigh bones with its teeth. They’re strong So after the hind is all finished now, the vulture is eating not the flesh. I mean a vulture can’t even open an animal Only maybe the lappet-faced vulture maybe can open an animal It’s got a big big beak But most of them can’t I often think about I don’t know if you guys remember those far side comics Gary Larson But but I want you to imagine you’ve got this hippo lion It’s dead You know its feet are up in the air and you got these two vultures and don’t they sometimes look like they’re wearing tuxedos You got these two vultures standing there waiting for dinner and it goes do you know when this place opens? Because they can’t open it. They need the lion to open it They need the lion they need the hyena and So so what was happening is is that they the trouble they were having is that the by letting the vultures eat first the vultures Are eating all the meat which they’re happy to eat, but they weren’t they were filling up eating basically good stuff But they were getting full before they got to the needed stuff and so the farmers learned this and they started taking the carcasses and smashing them up and breaking the bones open and After they started doing that and allowing the vultures to eat what they were supposed to be eating then the numbers started going up Diet is specific and humans have won Humans have won and I know that some of your gonna go Yeah, but what about the blood type diet and what about the genome testing diet? Okay, raise your hand if you need vitamin C that Should be everybody Okay, and then how about Omega fats who needs those? Okay, everybody again, and and how about this anybody need calcium anybody up right? Okay. Hang on a minute What about the blood type diet? What about the genome diet and what I want to suggest you is that every Homo Sapien on earth needs the same stuff We have some different production capacity. Some of you are gluten intolerant. Some of you have issues with lactose and I get that but what I would suggest you is that that so many of us have an issue with lactose is a clue and That if you are not sensitive to lactose I feel bad for you Because it means the alarms been turned off You don’t have the pain so you just keep having it and then that will give you according to Harvard Nurses School the 30% uplift and your opportunity to develop ovarian or prostate cancer Milk, it does a body good It does not that’s why you will never see those ads again You look you will not in Britain, Canada or America ever see an advertisement from the dairy industry Ever again telling you that milk is good for you I Went through something when I turned my life around and I found this truth I went through something and that was the planets in trouble for a million reasons but really one of the biggest single biggest troubles we have is that our food production system is fundamentally broken and our governments are Fundamentally broken relative to our food production and I started thinking how can I change that? You know, I how can I make a dent as Mission put it? How can I do that? And I started thinking that’s it I’m gonna go and I’m gonna get involved in government. I really sir. I was living in England I’m Canadian which makes me a member of the Commonwealth which means I can actually run for government there and I seriously thought about it and then I found out how government works or wait. That’s a that doesn’t make sense. I Found out how government works No. No, I’ve got that wrong. I found out that it doesn’t think about it If this is how I want you to run your company from outwards. I want you to hire people for four-year terms and Then at the two-year mark, I want you to get them to interview for two years to get their job back It doesn’t work It’s too slow and then I started thinking where can I create influence and I realized the very simple answer and that is people It’s a you know, I’ve been writing a book recently about public speaking and the stage effect And when one of the things I found out is that Roosevelt at one point was trying to put through some legislation in the American Political system and Congress was not going to have it It just was gonna happen and at this point radio and television and stuff, you know being able to speak directly The people was beginning to be a big deal. And so he decided I’m not gonna try to influence the House of Representatives I’m gonna influence the people and his bill passed with only three dissenting votes in the house because he went directly to the people and So I am going directly to the people and I want you to go directly to the people But in order to get directly to the people we’re gonna have to do something else and that is we’re gonna have to get them to actually change and Here’s the joke. The average person in America knows they should be eating more fruits and vegetables. Is this true? The average person knows that that they should be getting high-quality proteins from some or other store Is this true? The average person knows that they should not be eating refined sugar pesticides herbicides Artificial this and artificial that is that true. The average person is still eating those things why I Mean it makes me you know humans most intelligent species on earth, really Name a species that suffers with more disease than we do. The only one that may come close is our pets guess who feeds them? We do and so the change I wanted again. I want to touch on this specificity. I want you to think about something What do elephants eat again? Do you guys know? What are they what kind of an L? What are they a herbivore or they have are there um nerve or them carnivore? They’re herbivores. Okay, they’re herbivores 200 kilograms of grass bark and fruit every day Really? Have you ever peeled the bark off a tree? Grubs eggs and insects you ever tried to eat that much grass and pieces of fruit with worms and wasps eggs in them and Hornets that are in the Fruit if you drink seven liters of water out of they tell me you’re not getting insects and eggs and small fish. Is that true? So what do you think would happen to the elephant if we decided you know what he should be? He should really stop with the animal protein That’s just wrong killing all those insects and we stripped out all the insects from his food. What do you think would happen to him? anemia, or something diet is specific guys, but what we have to do is get to behavior and that’s what Truly gave birth to a wild wild fit and I got to tell you something That whole conversation, you know vision and Alan Watson inspiration and and an Emily Fletcher like I want you to hear something when I created wild fit, I knew that what I wanted to do was have a Massive impact like we need to turn around the lives in the health of billions of people on this planet for the planet it has to be done we We’re arguing about Obama care Trump care national health care and all your different countries. Stop it Would you who here would be happy to buy car insurance? From a company that charges the same amount to you as to a 16 year old child with five accidents under their belt Who wants that insurance you want? Oh, I’m sorry. You want insurance based on your risk factors? I’m not interested in universal health care I’m interested in universal self care So One day I observed something and that was that There was the capacity to make real change for people and I want to tell you guys Anybody have any of you that are into coaching and transformation? I’m gonna give you some clues as to why outfit works so well for so many people for such a high percentage You know how the diet industry works you write a diet book 10,000 people buy it five people get really good results You get their before and after pictures you sell more books What if instead that every hundred people that does it 90 of them get really good results what would happen then? big change and I want to tell you why we’re able to create that and that is that Lasting transformation is not about giving people a bunch of restrictive rules It’s not about telling people you can and can’t do this. It’s about changing their psychology How many of you would really like to not like sugar anymore how many of you would like that? It can be done How many people have already had that done to them recently? Look at that Oh Even if we even got at least yes, yes out of that one. So what I’m saying to you is that the first thing you have to do is change the way people think the second thing you have to do is you have to Give them community You have to give them community when we created wild fit. It was really simple I knew I could coach people one on one but what I knew I had to do is I had to put them together and so we created a community and That really gelled people together and it’s one of the big reasons. We’ve been so successful and And so I want you to think about that when you’re creating transformation for people you want to make sure you changing the way to think you want to make sure their community but here’s the big one You need to treat them like the whole frog in the hot water thing how many of you that have done wild fit showed up on week one and thought that I was actually crazy how many people How many of you realize that it’s not crazy at all? It’s just crazy enough to be making a dent in the universe That’s what week 1 is all about. It’s about easing in and learning some things because if we want to get different results we’re gonna have to do different things and That’s exactly what that’s all about. And and I what I want to challenge you guys to consider Whether you do it with us or through wild fit or whether you go and do this on your own what I want you to Consider is that if you want the food industry to change you must change Because they are simply responding to your spending habits Your health is far more determined by you getting enough of what your body needs then by removing stuff The elephant if we remove all those insects that elephants can have a problem if we tell dung beetles dung beetles. Stop eating poop That’s gross They will get sick. They need what they need and you need what you need Does this make sense to you? And so all I’m gonna say to you even for those of you who haven’t even begun yet The wild fit quests what I want to suggest you is just do this before you eat the other garbage Get all the stuff you need in first. That is the primary thing. You need to be doing to turn things around and with that You can begin to change the industry We had a butcher tell us that he stopped making sausages with sugar and syrup in it because two of our clients kept asking for custom orders and One day they decided to sample the custom order and they realize holy crap these taste just as good without and we’re not doing it anymore vote with your dollars Vote with your rubles vote with your pounds vote with your euros vote with your money if it’s got sugar in it Don’t buy it if it’s got artificial rubbish in it. Don’t buy it and if you stop buying it They’ll stop making it and we will change the world together. Thank you very much Thank you Thank you so much You

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  2. The biggest problem with the food industry is that it's based on a high carbohydrate diet which causes elevated blood sugars.

  3. I'm a vegan who eats mostly whole foods with a minimum of vegan junk. The problem isn't just processed foods and sugars, it's the consumption of animal products. It doesn't matter what you do as far as eliminating processed foods if you still consume meats, eggs and dairy. Sooner or later, it will catch up with you.

  4. Good talk, his analogies need work though.

    Mechanics do not study fuel. Lol, that's ridiculous.

    Going right to the people, in politics, worked until they all started doing it. Now we have propaganda machines. Everyone has an angle to influence. And even when the people DO want something, it doesn't happen. 90% of the population thought that making it illegal to buy certain guns without a background check, for any reason, person to person, gun shows, etc. is a good idea, after the last school shooting, but it didn't get done. Because the NRA donates to 75 percent of the politicians campaigns.

    Universal health insurance does one thing, and is expected to do another. The first is it spreads the cost of healthcare to everyone, so someone does get cancer, they and their family don't have to bankrupt themselves to pay for it. Maybe it was milk that did that to them, but is it their fault?

    The second thing is, once there is single payer, it gives that entity power to enact change. Instead of getting paid more for surgeries, you get paid more for preventing them? Instead of getting paid for pushing insulin, you get paid more for every client you get to change their diet and exercise?

    That's what universal health care could bring.

    He needs better analogies.

  5. This is why I don't understand why doctors don't have close working relationships with registered dietitians. I suppose from the corporate conspiracy viewpoint it's because doctors don't care about health (anymore) and they'd be losing business from deals with drug companies.

  6. I just love your master class n hope to attend the paid class one day as it's my dream to get more knowledge.

  7. I`ve been taking this diet “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) for a couple of weeks right now and until now I adore them! I have the power I want without having curbing the urge for food without making me really feel jittery. I did absolutely nothing special on my diet regime and I still find a way to dropped my bodyweight to 7 pounds. .

  8. We can change our food industry by overcoming the junk food addiction and eating homemade food like in india where people are more healthy due to their culture

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