The Top 10 Diet Secrets For Older Men – Workouts For Older Men

The Top 10 Diet Secrets For Older Men – Workouts For Older Men

So, you’re a little bit older and you’re committed to working out in on the gym. You work out. You watch your diet. Health and fitness is really important to
you and you’re looking a lot better than the other men around you. Like I said, you’re little bit older. You have a busy productive life. You’re committed to your fitness. And, again, from
where you’re at, you’ve distanced yourself from a lot of the men your age. They
don’t even work out. They don’t even watch what they eat. They think you’re just amazing
for your level of commitment and what your body looks like at your age. And, you know that.
You appreciate that. It’s just that, for all the work that you’re doing, you want to know
why you don’t look more like those fitness experts. Those fitness experts that you’re getting all the
information from to help with you with your working out; your exercise; your health and
fitness habits. Why can’t you look closer to them?! Well, in this video, I’m going to give you 10
eating strategies; 10 dieting secrets so you can make the most out of everything you do in
the gym and look and feel your best when you’re an older man with a busy, productive life. I’m going to
do that for you and a whole lot more during this video. Hi. I’m Skip La Cour. I am the world’s leading MANformation expert. I help older men with busy, productive lives get the very most out of their exercise; their workouts; their training and eating habits so they look their best; they feel their best
to reach their physical goals while maintaining their busy productive lives. I make sense out
of all of that extreme fitness information that sometimes conflicting. Making sense out of
it to help you become your best. I am a former six-time national champion drug-free bodybuilder
and I’m the creator of the men information personal development program that is specifically designed
for men to become their best both inside and outside of the gym. Today, I want to talk
about your diet. You’ve heard, if you been doing this for awhile, that your eating habits are
so important to the way you look and you feel. A lot of times we want to work out really
hard. We’re dedicated to the gym. We can measure our progress with how many sets, reps, how much
weight we left, how consistently go to the gym. It’s one hour day that we can really focus
and concentrate. And, it’s more measurable. And it’s easier to put that amount of
attention and focus into that hour or so every few days or so. We know that the eating part
is really important. It’s just what context do we we put in the big picture. We’ve heard things like
the way you look and feel; 80% will be determined by the way you eat. Those other 23 hours of
the day and not that hour that you put in the gym. But how do you weigh that? How do we make
sense? Well, in this video, I’m going to give you a 10 dieting secrets. I have gone through the journey for
30 years or so myself. I’ve helped out men just like you at all different levels of experience;
All different levels of motivation and all different ages. And I have been really focused
on helping men who are just like me; A little bit older. You’re dedicated to health and fitness and
you want to put in the work; you’re willing to put in work; it’s just that you have a busy,
productive life. You can’t necessarily overdo it. You know I that you’ll have so much willpower,
focus, energy, and time and you have to allocate it properly. And, that’s what I help men just
like you do. So, let’s talk about the information gained from talking so many men who are just
like you and me; A little bit older, they’re committed and they really want to master their health;
their fitness; their exercise; look great; feel great all in the context of a busy, productive life. The
number one thing that I want to share with you with what I’ve learned and what I’ve experienced
is that, if you have distanced yourself from the men who are your age and you look great
You know it. But you can’t look any better. Your frustrated. You want to look closer to
those fitness experts. The number one challenge most men face is that they have too much body
fat! Now, I know that you have a so much less body fat than the men around you. Alright? You look great
for your age. And, I’ll tell you this, if you want to show all that muscle that you have. Alright? That you’ve
been working so hard for any don’t feel you look the way you should. It’s being hidden by
too much body fat. Again, I know you look better and you have less body fat than the men who are
your age. And, I congratulate you for that. But if you can’t get closer to those fitness experts
where getting that information from, it’s because you have too much body fat. Many times men
have about 20 to 22% body fat which looks good in the normal world. But, to show all that
muscle that you worked so hard for alright, it’s got to be closer to that 12 to 14%. It’s a
visual thing, but just I take this tip, that if you don’t look the way you want, it’s probably
being hidden by too much body fat even though you are a lot leaner, you have so much less
body fat than the men who are around you. #2 when it comes to diets. There are so many different diets out there. What’s the the fad diet of the year or the month? And is some people say they got amazing
results from this diet and some people say, “Aww. That sucks! That’s terrible! That’s not going to work for you?” Let
me just tell you, all diets have these organizing principles that make them work. Why some
people can dedicate themselves and execute certain diets? Sometimes, it’s just the way it’s
set up. The personality that’s involved. It fits their personality. What they’re willing to
do at that point in their life. So sometimes, it’s not that the diet has any magic. It’s just
that it fits the person’s personality. The food selection; the timing; the lack of
timing of the meals; whatever it may be. When all comes down to, it is going to be the amount of calories
you eat versus the calories you burn. Right? That’s the guiding, overriding principle that all
successful diets; all diets that you will execute and get results from; that’s what they have
in common. Alright? So, the diets are more which which are personality; what food you like to eat; how often like to eat; those type of things. It’s going to be befitting your personality but
they all will come down to how the calories you eat versus how many calories you burn.
And, another thing to remember: Sometimes, it’s not a day-to-day, calories ingested versus calories
burned. It could be spread out over a couple days or maybe over week. It’s over time. But it will all come
down to how many calories did you eat versus how many calories did you burn. Now, we talk about these calories burned and how they compare to the calories that you eat. One tip that
I want to give you is that a lot of really intelligent, hard-working, successful men . . . maybe
they’re successful in their business; maybe they’re successful with their relationships; their
family; maybe they’re successful with their business and their family and relationships . . .
and they just can’t figure out this whole training thing and exercising thing and it is frustrating!
And, so they use of their logic. Alright? Because They’re smart. They’re successful. Maybe this is you. And so what they do is a not have the different apps; or the different machines like a stairmaster
or a recumbent bike and they will do the work and they’ll say, “Okay. I burned 300 calories on this machine.” And then they adjust their diet. That calories ingested versus calories burned. And, they make adjustments
like 300 more calories with the food. They make the adjustments based on the machines.
I’ve got to tell you, you should not think as your figure out your eating strategy that the the
numbers that are calculated on a machine that says “300 calories.” That’s just a unit of measure. Alright? So you can measure progress from the last time you did it to see how hard you’re working.
And, it uses the measurement of “calories.” But make no mistake; don’t get it confused; that’s
a direct correlation to food calories. Alright? So, 300 calories burned on the machine, it may be more
may be less. Don’t try to use that math. It’s not directly transferable and it throws a
lot of very smart, hard-working older men with busy schedules off. So, the calories ingested
versus calories burned: Don’t use the machine to determine how you eat. Alright? I know
a lot of men. They’re busy. They’re productive. And they say, “Skip! I’m so great on my diet
all throughout the day; all throughout my busy schedule. I’m busy and I still eat the way that I should.
But at night! It’s after dinner before I go to bed, that’s when I blow it. That’s when
I cheat on my diet.” This is something that I learned through my
experience and helping out so many men just like you. You see, there’s nothing wrong with you.
You’re not defective. That is something very, very common with a lot men and a lot of people.
And this is what to me working with so many people with the mindset; helping them there
figure out their “Why?” Why they’re so determined to succeed. We only have so much willpower,
focus, energy, and time. And you’ll hear me say that over and over again. Sometimes, when we’re disciplined;
we’re successful at work; we’re successful in the gym more than the other men around us.
We sometimes think we have this limitless supply of willpower and discipline. And if
we don’t follow through the way we should, we kind of beat ourselves up because we should
be more disciplined. You know, willpower, focus and energy, they are limited resources. You don’t
have an endless supply. And you’re being too tough on yourself if you don’t understand that. And, you
have to think about how they are allocated. Alright? So, if you are a responsible man with
a busy schedule; people depend on you; you have to get up in morning; you have to go to work, you have meetings. I mean, you’re expending willpower, energy, your focus and attention, it’s going
wear out no matter how disciplined you are. No matter how focused you are. How driven you are.
Now, it’s not the same for everybody. You can build that up like a muscle. But at the end
of the day, after all that responsibility. I mean, you’re worn down. That’s when you’re your mood; it’s
more vulnerable to want to cheat on your diet and get that relief. So, if that happens to you,
If you can’t figure out why you are so disciplined during the day and you cheat on
your diet night, you want to just kind of understand that and then make strategies on maybe food selection; maybe go to bed. Who knows? But you’re just not defective if you want to cheat on your diet at the end
of the day. Alright? One thing too about your weight. Sometimes, we measure. It’s a good thing to
measure everything, whether it’s in the gym, everything in life. When we measure it, we
can track it and make progress. One thing about your weight, you can’t get on that scale day-to-day
and make that a direct reflection on how to disciplined; how focused; how effective your weight training
program is; your diet; or your cardio. Alright? Because that weight will fluctuate. Sometimes, you are doing
everything right and it stays the same. Sometimes, doing everything right and it will go up. Alright?
Sometimes, you just had the same day as any other day and it will drop down a few
pounds. Alright? You’ve got to maybe measured every day but have that kind of that poise and patience
to know that that weight will fluctuate. It’s over the week. Maybe over a couple of weeks time.
That will be a better reflection on your diet; how effective it is or how your weight
training or cardio. Or, how all three of them work together than that weight on the scale every
single day. Your weight, if you have noticed, can fluctuate from the very early in the morning
to late at night a few pounds. And that’s not necessarily a reflection of any bad habits that
you did throughout the day. Alright? Now here’s the thing: We understand that we need to
watch our diet and we need to get lean if we’re going show that. Here’s a big challenge is a lot
men, they work hard in the gym; they want to build this muscle. I mean, they work out with weights to build
muscle; to be bigger. When you start watching your diet and you start losing that body fat,
this were big challenge comes from hard-working men and little bit older got a busy, productive
life. You start getting smaller and you start thinking, “Oh my God! I’, dieting too severely! This
diet; my diet is wrong. I’m here to build muscle get bigger and here I am getting smaller! Oh!
I need to get off this diet. I need to eat up.” Let me just tell you, when you look your best;
that quality muscle; you are going to lose weight on the scale. You want to lose that
weight gradually but don’t believe that just because you’re losing this size that you are
losing that hard muscle. This is where a lot of men; this is where they blow it. This is where
they lack the poise; the understanding that quality muscle; you will be smaller as you
get rid of that marbled body fat. So, don’t freak out. Don’t eat up. Don’t discontinue
your cardio. Don’t think that your eating habits; there’s something wrong with it. Here’s another
little tip when you lose that size in the form of fat and your bringing out at that high
quality muscle so you can see all that hard work; you can see the separation between all
the different muscle groups and have that quality physique that was a lot closer to
those fitness expert that you’re working so hard; now that you’ve distanced yourself from all those other
men your age. right by smaller clothes right you are bigger you are bigger and it had all
this marbled body fat now you got this lean quality physique want to do to make sure that
you go from your larger down to your medium right so that your your clothes are fitting
and showing your hard earned physique probably have to really does gonna really work well
with your mindset because mindset is really important to out everything you do in this
whole entire process right let’s talk about how many calories she’s asked if I love the
stuff I at your your cell me or convince me that I nutrition is a very important part
have to watch my diet but how many calories should a world there are a lot of different
ways to get estimates from all kinds of apps are on websites on the Internet let me just
tell you those just estimates get you started is basic if you think that they are precise
to your age you know your weight your size your favorite color what part of the world
you live in right what your favorite movie by.there are no absolute or calculations I
can do it exactly for you so just get it in the ballpark and that’s the starting point
everybody’s going to process calories differently than others so just just proceed with confidence
that just to estimate not only with different people with poor the same height and same
way same age as you the process calories differently you’ll process dollars different if you stick
to your diet whatever that estimate was that at your height weight and age I two weeks
later that won’t even be precisely the right measurement for you gonna have to make adjustments
of what just get started just be confident and I just like everything like to master
that you don’t have to roll with the punches and out mastery will happen over time and
I just know that you’re taking charge and you get better and better and better than
when you get the information from the extreme passion fitness expert understand them and
it was a long time there finished talking about those basic things in the talk about
the next level things the things that do that 2% difference a talk about them with extreme
passion and conviction that that may not apply to you for priorities in your busy schedule
of what you want for your life right so sometimes it’s hard to translate is this really important
for me to talk about the 8020 rule outline right where the out of the hundred things
that you’re doing training nutrition mindset lifestyle what out of the hundred things are
try to figure out figuratively what are the 20 things that make the biggest impact because
when you’re a little bit older and have a busy schedule those are the things that you
need to focus on and get better and better at and sometimes with saw much finish and
information at their being thrown at you that was so much conviction so much passion from
extreme thinking as professionals with their extreme strategies right it’s hard to figure
out it’s hard to figure out which ones are the 20 things that really matter so when it
comes to your diet don’t talk about the macro ratios protein carbohydrates and fat and may
believe that if you’re an old man with a busy schedule you have to get that exact right
and on my protein percentage must be 5% to well or might maybe percentage maybe 5% to
hire carbohydrates what I don’t get caught up in those details for you as a busy older
man that being precise been off 57% on the protein concentrate your macro ratio is not
a big deal that will fit into the 20% the 20 things that really matter to help you get
to the next level and COUNTERINTUITIVE because I know that your hearing so much information
out there right I don’t want it to a permit you from jumping in are putting this attention
to your diabetes think what’s the right macronutrient ratio for me up at less importance of that
of for you for what you’re doing gotta get calories ingested versus calories of burned
right now I know dedicated hard-working and when it comes to finish you’re a little bit
older got this busy schedule your soul much further had than the men your age that’s a
great thing but sometimes when you’re all by yourself in your world you don’t know if
what you’re doing is the right amount I too much too little because your all along right
in this area your distance yourself from the other older men your age but you don’t look
the way you should like the fitness experts I want to come down to your standards right
I was a lot what to look by my is it getting the results that you want and what comes your
diet you saying well I eat clean from disciplines that I should be getting better results well
if you’re not getting the results and you think right now that your diet is is good
enough and it should give you the results well you may be all about your standards what’s
good enough to just isn’t good enough you know it’s better and I applaud you for than
the other men your age but to have that standard the way you want to look your eating habits
you got a look at he can’t just say will I’m doing it right or something I made is my training
as Mavis’s advice and getting from all these fitness experts tell you it’s about your standards
and if you’re not getting the results that you want you are going to have to raise your
standards and the last thing that I want to talk about out of your little bit older man
busy schedule dedicate your fitness and you may not be getting the results that you want
to talk about diet strategies here right there is no sense for you to talk about how much
food he used to be able the back when you’re younger man you’re in your 20s or 30s-we go
forward I doesn’t matter you know and sometimes we like to exaggerate that our body was so
much more efficient we could eat anything and we didn’t gain fat really doesn’t matter
how true that is or is partially true I we can’t do anything about the past we have to
look forward and all day when it comes to your reading calories and just versus calories
burned if your body is like the best of us gave me even close to the amount of food I
used to eat but that’s okay just make adjustments because now in this body at this age is gonna
come down to my calories just versus calories burned this body my best days are ahead sorry
yours is no sense looking that is a talk about all these dieting strategies in the next level
for you and comparing yourself to others whether it’s those men leave distance yourself from
or those fitness experts will be no macronutrients calories ingested versus calories burned cardio
strategies all those type of things for me just tell you something all of us I when we
want to focus and master are fitness in the context of a busy life were always go look
in the mirror and say is there something else that I could be doing is there some strategy
that I don’t know right down to my training correctly am I doing this right diet is a
my macros is it is at this that having at self-doubt from time to time matter how great
you look wondering if you could look even better if you just found the right size that
is very, is if you feel that way but it’s that poison that’s patients looking at the
big picture I’m not trying to switch up too many things that cause the result of so much
doubt and anxiety right against figure out out of those hundred things to do the 20 things
that really matter nine during this video I gave you some tips when it comes to your
diet as you want to take your eating habits your understanding of all of this next I got
an offer for you absolutely free I gotta a members only website it’s workouts for older
men you can go to map information it’s a members only website for men just like
you and me little bit older were dedicated to our fitness and we got busy productive
last we need effective and efficient information can go extreme right information
members only website I drip out the information every single day this type of a presentation
at its specifically designed for men who are like us right so I know that you’re going
all of the Internet to get all this information and that the challenge sometimes for older
men with busy schedules that sometimes we say okay well that’s kind of extreme and what
we do is we dumb it down the way that we see the world to fit our busy life I sometimes
when we dumb it down were missing Cree key ingredients of those fitness accidents gave
us those fitness experts gave us really important strategies but we didn’t understand and we
dumbed it down too much and it’s a key component that was important sometimes there are very
strict extreme strategies that were getting all over the Internet that their effective
that they can be backed up with science and evidence but they may just be that 2% different
and for the amount of energy that you have to invest it’s not worth it for what you’re
trying to do you don’t need right and I know it going all over the Internet to find that
so when you go to map information and get in our exclusive website no I put
in the context for you I wanted to be the hub of the information for men who are just
like us a little bit older with busy productive life again is absolutely free I drip out the
information you’re in my special club our special club to go to map information
Internet that members only website I got a 90 minute audio recording it’s old man information
eating the perfect fusion between old-school and new school thinking and in one hour and
30 minutes 90 minutes to tell you everything you need to know about this important area
of your fitness either way you look nutrition right you can invest 90 minutes to go to the
gym for an hour for five days a week 90 minutes is everything you need to know you don’t need
a PhD look just look around I you want to be a dietitian you have to go to a dietitian
necessarily me and I could be helpful but you don’t need that to have the body they
want to give you just look around to see a lot of people who don’t have those qualifications
who haven’t gone to a IPC for advice they haven’t gone to the diet Titian because of
these basic principles are giving you right here right now I do in this 90 minute recording
information eating the perfect fusion between old-school and new school think I tell you
that the strict passion way that I did that got me results that help me become a six-time
national champion drug-free bodybuilder now here I am I am almost 56 years old I’m 15
years removed from that strict discipline lifestyle brought me a lot of wisdom because
I have to learn more effective and efficient strategies I’ve busy life of the family I
guide you my vision that my legacy that I am more focused on now and I took those extreme
ways of thinking and going about my nutrition and I did what I had to to look this way again
at 56 years old just about 56 years old 15 years removed so what you have and the man
information you go inside the members only website a special section for
this 90 minute recording you can download it and I listen to it on your your phone and
listen to do cardio on a walk but this is what you need in this 90 minute so it will
kind of a tie and everything I presented in this video and I know you’re busy man your
little bit older looking for the strategies and I hope that these dieting strategies will
give you the poor is a conference for C and Arnett body that you really want and I hope
that it helps in your confusion or frustration or overwhelmed to find that body that you
really want your willing to do that work if you like this video make sure that you like
it you post your comments or questions or suggestions Diablo make sure that you are
subscribed to this YouTube channel I want you back have all of this powerful information
of for you on this YouTube channel to make sure that your subscribed all of his passion
information when you’re an older man with a busy productive life sure you’re on all
of my social media platforms I am on and see Graham a twitter periscope I am on all the
social platforms YouTube on Facebook they all provide a little bit different from a
podcast to images to text written a blog post workout routine so you make sure you’re on
all my social media platforms that skip the core right so that’s gonna do it I hope they
got a ton of value out of this have a great day outstanding day off someday think big
and think they are getting better

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  22. Thanks, Skip, I'm in!! My age(55) & personality have reached a point where vision & drive are getting blurry. Things around me, and inside me, are trying to overtake me, but you seem to possess the insight and encouragement I need to " think bigger than big," and understand the key to opening passion's flood gate! Hope to talk with you soon.

  23. Im on my wifes phone,and man my thumbs up to you on the video's,thanks i feel like im on the way thanks.

  24. Excellent video…. valuable information . … very knowledgeable and practical…. continue to make more videos on nutrition for older guys

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