25 thoughts on “The Truth about MSG | Healthy Food

  1. How about some evidence for those claims? Obesity? It's just an amino acid with a salt molecule, and it has less sodium for the same flavor enhancement than salt does.

  2. MSG is a natural and present in tomatoes, cheese, fish and etc. It is basically harmless at natural level but will be harmful at artificially added like most processed foods.

  3. I tested this.. and lost 10 punds in a two weeks just by stop eating out and drinking any kind of sugars or junk food in general.. its more real thank you think.. its all fast food! look it up! just google MSG and lab rats lets see if you like that?

  4. After reading most recent comments.. Most people wont believe.. Big Chain fast food restaurants are only making you fan and diabetic, why you think they banned to much consumption in NYC!?

  5. i didn't know that alex jamieson (the author of the "Living Vegan for Dummies" ) could be this beuatiful,..not actually on what i imagined her that she's actually wearing glasses, buuuut, seeing her blonde is quite close enough

  6. there's absolutely nothing wrong about MSG. It's just a different kind of salt. If you go to a Chinese restaurant even if you order "no MSG" dishes, it's still gonna have MSG. It's everywhere, it's in soy sauce, it's in prepackaged products, it's everywhere. It's like a daily consumption in Asia… it's not as bad as people think.

  7. @t5e2 she is right about msg causing migraines , if i eat something with either msg / aspartame in it i get a migraine , even chewing gum gives me migraines cause it contains aspartame ! Check it out for yourself

  8. It's not really a direct cause of obesity, but it could potentially lead to obesity. Her wording was a bit difficult. MSGs stimulate the brain to enhance flavour which MAY lead to the person over-indulging on the food they are eating because of the aforementioned "flavour enhancer". Repeated instances of this is what leads to over-eating and obesity (although there are other factors that do cause obesity which are totally separated from MSG causes i.e. genetic predisposition).

  9. True. If I was to use MSG in cooking for its savory flavor I'll just use cheese, anchovies or tomatoes instead of the artificial stuff. At least it low and give some savory taste.

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