The Truth: Institute of Integrative Nutrition Pros, Cons and Tips to Make the Most of IIN

The Truth: Institute of Integrative Nutrition Pros, Cons and Tips to Make the Most of IIN

hi everybody welcome to health coach TV I’m Alex and this today what we are doing right now its health coach confidential my topic today is the school that I went to to become a health coach which which is the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. i’m going to share with you my experience how I got to the school and what I thought about it, my pros, my cons and some advice if it’s something that you’re thinking about doing. alright so let’s get into it i joined the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in july of 2014 and at the time i had been working in finance for years, I wasn’t really excited about the work that I was doing i was pretty like *fart noise* about my job i just didn’t love it. i knew that i wanted a change but I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. in talking to a friend she was kind of going through something similar she mentioned the idea of health coaching and I was like what is that? I had no idea i had never even heard of it as something that you could do. so i got on the google and started searching and of course the Institute of Integrative Nutrition came up right away and that is because it is a huge online school. it’s one of the biggest schools that you can go to become certified as a health coach and their online presence is out of control. it’s all over the web so as soon as you start searching for anything health coach related IIN comes up. that’s how I found out about it honestly just from searching on the internet. i read a lot about the school i phoned them a couple of times we had a couple really in-depth talks and I was just kind of like you know what all right this sounds great i’m gonna go to the school it’s a one year program that i can do on the internet on my own time and at the end of it I’m gonna have this like total life-altering career change. win. I was like in like Flynn take my money I’m totally in. now which is you know what is it October 2016 I have had a lot of success with my health coaching business i still work a full-time job i still have a little bit of an other side business and you know still have a family and a life and all that kind of stuff but i’m also running my health coaching business and it’s going really well. it’s not the full transition that I thought it was going to be at the beginning but you know it’s given me a joy and a passion that helps me get through my workday so much easier because i know that i have this other stuff going on that I actually really love. does that make sense? i think that makes sense. let me talk to you about the pros of IIN it’s a virtual school it’s all modules you go in every week they open up a new module you go through each of the lessons, there’s a lot of lectures, there’s a lot of reading it’s very in-depth and you learn a lot about a lot you get a skin of an education around over a hundred different dietary theories which really welcomes to you into the world of wellness and it was so easy to do with my schedule you don’t have to keep up at all there’s like these checkpoints where you have to finish test as long as you finish the test before the time is up to do that test you’re still on track you’ll still graduate there’s a couple of other things you have to do out side of that but it was all super manageable to do that’s definitely a pro. my next pro of IIN they give you a really great foundation about how to actually coach so they talked a lot about the coaching process how to interact with clients what that’s gonna feel like what’s that gonna look like, very good about the education around that and they give you actually a really good education about starting a health coaching business which is something you know if you are looking at making the business that it’s really great that they include that in the course material the other pro is that I have this great network of friends that I’ve developed through the institute of Integrative Nutrition the school itself is obviously virtual but you have the ability to speak to each other on a Facebook group here’s a fun little tip as soon as the facebook group opens get in there the moment I got into the course I just not even thinking about it was like ‘hey like I live in New York I’d love to meet other students like let’s hang’ out and then literally like an hour later the admin of the group came on and was like hey we’ve shut that down we don’t allow people to talk in here but the really good thing about that was that I had already posted so the comment was up there and it got so many comments so many like so many comments and from that we built this other facebook group that was about like New York IIN from our year and then from that group, from the people who actually would show up to the meetings who actually like built a relationship with each other built another facebook group. there are i think theres about about 10 of us that actually see each other all the time and we go out and we do things and we you know when you’re like ‘hey there’s this really awesome health lecture going on anybody want to come with?’ me my regular friends would be like no thank you but my IIN friends are like yes I’m so excited that sounds cool or like ‘hey what’s the best kombucha drink?’ and they’re like ‘oh my god here’s all my suggestions’ so it’s been super awesome to have this friendship built around health and wellness we’re all cheering each other on and it’s such a great support network so get in the group use the group to your maximum advantage and find people that live in your local area to actually meet and go out with and get coffee and get food and whatever because the online group is great but having people that you actually connect with is invaluable seriously. so let’s so through my cons first thing is I said that gives you a very kind of like a skim into over a hundred different dietary theories so by the end of it you know a lot about a lot but you’re not a master of anything in particular so you really need to continue your education. for me this is kind of a pro because I love learning about wellness I love learning about health and am happy to read i’m happy to educate myself it’s something that I was doing anyways before i went to school so now it’s just really a motivation to stay on top of things, but you really need to after the school decide okay who are the people that I really want to help? whether that’s people with diabetes autoimmune or fertility or whatever and then learn everything that you can about that one specific area because you know a lot about the rainbow but you don’t know about the droplets. so you really need to learn about the people that you really want to help. does that make sense? i’m gonna stop asking things make sense because if they don’t you can just leave a comment below and I will answer it ok another con the school is kind of like very aggressive about the way that they market. they are going to email you they’re going to call you they want to talk to you they want you to join the school and in my mind when I was kind of going through the process of them like courting me into the school was kind of like well I mean it’s they really know what they’re doing they know how to market they know how to get me interested and I was like yes they’re gonna talk to me and teach me how to get people interested in my programs. i didn’t really get that out of the school but i did get a lot of like a foundational business knowledge which I’m not knocking but the school was very aggressive in the way that they market to you and I heard from some other friends who I met in person through my networking that were like whoa totally sleezed off by the whole thing they were like I wasn’t going to sign up because I just felt like they were like trying to con me into something but i would say to that is that they’re not trying to con you you know the school does give you a ton of credibility that’s another pro i mean i would not be a health coach if it wasn’t for the Institute of Integrative Nutrition i would not have my health coaching business I wouldn’t have this YouTube channel i wouldn’t be doing any of the things that I’m doing that make me really excited that charge me up that help me help people and help me spread the message of health and wellness to people if it wasn’t for IIN so I love this school but if your skeeved off by the marketing stuff take with a grain of salt I mean they want you to join the school that’s the job of the marketing department is to make you want to join the school and get you excited and get you into it and they just do it really aggressively so whether you like it or don’t that’s just how they roll. the school also has some continuing education programs which kind of like *ick* about they have one program which is how to write a book which i have a friend who went through that and now she has this amazing book out which is phenomenal and I’m so happy for her and she even says it would have never happened if it wasn’t for this program so i think that’s great I don’t want to sign up for it i don’t want to spend the money on it I’m like if I’m gonna write a book I can probably just write a book i’m sure i’ll figure it out but guidance is always great then have another program that they just release that’s all but the business of health coaching. I read the disclaimers in that and was immediately turned off by it there with some limitations that they wanted to put on your business if you took their business course and I was like that’s skeezy I don’t want to limit my business for the next three years I don’t know what my business is going to be in three years so I don’t want to say now that i’m not going to do these things because I signed this contract anyways so my point with the continuing ed, read the fine print and really evaluate if it’s something that you really want to do. all right as with any program that’s what you’re doing while you’re watching this video evaluating if you really want to be in IIN so here’s my advice. I would say that IIN is a phenomenal jumping point a phenomenal launching pad it is a really good school it’s got a great reputation, you’re gonna meet so many awesome people you’re getting so much awesome information and then you take everything that they’ve given you and then you have to be motivated you have to be determined you have to have the drive you have to have the guts you have to do it every single day to make something viable out of it you have to turn it into a business that’s all there is to it I think that I went into it with like shiny sparkly eyes and was like I’m gonna go in and then i’m going to be a super successful health coach obviously it doesn’t work out that way maybe for like one percent of the people that works out that way for the rest of us it’s a hustle it’s a grind you have to be committed you have to do it you have to make it happen and if you’re not willing to make it happen and then it might not be this wonderful lustrious career that you wanted it to be which think is just a lesson in life if you don’t try really hard to make something happen probably not gonna happen, sorry that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. I think that a lot of people go into it with the same blinders on that I had and fortunately i already had a little bit of an entrepreneurial background I had a business background coming into this so I kind of you know patchworked it together for myself i found what work for myself. statistically speaking probably only twenty percent of the people who actually go through the program become health coaches. like I mean we’re all health coaches but like have an actual successful business out of health coaching. if you look at the group of friends that i got from health coaching let’s say there’s 10 of us two of us are actually business-ing it maybe two or three of us are like dabbling and then the other half are just like, not really, haven’t figured out what they want to do with it yet and we’ve been graduated for over a year so I think you really have to know what you want out of it going into it and really take off that sunshine blinder of like this is the dream career I’ve always been looking for because it’s not a career it’s an education that welcomes you into being an entrepreneur. if you want to make a business out of it you gotta hustle. there are no golden spoons in the world of health coaching i meet people all the time who graduated from IIN and i can see it. I can see they’re amazing careers and I can see where they built for themselves and I know that it’s possible it’s possible for you it’s possible for me it’s possible but they are working really hard, right what urks me about the school, what I wish that it was more of was a foundational kind of like scientific background because not. getting something like you know your masters in nutrition and you’re obviously going to have more of that scientific background, this is not that. this is different than that. as a health coach my job is to guide you to develop healthier activities my job isn’t to prescribe a diet or to prescribe certain macros or calorie counts or whatever my job is to listen to you, here where you are and help make suggestion to get you to a healthier place and I have so many clients that have had success from that who tell me so many wonderful things and are just so happy with the results even if I never health coached anybody else I was just like, okay you know what this is the last thing that I’m gonna do, shut down this video, I’m done health coaching *which i’m not* but just saying I would still be so proud of myself and so happy that I’ve had the tiny little impact on the lives of the people that I have impacted. I can’t even tell you how rewarding it is. I feel like helping people is the reason that everybody gets into health coaching. we want to help people. we are givers. we just want people to be the healthiest versions of themselves. it comes from a really deep place in my heart that’s just full of love and gratitude and just like giving I want to give I want to make the world a healthier place so that everybody can be happy and healthy and I just want everybody to love themselves. that’s my main mission. I just people to get rid of the shit talking bitch in the back of their heads that is like ‘you’re too fat, you’re too ugly, your this *ugh*’ I want to like get rid of that person and if I could just get rid of that person for you for one moment where you could just look in the mirror and be like ‘I’m beautiful’ like i’m gonna cry just thinking about it. if you’re thinking about joining the institute of Integrative Nutrition i would highly recommend it I think that it’s a great launching pad i think that you will develop such a strong network of friends and I think that you can really turn it into something that satisfies you as a human if this is something that you want to do and help people find health and wellness in your own life, fine health and wellness help other people find health and wellness in their lives I think that it’s definitely something if you’re thinking about it just do it I mean there’s nothing to lose really except some cash which is always expandable the universe is ever giving the money will come back tenfold if you’re doing it from a place of your heart that’s really about just wanting to help people the universe will deliver i really really really believe that. i probably sound like a crazy person right now and I’m aware of that but i hope that you found this video helpful. if you are considering the school or if you just follow me and just listened to me waxing poetic for the last God knows how many minutes, if you liked this video be sure to subscribe I do a lot of fun cooking videos, health and wellness video’s I think you’ll like it i hope you will like it and until next time find me on my socials, links are all below i wish you great success in whatever you decide to do with your life and happy that you were here with me for this moment in time and should really just wrap this up because i am just word vomiting everywhere, yup my husbands like so much word vomit. I’m sorry. lots of love have a great night everybody. *husband take two, take two* naaaaaaw i’m good with take one

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