The Védique Diet Plan by Dr Shikha’s NutriHealth

Dr Shikha Sharma is a medical doctor and a
renowned and most trusted name in the area of nutrition and wellness. She has been a wellness adviser privately
and is an active columnist in leading national dailies and appears regularly on channels
like NDTV and CNBC The sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits
have given rise to lifestyle disorders like Thyroid, PCOS, Diabetes, Cholesterol, and
many others. The lack of attention paid to regular health
checkups and unavailability of time has brought a rapid rise in these lifestyle disorders. We design personalized Védique Diet Plans
after taking your Prakriti, Blood Group and Medical reports. Prakriti is the genetic makeup that determines
how body responds to food Blood group determines how food reacts chemically
and medical history assesses current health status One gets the updates about the Vedique Diet
plan on the YuWoW app and can give feedback and updates through that. In our health and weight management solution
we have our products which can be easily taken with the help of YuWoW app and the progress
can be tracked. We have our smart health gadget, the Body
Fat Analyzer, which gives you your weight, Fat%, Water%, Muscle% and Bone%. The BFA connects with our YuWoW app through
Blue tooth and updates your body parameters in our CRM. The nutritionist plans your diet in accordance
with the progress. We are a strong community of over 421 thousand
people on Facebook being just a message away from our clients. With the research by our doctors we have formulated
our products which can be easily ordered through our E-Commerce platform. Our products with the premium coaching is
a health experience with great learning. Dr Shikha’s NutriHealth
Healthy Lifestyle management at your doorstep

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