Tom Bilyeu on Quest Nutrition, Truth About Patience, and Teaching Entrepreneurship | #AskGaryVee 299

Tom Bilyeu on Quest Nutrition, Truth About Patience, and Teaching Entrepreneurship | #AskGaryVee 299

100 thoughts on “Tom Bilyeu on Quest Nutrition, Truth About Patience, and Teaching Entrepreneurship | #AskGaryVee 299

  1. Gary huge respect for you but the story has not changed from interrupting Tony Robbins to Tom. You do posted an apology after Tony's interview saying you will listen more…but the apology just blew up.

  2. slow to speak, quick to listen. tom is a goat and a great listener, let the man spit some wise to our domes without you talking so much 😂 this needs to be turned into a parody comedy of interviewers that dont listen but keep asking questions and answer them themselves. 😂 basically interviewing himself

  3. gary: whats your favorite color, Tom?
    tom: well you know …
    gary: hold on I apologize but my favorite color is green. how do you feel about turtles?
    tom: hmmm
    gary: I like them and so do you

  4. Love the show. Was wondering if there is any way to huck the mics up to something other then the desk that Gary keeps smacking haha? It jacks with the sound each time.

  5. I fucking love how down to earth and real Tom is. His content for me is head and shoulders above the competition because it is the most relatable and just seems like another dude. He doesn't need to look the part or act like an alpha male – he is just another dude but he puts himself out there and applies himself in his truest form and…. Fuck yes Tom. Thank you brother. Hope I get an opportunity to meet you! Inspiration 2.0

  6. Ed Mylett was right about Tom. What makes him a great interviewer and actually "interviewee" is his level of intellect and self-awareness. Absolutely love Tom! My top 5 Impact Theory Interviews:
    1. Michael Orvitz
    2. Ed Mylett
    3. Bedros Keullian
    4. Seth Godin
    5. Strangely enough the interview with Gary

    His interviews with Brandon Burchard and Dean Grasiozi are absolute killers too.

  7. 26:10 – You don't have to worry about it ever getting sold as soon as a buyer hears you say this. 🙂 Anyway, love your vids Tom/Gary!

  8. Yup, Tom was constantly interrupted – was super cringey, I had to pause it lol. It's a shame because I love them both and I thought this would be more of an insightful conversation but Gary kept on talking over him, it felt like he was interviewing himself. I love Gary's content usually, but the guy needs to stop talking and listen some more jeez.

  9. Frustrating to watch Gary talk over Tom.
    Gary is great for pump-up sound bytes (which is exciting), but Tom engages in-depth discussion, which allows for reflection, which is APPLICABLE.
    Tom is overall a more patient, and worth listening to IMO.
    They both have something worth listening to, but Tom has more impact 9/10 times.

  10. They both have their valid point of view and provide a lot of useful takeaways. I just want to say that I lean more towards Tom Bilyeu perspective and his point of view of things. I feel that Gary is not respecting Tom's opinion and just look for people that validates what he believes is the truth.

  11. Garry, I love you, but everyone is right on this one. Right when Tom is about to reach the apex of his answer, you interrupt with some other question that isn't nearly as important as the original one he's answering. And a lot of times the follow up question serves the purpose of turning the attention to you. For someone who preaches self awareness and EQ, man… you're just missing the mark on your interviewing skills. Please take everyone's advice. I can't tell you how many times I've been excited about an Ask Gary Vee only to turn it off 20 minutes in because it's so cringe worthy.

  12. Love Tom!! Very unfortunate that he gets interrupted every 5 seconds. Why have any guests on, if you talk all of the time. Gary you should really take some interviewing tips from Tom!!!! Gary thinks he is the most important person in the room always.. and it is super uncomfortable to watch. Only a insecure man needs to the center of attention all the time. Tom needs to Win most Patience during an interview award!!

  13. I’m going to try to watch this again. Gary you are great, but rude AF! How the fuck do you get deals done? If you don’t listen you’ll miss shit. Fuck!

  14. Gary, maybe talk a bit less. I will watch your video either way, but I rather watch them and not be distracted by noticing you constantly interrupting guests. Tom is an incredible guy, he was being very patient with you here I think.

  15. I just wanna say that there actually is a video game where you can rewind and see what happens and choose different paths #LifeisStrange lol But I absolutely understand what you were saying and it truly empowered me. Thank you so much for all of your content, both of you.

  16. Guys you gotta understand it from Gary's perspective, he has to stay authentic and alpha as that is his whole thesis and purpose rn – to redefine the alpha and ultimate man to the good side – and has to maintain power whenever he is in an interview so as to be able to maintain the attention on him so that he can redefine it. Also in case this gets any attention shameless plug to my shopify lol –

  17. Oh so that's how people with micropenises and inferiority complex acts. Btw Tom is so wholesome and genuine. Gary.. why did you bring him in if you just wanted to hear yourself talk.

  18. Gary! I love you dude, hugs and kisses bro for life! You have GOT to please seriously consider letting the guest express themselves. I want to acknowledge you b/c you have absolutely improved a lot! I'm proud of you! However there was this BRILLIANT flow that you and Tom hit early on that could've taken this conversation to some of the most highly beneficial qualities displaying both of your knowledge. Kind of like hmmm watching a tennis match of the highest order with Federer and Nadal. Got it? Don't smother the shining by getting into "competition" and then strangling the brilliance.
    I love you Gary and rooting for you to level TF up here! It's very hard to watch amputation of a guests thoughts outright like that – I say this b/c I know you can handle it — and brother, you have to start knowing that you shine your shine Period, others have their brilliance too but no one gets outshone– okay? — Big hug!

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  20. GARY IS THE MAN!!!! I just started my channel because of YOU. You have inspired me. I know I look young but I really like watching your vids! I also started it to follow my progress. Please subscribe! My channel is Graham Stauffacher Vlogs. Thx!

  21. I want to know exactly who Gary is calling out as "elitist" at 1:05:11! I have a feeling it rhymes with Fishin Lack He On He?

  22. This interview was cringeworthy. There was a couple times where I felt Tom was about to drop some jewels on us and Gary kept interrupting him. I love the wake Gary segments, but this one was hard to watch

  23. Have him back on and let Tom give us all the free advice/stories he wanted to share with us. Gary, your awesome, but you short changed us this episode by not letting Tom GO OFFFFF!!! Gary you literally took from your own show. AND HONESTLY! Gary's team of people in that room have to know he's dominating his guest and not giving his viewers what they want….WHY DIDN'T anyone say hey Gary I wanted to hear Tom's answer…maybe hint that he was overbearing…Gary himself knows he has that tendency. Someone should remind him in the moment. I know hes' the boss but its a known issue that he himself talks about. Thats something that goes unchecked and it's not improving. Someone in that room should have been the No man instead of the yes man. JESUS CHRIST I wrote this before the episode was over and it just got worse and worse! FUCK! GARY! DON'T HAVE PEOPLE ON ANYMORE THERES NO POINT!

  24. Gary – when does intention become not enough for you? I understand you'd go to bat for someone when you know their intentions but does that love fade if they are taking too long?

  25. I have been listening to this episode (podcast version) sooo often. I just love that conversation and Tom's fucking smooth voice XD but you just see that they know what they are talking about!

  26. ok Tom & Gary.. my question is this : what about interviewers who ask that "how do you see yourself in 5 years from now?", or "Where do you want to be in the next 5-10 years?".. I mean, when everything is so rapidly moving how should someone answer that??

  27. Kinda sad to see how inflated Gary’s ego has gotten. Seems a bit out there these days. I agree with the comments. I actually like Tom more because of how respectful he was (I also enjoyed the slight passive aggressive comments he’d make towards Gary and how amped Gary got) sad. I use to appreciate Gary’s wisdom.

  28. Love the interview Gary but disappointed in the fact that you talked more than Tom and kept cutting him off. He obviously had a story and we wanted to hear a glimpse of it. No worries I'll further research him

  29. Gary you said – 23 year olds or 24 say i dont know what to do. You said go and taste shit.
    Can you elaborate it as I'm 24 year old and i feel the same

  30. your "24 hour" content model is amazing, i just had/started a deep one way conversation with one of my bros so that i could "motitize" on our relationship later in life (fyi ive wanted to live in a hut in the woods sense i was 4 years old or so sooooo im not in it for the money yay…its 3:40am im partly insane/this is when i do my best high risk "work")

  31. 25:00 I knew the answer to that before Tom responded. I made the mistake of not leaving prematurely when I recognized the culture was not in the employees favor. It was apart of their vision but not implemented in their structure. Tragically, I paid the price by getting fired. Now I am scrounging to find full time job and still build a business for myself.

  32. I love Gary and he is one of my favourite people but 80% of his audience agrees that he talks over his guests.. common Gary!

  33. Love this interview….2 New Gen Entrepreneurs dropping nibblets for us Inspiring Social Engineers! The new Tom and Jerry….erh Gary.

  34. I'm glad i didn't stop the videos and watched it until the end. I found my biggest answers 10 mins before end. Dang.

  35. There was a lot of really fucking good shit Tom was about to say, but thanks to Gary we never got to hear it..

  36. One of the most amazing episodes. Tom and Gary, you make a great team!!!!!! Thank you both for your work and time!

  37. My 2 absolute favorite guys! Ive listened to every impact theory episodes to date, and well a lot of Gary Vee, hard to keep up with the millions of videos he has. Thank you thank you for all of this content, it has changed the game for me as an Account Manager.

  38. Gary preaches that he hates negativity but why does he always seem so mad and annoyed all the time? Extremely hypocritical and I’ve lost all my respect for him. I cringe every time he cuts off his guests and that’s every time.

  39. Ask Gary Vee Show – So ask me a question and let me answer it!
    I will never get back the first 10min – after which I stopped watching. I came hear to hear about Tom – not about him. He basically said Tom was worth zero. Sorry Gary….the only way this interview would be any good if you edited him out.
    Love Tom's line – "let that hang in the air" – was basically politely telling Gary do you want to interview me or compete with me?

  40. This is literally one of my fav things with my fav people. It’s just kinda frustrating to have these 2 amazing minds and then Gary V just cuts off EVERYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYONE. My dawg Tom is just as rich and insightful but we cant hear him speak bc Gary asked questions and then answered them on his own lol. I’m always a fan and follower of y’all bros, but this is frustrating. Have him on again and this time SHUT up a bit lol

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