Top 13 Probiotic Foods

Top 13 Probiotic Foods

Have you ever had a stomachache? Have you ever had to run to the bathroom? Have you ever watched one of those commercials
that list all the gut-related issues one could possibly have and then reach for something
pink and thick to drink? Have you ever said, “No, I can’t eat that. It upsets my stomach.” Or have you had what we call a 24-hour virus
or maybe Montezuma’s revenge? Well, I’ve good news for you. The answer to all of those issues and more
are found in the tiny internal army that we call probiotics. I’m Jordan Rubin here on Ancient Medicine
Today brought to you by And I’m here to say that probiotics helped
saved my life. I was deathly ill with Crohn’s colitis and
it wasn’t until I was able to find the right kind of probiotics and follow a probiotic
diet that my health was transformed. So if you’re watching today, and you have
Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, maybe you have gluten intolerance, maybe you’re
lactose intolerant, maybe you have leaky gut, constipation, diarrhea, IBS, and more, you’re
going to want to listen because today we’re going to share with you 13 probiotic foods
that you can easily put into your diet that will transform your gut, your skin, your immune
system, and let this internal army go to work to transform your entire body. So whether you’ve got gas and bloating, bad
breath, whether you have advanced aging, psoriasis, eczema, I can name for you dozens of symptoms,
hundreds of conditions that can be turned around if you boost your gut. Now, by the way, you may need probiotics and
not even know it. Maybe you were not born vaginally, a C-section
birth can cause you to need probiotics. Maybe you’ve consumed antibiotics. Maybe you’ve bathed in or you drank chlorinated
water. Maybe you consume coffee, maybe various medications
including oral contraceptives. All of those things rob your probiotics. Maybe you eat meat and dairy and eggs from
conventional farming where they’re loaded with antibiotics. You need a probiotic boost. Folks, if you’re watching me today and you
are breathing, I believe you need probiotics. Just think about it folks. One dose of antibiotics orally or topically
can cause you to need a probiotic boost. And today we’re going to tell you how to get
one. Number one, kefir. Kefir actually means to feel good in Turkey. Kefir has been around in the US for about
30 years but it’s become really popular for the last 15. Kefir contains beneficial bacteria and yeasts. Make it yourself from raw, grass-fed milk,
preferably goat. Make kefir from coconuts. You can make it with coconut cream, coconut
water, or you can buy a whole real yogurt or amasi, which is a cultured African beverage. There’s lassi as well. Cultured dairy beverages provide proteins
that are easy to digest, beneficial fats, probiotics, enzymes, and much more. Amazing for your health, if you look online
health benefits of kefir, you will see a long history of amazing benefits. Number two, sauerkraut, cultured veggies. Sauerkraut simply means sour vegetables. Pickled or sour cabbage is traditionally what
we call sauerkraut. You can consume kimchi which is Korean cultured
veggies. I love a combination of cultured sauerkraut,
spices, and pickles. Sauerkraut is absolutely amazing. I recommend one to three spoonfuls before
each meal or put it in your salad. Sauerkraut transforms the vegetables into
not only gut-friendly but immune-boosting substances. Eat it every day like your ancestors did. Kimchi as I mentioned is Korean sauerkraut
but look at the deep, red from the peppers. Kimchi is loaded with antioxidants and it
boosts the body’s circulation and absorption of nutrients due to the peppers. Kimchi is a must as an appetizer in Korea
and other Asian countries. It is awesome. I would say it’s the bomb because it kind
of feels like one when you eat it. If you like spice, traditionally prepared
kimchi is amazing for your gut, your heart, at every part of your body. Number three, kombucha. Make this cultured tea at home. Buy it at the store. I would have never thought years ago when
the first commercial Kombucha brand was available that it would now become the number one functional
beverage in America. And I’m glad, kombucha contains organic acids,
probiotics, enzymes, B vitamins, and polyphenolic antioxidants as well as theanine from the
tea which is great for the brain specifically anxiety. I love kombucha, I love mixing chia seeds
in it and certain berries, etc. I remember years ago I had this amazing schizandra
kombucha, it’s just awesome. Try kombucha, you will love it. It is very satisfying and hydrating. Try it. It is a great alternative to soda. Coconut kefir, I mentioned this earlier. Take coconut water or coconut meat and make
kefir with it using home-purchased or shared kefir grains. Look online for sources of kefir grains or
kefir starter. Coconut kefirs are great, nondairy alternative,
and it was first developed by our friend, the author of “The Body Ecology Diet,” Donna
Gates. I remember years ago when it was just her
and her little coconut kefir and now it’s a thing, pretty cool. Natto, might be my favorite fermented food. I’m not big on soy but if you’re going to
do soy natto is one amazing way to get it. Natto which is popular in Indonesia and Japan,
it’s a condiment, kind of smelly, it contains bacillus subtilis, my favorite probiotic,
nattokinase, an enzyme that helps the heart and arteries, and Vitamin K2 which helps the
brain, bones, and other parts of your body. Consume natto with rice, particularly black
rice, for a powerful antioxidant probiotic combo. Yogurt, as long as it’s whole milk and full
fat can be really good. My favorite is sheep yogurt. I love sheep milk yogurt loaded with Vitamin
D and whey protein. It is my favorite. You can buy sheep milk yogurt at your local
health food store or progressive grocery. Goat yogurt is okay. Cow’s milk isn’t bad but not my favorite because
it has certain proteins that can be allergenic. You know what I hate? The fact that there’s so much low fat in skim
milk yogurt? Folks, bottom-line, if God meant for milk
to be skimmed he would have put a cream separator on the udder of a cow. Come on, real food is best. Kvass is also a beverage, not quite as popular
as kombucha but I love it because you can make it with beets. Beet kvass is amazing. Go to to get recipes for some of
these great fermented beverages that you can make at home for pennies. Kvass can be made actually with bread, it
can be made with beets, and it can be made with other veggies. It is awesome. It is sour, and it is so good for you. And folks, if you’re wanting to curb your
carb cravings, consume fermented beverages, probiotic foods, because the power of sour
kills your cravings for sweets, not just good for the gut on the inside, good for the gut
on the outside, if you know what I mean. Number nine, raw cheese. Folks, raw cheeses from unpasteurized dairy
contain powerful probiotics. Look for imported varieties, again, my favorite
is goat and sheep or you can get cheese from our farm, we call it Beyond Organic Green-fed
Cheese. It is from cows that are bred specifically
to avoid that allergenic protein. So raw cheese can be good for nutrition and
probiotics, also a good source of the aforementioned Vitamin K.
Apple cider and coconut vinegar in their unpasteurized forms are great sources of acetobacter and
acetic and malic acid. Those organic acids help balance the gut pH
which naturally brings up your own probiotics. Apple cider vinegar can be consumed a teaspoon
or even up to two tablespoons a day mixed in water. You can add some honey, you can make it as
a base for salad dressings, my good friend, Patricia Bragg will tell you apple cider vinegar
will cure whatever ails you. Real Pickles, now this is a tough one. I’m hungry just looking at those pickles. I love Dill pickles. I love big koshers. I love sweet and sour, but most pickles are
made through cheating. If your pickle says white vinegar on it, don’t
eat it. Use real pickles or again make pickled cucumbers
yourself with recipes from or find them on Facebook and YouTube. Real pickles are amazing. They’re so delicious. They’re a great way to balance the body and
they’re a good source of silica for the skin. Tempeh which is another fermented soy product
is also pretty good. It can be used as a condiment and it can be
used in some instances as a meat replacement. Tempeh is a fermented soy and some of the
negative parts of soy are removed. So as with natto, tempeh can be a really good
fermented food and a source of nutrition. And speaking of fermented soy, miso has been
used for thousands of years as the base of a broth. It’s got this delicious salty flavor, has
beneficial bacteria and yeast, really good source of B vitamins and has that umami flavor
which satisfies the brain. Use a little bit of miso in a broth, I just
like sometimes eating it. Really, really amazing folks. If you’re someone who gets frequent stomachaches
maybe you have Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, IBS. Maybe you have gluten sensitivity, lactose
intolerance. Maybe you have skin issues, eczema, psoriasis. Maybe you have diarrhea or constipation, folks
I promise you, whether it’s the aforementioned conditions, or bad breath or gas bloating,
heartburn, you need probiotics. If you’ve ever traveled out of the country
and had vaccines or medications, if you’ve ever had antibiotics, if you have ever consumed
chlorinated water, if you have ever been mad at anyone, that imbalances your gut, you need
probiotics. Today, in Ancient Medicine, I’m teaching you
the top probiotic foods to boost your gut, your internal army, probiotics help saved
my life when I was dying from Crohn’s disease, and it can help transform yours as well. So let’s give a little bit of a recap, the
top 13 probiotic foods. We’ve got kefir, make your own or buy it. Sauerkraut, kimchi which also packs some antioxidants. Kombucha which you can make at home or buy. Coconut kefir which is really, really delicious,
refreshing, and amazing. Natto is my favorite probiotics, enzymes,
and vitamins. Yogurt, I like sheep or goat but you can also
buy a whole cow’s milk yogurt. Make sure it’s grass-fed organic. Kvass is awesome from beets or you can use
old bread to make it. Raw cheese especially goat or sheep. Apple cider or coconut vinegar. Real pickles, speaking of vinegar, make sure
there’s no white vinegar in there because that means the pickle is fake. They cheated. They made it too quick. Real pickles are fermented. Tempe and miso are great fermented soy foods
to give you B vitamins, nutrients, and boost your gut. Folks, if you’re somebody who is or who knows
someone who wants to improve their gut, probiotics are the key. It’s probably the number one compound that
Dr. Axe and I recommend for your health. If you want more information on fermented
foods, probiotics, kombucha, kefir, yogurt, miso, check out where we’ve got
hundreds of recipes, thousands of articles. And make sure, if you’re not subscribed to
this channel that you do so because each and every day we’re here to give you information
that can transform your diet, transform your health, and change your life. I’m Jordan Rubin, Ancient Medicine Today by I’ll see you next time.

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