Ulcerative Colitis Cured Successfully by Ayurveda – Real Testimonial

Ulcerative Colitis Cured Successfully by Ayurveda – Real Testimonial

Hello, sir may I know your name? Sir my name is Mohamad Aftab. What kind of health issue you were suffering from? I had ulcerative colitis and was suffering from this problem from last 3-4 years. I used many allopathic medicines for treatment but almost shattered with this disease. Then I met with Dr. Vikram Chauhan after watching their videos on YouTube. I came for the treatment and Dr. Vikram Chauhan told me that you have to take the treatment for 6-9 months. Though I got the huge relief in the first month which is not less than a magic for me. I was so disheartened with this disease and used to feel like it would be better if I die. Before taking Ayurvedic treatment, had you been taking the allopathic medicines? Yes, I was taking the allopathic medicines and there was no relief. Even there were side effects on my body like excessive body heat and hives. Due to the excessive intake of medicines I was suffering from hair loss. Whereas these herbal medicines provided me relief to a great extent. There was excessive blood loss due to this problem but during the first month I got such a good results. My medicines are in the continuity and after meeting Dr. Vikram Chauhan, I believe that my problem will be cured completely. When you have started the treatment from Dr. Vikram? I started the treatment from 14 July. Ok it is from 14 July so it’s around one month only. Yes it’s just a month and got a massive relief. Which medicines are you taking? I am taking the Kutazghan vati and Vatsakadi churna. So, Dr. Vikram Chauhan has prescribed you some medicines of Planet Ayurveda. One more medicine is digestion support. After taking these medicines what benefits did you get? There was some distress in my body but after taking the medicines I got calmness. Due to the problem of blood loss I used to have lightheadedness and I was so anxious. However this problem of mine have been resolved to a bigger extent. Additionally my appetite has also improved all of sudden. Now are you taking normal food? Yes, I am taking normal food. So you have revitalized and healthy feeling! I am feeling healthy. I have been through the problem of weight loss but now started gaining weight. Really it’s a good thing and what’s your age. I am 24 years old. Earlier you were taking allopathic medicines that may contain the steroids for treatment of ulcerative colitis. So are you still taking them or not? No sir I have stopped use of those medicines completely. That’s good. As now you are on Ayurvedic treatment so would you like to say something to the viewers like what precautions you took for eating or any changes in the life style. I have consumed 3-4 Sheesham leaves (North Indian Rosewood). Yes it helps to stop bleeding. Dr. Vikram Chauhan advised to take Marigold flower and durva grass (Green grass). So you used these home remedies! Yes I used these home remedies at home. In diet what did you take? In diet, Dr. Vikram Chauhan guided to take banana, pomegranate juice which are quite good for this problem. Do you take banana? Yes I take. Even I have started eating all the things and there are no adverse effects. Really it’s a matter of happiness. Do you want to convey any message to our viewers? I just want to say that there is no treatment in allopathic for this disease as I took the medicines for approximately 4-5 years. But the results which I got from Ayurveda so I want for everyone else to be benefited with this. Only with use of herbal medicines this problem can be controlled. You have used Planet Ayurveda’s medicines. So how did you find the quality of medicines? Quality of medicines is best. We are happy that you got relief. It’s kind of disease where person gets completely discouraged. Yes there are various cases with us where people even fall into depression. Yes. I was in abundant depression and even thought that it is better to die. No need to think like this. Really it’s a good thing that with your message many suffers will find a new ray of hope. Thank you!

15 thoughts on “Ulcerative Colitis Cured Successfully by Ayurveda – Real Testimonial

  1. hi dr vikram
    i am faheem anjum from pakistan. can youplease share ur email id. i want to discuss my brother's problem of ulcerative colitis. i will send you reports nd history of medicine which he was using.
    please share ur email id as soon as possible.

  2. hello sir my name is Sagar pachouri. Iam from Aligarh (up). sir I am suffering from colitis for 4years only mucus comes in my stool. I am 18years old only Iam sending details to your email I'd thank you

  3. Sir mera name ashwani Kumar hai mai char mahine se dast se paresan hu chikane dast ate hai aur 10kg wait kam ho gaya hai kya karu kamjor hu Kanpur me rAhta hu

  4. Hlo sir i m 23 years old .i m suffering from UC for last one year.i am taking allopathy treatment but not cured i changed number of Dr. Painful bleeding twice and thrice in a day sometimes eight to nine times.plz suggest me sir from where i can start ayurvedic treatment or take medicine s.bcz i m from Bathinda Punjab state.after watching this video i get hope …,,

  5. Hello bikram sir mera name HEMANT hai mai jharkhand ranchi se hun 28th Mujhe cronic colaitis hai 4mahine ho gaya mesacol kha raha hun 2 machine se kuch aram nahi hua Mujhe is Rog ka pata Dr Se dikhna ke bad colonoscopy aur biospi me pata chala pet me dard rahta hai aawn atta hai kajori lagta hai please reply

  6. Vikram doctor ji.. Mera IBS ka homeopathy treatment chal rha h 2014 se meri age 27 h meri ye problem dobara ho gyi h mene alcohol le li thi or milk bhi to jab se mere pet m marod thik nhi ho rhi bas baki sab thik h.. Or mera wait fir se kam ho gya 4 kg bad gya tha.. Please kuch tips my condition bahut kharab hai..

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