Vegan Or Keto Fasting For Weight Loss with Dr. Cathleen Gerenger

Vegan Or Keto Fasting For Weight Loss with Dr. Cathleen Gerenger

hey everyone dr. Nick Delgado and dr.
Cathleen Gerenger we’re talking about fasting for weight loss and is it best
to go vegan or keto are you interested everyone is and let’s talk about this
dr. Kathleen Gehringer you know people are talking about fasting there’s a lot
of confusion about intermediate fasting they’re talking about windows of fasting
but I’m gonna go along with Valter long he’s out of USC UCLA he studied with Roy
Walford the longevity guy who was trying to do calorie deprivation all of this
science is finally coming together and here is my summary for you the best way
to lose weight is to stay within a window of 12 hours in other words stop
eating after 8:00 p.m. at night and then you can begin eating again at 8 o’clock
in the morning and that will allow you to eat 2 or 3 meals a day you can have a
snack here or there in the middle but the point is keep the window within that
range and within 12 hours overnight your body will accomplish cleansing removing
certain foreign proteins it’ll reduce allergy and inflammation and that is one
of the windows now I know people are saying don’t eat til 12:00 noon well
that’s difficult people are saying you know cutoff at 6:00 p.m. at night that’s
difficult also this is much more practical and I’m telling you that’s
gonna work for you so the second sub note to that is 800 calories for five
days in other words we want you to fast 5 days out of the month your choice 5
consecutive days and drop it down to 800 calories how do you do that it’s gonna
be plant-based centered around say soap nuts and seeds some berries some
vegetables some beans it’s pretty easy to figure out most people don’t know how
many calories are in a plate dr. Kathleen Gehringer you know calories
they should look up one of the tables on our website but really plant-based it’s
easy to get down to 800 calories you’ll still be satisfied but those 5 days will
reset your therm to really get used to eating less total
amount of lauric li dense foods particularly if you’re coming off an
animal-based diet doctor Gehringer you’ve seen it all about keto it never
seemed to interest you much what do you think about this and of course dr. Josh
axe hear him talking about keto and the whole thing right there’s there’s really
a better way to go and what is that specifically the complex carbs let’s
talk about that number point number two well point number two when we talk about
complex carbs number two we say carbs spare which means that your body is able
to break down carbs so much better than its ability to break down protein and I
know dr. NIC you mentioned about the protein and how it’s being broken down
inside the body yes and and one of the proponents of eating sufficient complex
carbohydrates of all people is Lee Haney world-class bodybuilder eight-time mr.
Limpy add in his book fit at any age he even said he would take in 300 to 500
grams of complex carbohydrates to spare his body protein all of his hard work
would be allowed to build muscle the protein that’s remained because the cars
would be used for energy and the protein within the rest of his diet and he’s
even leaning towards more plant-based who’s just like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s
gone plant-based himself but to rebuild the immune system repair the body and so
forth absolutely and it’s better to eat more carbs so that we don’t have to
waste our protein so that protein is safe for energy it’s safe like you say
it’s safe for rebuilding and safe for our immune system and repair it’s
important to note – I know you used one of the reference books that dr. John
McDougall was asking me about on a recent podcast can you show them the
book by nan broth andhere yes what’s the title nutrition for for better life
and so it’s important to know that some of the original textbooks are so helpful
in fact I wrote this book in the early 1990s and it’s called weight loss and
energy now I think you get a used copy here or there but it’s still accurate to
this day with the 10 steps for weight loss and I cover all these topics which
I’ve stayed in great shape with thousands of our clients around the
world sticking on a whole plant-based nutritional program so how much protein
do we really need dr. Gehringer well usually I say stick to about 20 to 40
grams of protein and that means about 60 to 80 grams of protein per day total
well the 60 to 80 grams automatically will be derived from meeting your
caloric needs and since we only need 20 to 40 grams of protein really an entire
day some will advocate getting in 20 grams of protein per meal three meals a
day which that’s fine it’s so easy to get enough protein even if you’re not on
an animal-based diet so I wouldn’t even contemplate trying to worry about are
you getting the right combination of plant foods to get a complete protein
because we get all the protein we need in fact all the amino acids it’s now
been proven are present in the Kinyua its present in watermelon it’s present
in all the fruits and vegetables it’s just important that you get enough
calories to reach your ideal goal weight so if you’re trying to drop a pound a
week and you’re kind of taking in let’s say 1,500 calories a day you’re gonna be
dropping about a thousand calories a day and in about a week or so you’re gonna
drop about a pound to a pound and a half of body fat particularly if you’re
adding exercise to be able to burn that fat does that make sense oh absolutely
we see lots of results with our weight loss where we want to make sure that
they sustain the weight loss and not gaining back ones when they deviate from
the diet yes so really now to the next point ketosis why ketosis it’s not
necessary the body can default and go into ketosis when it’s not getting
enough glue from complex carbohydrates and these
people advocating keto or ketosis diets are pushing a lot of meat a lot of fat
in the diet and sure enough you’ll lose excess water weight you’ll start losing
whatever is stored in the intestines because the intestines hold about ten
pounds of weight in the intestinal tract so keep it in mind it’s not true fat
loss you’re trying to reduce and reshape your body reduce body fat and increase
increase lean body mass so don’t get overly thrilled about losing weight on a
katatak diet in the first week second week third week because it’s mostly just
water and emptying the digestive tract what you really have to look at is
what’s the benefit of going to high-fiber platt base and fiber by
definition has virtually no calories so it goes through the intestinal tract it
cleanses the intestinal tract and it reduces the concentration of harmful
microbes in fact a meat dairy fat Center diet is loaded with microbes Danny can
you switch to the microscope scene I want to show them under a high-powered
microscope the things that we see in a image here taken from the the inner
mouth a swab you going back to ketosis a lot of times one
a patients on ketosis they have trouble eliminating and back to when we were
talking about water you know what where the body actually needs to the right
amount of hydration in order for elimination to occur now you’re actually
looking at these spindle shapes which are actual microbes and if he can see
behind there’s little Wiggly things going on and this really keep in mind
the body is made up of more bacteria than human cells and so these things
move around or tubular strands or toxic rods
sometimes we see spirochetes and bacillus all kinds of different bacteria
so I just want you to be aware that when you’re on an animal-based dairy based
diet the level and concentration of harmful microbes goes up dramatically
and this might be one of the reasons why people tend to have a high incidence of
flus and colds and measles and various other contagious conditions so instead
of thinking about oh do I need a vaccine NoHo your body once you shift to a
plant-based diet the immune system works better you don’t have as many microbes
in the system your intestinal tract which is healthy filled with healthy
bacteria will be repopulated it takes ten days to clean up the gut in a
healthy fashion but one one fatty animal-based diet dairy based meal your
your gut is set back a whole 10 days and you start all over again have you ever
seen this evidence doctor Gehringer oh yes and that’s why you know you and i we
we don’t get sick you know we travel we work what 24 hours a day seven days a
week sometimes but keeping your internal health healthy is the key in in
preventing illnesses and diseases and tumors and cancer and things like that
and going back to number four is a vegan based diet it helps to stabilize our
insulin level and it really helps our body to stabilize our
Luke host level and reduce our triglycerides as well hey Danny go back
to the microscope scene here I want to show something rather interesting this
is a picture of doctor dr. Kathleen guarantors blood I took a little drop of
blood she was thinking it was gonna hurt and she kept waiting she goes I feel
that didn’t hurt at all I know you’re good you see in the bottom of the screen
here this right here is her white blood cell look at that activity look how
healthy her immune system is this is spectacular you’re watching her living
blood and can you all see that white blood cell moving forward looking for
viruses bacteria there’s a little bit of Candida over here on the screen a little
bit of a white area you know here I’ll just try and move this moment here yeah
okay yeah it’s going back that way so it’s kind of down in the middle here
you see some particles but her blood is virtually clear from fatty particles the
red blood cells are round and uniformed they’re pushed up against a few little
structures on the cell so I’m not concerned about that a few of the cells
landed on top of each other that’s fine but you look at the background of her
blood is virtually clear if I were to run a triglycerides right now which kind
of bounces over to our next subject we would see which we would see her level
of triglycerides her glucose the fatty levels the sugar levels and because
you’re on more of a plant-based Whole Foods diet your blood looks immaculate
24/7 the only time that a person on a katatak diet ketosis type keto diet
looks good as if they fasted for more than 12 hours that’s the only time you
can get a good reading this is actually dr. Kathleen guarantors blood in the
middle of the day here we’re actually in the evening I believe since we took the
sample at about 8:00 p.m. Pacific you had eaten a little bit earlier and this
is how pure your blood looks and that little white shiny area in the middle of
the red blood cells that is because red blood cells are a biconcave disc and
they transport oxygen nutrients and so that’s just this the light shining
through so it makes it look a little bit shiny so isn’t that fascinating so why
is this so important dr. Guerin sure to stabilize insulin glucose reduce
triglycerides and fat by staying on a no added oil but I’m not saying a fat-free
diet on a flat based whole food vegan type diet why is this so important to
stabilize these levels of hormones and circulating glucose and triglycerides oh
it’s it’s it’s absolutely important just because it helps our body be healthy you
know it prevents diseases from coming in and invading our body and I mean you
took my blood without even letting me know that you were gonna do the slide
blood thing and I just flew in from Florida so it was a whole you know day
my my normal day routine and for our blood to be nice and and healthy like
that I think it’s really important and people have to understand our viewer
South they have to understand that these steps that you take on a daily basis
really impacts your health and your wellness this this is a lifestyle change
and this whole journey on you know weight loss vegan art Kido you know it’s
really exciting that you all are tuning in and starting tomorrow you’re gonna
going to be able to not only see the YouTube stream but if you go to I
believe Nick Delgado com4 slash live you’ll be able to see these live streams
and will be able to correspond with you as you ask questions during the course
of these important webinar podcasts and it’s really exciting too because now
that we’ve covered one of the most trending subjects fasting for weight
loss we’ve explained to you step by step what’s necessary what are the safe ways
to do it how are you going to get the best results short term and long term
and keep in mind fasting should not be done in most cases in individuals past
age of 65 when you really particularly if you don’t understand how to balance
your hormones might be struggling to sustain lean body mass in fact older
individuals live longer even if they’re a little above their ideal body weight
because you need to get enough caloric density just
all the nutrient absorption in terms of individuals though who are struggling
with to have a lot of visceral fat and this window of 12 hours is appropriate
in other words all night you’re not eating don’t don’t eat in the
middle of the night when you wake up in the morning starting at 8:00 in the
morning or if you want to start your day at 7:30 in the morning you have your
first meal and have your lunch and then your dinner ending at whether it be if
you started at 7:30 at 7:30 at night or 8:00 p.m. and then choose five days out
of the month five days to go 800 calories for these five days and you’ll
be surprised on a plant-based Whole Foods diet how easy it is to get it
under 800 calories how much food volume you still get on 800 calories otherwise
your normal diet during the course of the month will probably be somewhere
approaching 1,500 to 2,200 calories which is more than adequate to keep you
energized strong and fit and spare your body protein while you cleanse the body
of inflammatory issues and factors we’ve covered a lot here
enjoy this plan it’s going to work tremendously for you and it’s well
described on our online course fat loss or fit fitness and our original book
weight loss and energy now which actually we’re making available sections
from the original textbook to help people to accomplish their goals
be strong be well thank you so much dr. Gehringer thanks for being our guest all
the way in from Florida and any questions please pose them and over the
course of the next 24 hours we promise we’ll be answering all the questions and
more because that’s how the analytics are people are to subscribe to our
Channel please engage ask your questions and
trust me we will answer your questions and share that is so important because
we have now over 1.3 million views on our YouTube channel
we’re over 11,000 subscribers growing faster than we ever have thanks to
everyone be well be strong thank you

2 thoughts on “Vegan Or Keto Fasting For Weight Loss with Dr. Cathleen Gerenger

  1. Thank you b o t h for these information ๐Ÿค—๐ŸŒฑ ( from Berlin, the capital of ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช) . I appreciate your d e t a i l e d information on the vegan nourishment very much. It is so kind of you to deal with our questions.
    Here are mine:

    1- As our modern dead soils do only contain 10 per cent of minerals and microbial life of what was in them 100 years ago a l s o plants do not get what they need. – Means, we only t h e o r e t i c a l l y get the amounts of minerals listed up for plants.
    The orthomolecular doctors recommend thorough broad blood and serum examination and special ( several probes a day ) urine sample examination to gain an insight into the occurence of minerals, vitamins, fatty acids etc. . On the basis of the analytics the person takes certain supplements, after some months the occurence is checked again and the supplements are adjusted. I find this so scientific and logical. What do you think about this strategy?
    a. I do not want to a s s u m e that 'everything is fine' just eating plants.
    b. We need – for example – w a y more vitaminC and hormone D3- combined with K2 Menaquionon 7- and magnesium, much more jodid and selenium as we have receptors in a l l glands ( which was so uttterly new for me ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ and my goal is to get to 95 ng !! /ml in my blood for protection against cancer) and this means these glands n e e d jodid and selenium but "normal doctors" donot seem to pay attention to that fact.
    As it is with magnesium in the blood – if n o t h i n g would be found we would be dead. So : finding magnesium in the blood does NOT mean that we have e n o u g h in our body for the hundreds of processes it takes take in. The point is : WHO SETS THE TARGETS FOR ALL minerals, vitamins etc . ? Which are the reference points? For me that is the key question.
    c. There are antagonists ( right term ??) of trace minerals like copper, manganese, molybdรคn, selenium, zink … I understood which compete for bindings (?), electrons(?)… I learned from one lecture that if I take a supplement of zinc I should keep in mind that copper ( as the antagonist) will be needed in the same/ appropriate amount. Can you give us a list of these "pairs"/ antagonists?
    d. Omegas 3+6 – The ratio should be 1: 1. New for me was that the inflammatory omega 6s are in healthy sourdough rye breads ๐Ÿ˜จ. So I got toooooooo little omega 3!!! Luckily I found a purified ( medical standards- can I say so?) marine source oil from a German source in a German Apotheke/ pharmacy. What's your opinion on this? Algeas can also be poisonously full of harmful toxins.

    I prefer putting questions in the commentary section. I hope you will answer those questions, too.
    Thank you very much. I would be very glad if you could answer them / make a ( long, detailed) video about that topic. Plant strong greetings from Berlin ๐ŸŒฑ๐ŸŒฑ๐ŸŒฑ๐ŸŒฑ ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Question: What tests do you recommend that I ask my doctor in the north TX area. 59yr old, female 5'7"@153lbs. I feel best at 125lbs and do not take any medications or supplements at this time. I have been eating whole food plant based for about 6months now, however been sedentary and still not much energy. I would consider myself healthy except for stomach fat… however, I am concerned about my hormones. Past history 1 parathyroid tumor was removed (about the size of a walnut) discovered about 15yrs ago when I had a kidney stone (lithotripsy). About 2 yrs ago had another kidney stone episode that required surgery to pulverize the stone going up into the kidney and stents placed for about a week. Family hx: Dad: Stroke, Triple by pass, diabetes, and finally renal failure which lead to his passing in 2015 at the age of 81. His diet was the real cause of these issues as after a divorce he frequented McDonalds daily since he did not cook. Mom: Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid arthritis and currently starting to show mental slowness. I want to avoid this. I just need to know a good functional medicine doctor in my area and what tests to make sure are completed. Thanks in advance.

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