Walmart Keto Grocery Haul I Keto At Walmart I Low Carb Grocery Haul

hey YouTube family so today we are doing
a keto grocery haul on a budget yes I’m so excited today y’all know a little for
these type of videos keto grocery haul videos are just so much fun to me so the
budget for this keto grocery haul is going to be $150 we are not going to
spend any more than $150 okay okay okay anyways y’all we’ve got to go in the
store let stop talking because I got Zumba class in an hour yeah and I need
to be on time which I probably won’t be we’re gonna try to be on time yeah my mom has started this keto
grocery haul without me so apparently my mother says we’re gonna get some neck
bones so that’s what we’re gonna do y’all we go through bacon like it’s
nothing so we need to get like the actual pack of bacon here y’all I
already know what happens when I come to Walmart I gotta get some avocados we’re
gonna get three of these oh this is too soft no sir
no ma’am no ham no Pam no Turkey all right yeah so up next we have some
lemons I have currently been obsessed with lemons in my tea and I don’t want
these ohto I guess I’ll check I don’t want those either let’s try this
again okay these look okay they really don’t but we’re gonna get
them okay so you guys I I’m going to get some spaghetti pasta zero noodles
so y’all hopefully I can hear a suppose you know the here and this thing being
so loud but my mother yeah she did not eat those pasta zero noodles that I made
for her she went and like ate everything else and I think she’s like she caught
us something like and the fact that she’s doing away like I wasn’t gonna
know yeah so we’re gonna get three of these cucumbers you know we want the big
ones stop it just stop it okay okay also I
have a big container of baby spinach I’m definitely going to be forcing myself to
have more salads making my own salads and making them healthy at the same time
salads can really be expensive AF when you order them like you know at a
restaurant or whatever or I even at McDonald’s
they’re like expensive so make it at home will definitely be an advantage for
me nope not today Satan but these look let me get away back away how do these
harm crisp taste because I would love to try them but I can’t have hate but you
know cuz they have cheese in well they’re just cheese whatever I want to
know y’all’s opinion as well y’all my mom asked me to get her some sweet
potatoes they don’t have any but look over here to my left this is nothing but
Satan no God please no no no no he is really trying to tempt me today
mini-break y’all so look at that aisle right by the Korean
but uh-huh actually we got to get to the vegetables next Miguel there was this
fine young man he literally just said Lee he was like hey and I was like hey
and I walked away I was like I don’t know really and then I went to my the
other aisle and he was like so you’re gonna act like you don’t know me and I’m
looking at him like I don’t know who you are but you thought that it could be but
I didn’t say all that you know but that’s what I was thinking so now you
guys basically I’m wondering who this mystery God cuz I have no idea like I’m
really wondering who he is y’all I need to get some natural creamy peanut butter
cuz I haven’t had in a while and I may try to make some Quito peanut butter
cookies or something I don’t know we’re gonna use this for some good y’all just
so funny the fact that this says raspberry fruit spread made with real
sugar there’s a time in my life when I was like oh it’s made with real sugar so
it’s better for you the more you learn alright you guys so we’re gonna get some
Italian dressing yeah let’s back up all right we’ll get the 264 one I wish I
could have ranch dressing y’all so y’all we’re gonna get some pickles nobody in
the house wanted to eat these pickles until I started eating them and now
everybody want to eat the pickles and I’m like God I just wanna have something
to myself you know just one thing next up y’all we’re gonna get some no sugar
add it sweet Jerkins and if you haven’t tried them yet try them you’re gonna be
addicted so don’t eat the whole jar know what you just threw in that buggy kind
of sneak food in there I wanna know have you ever had spicy ketchup before cuz
I’m really tempted to try it I don’t know if they have a keto friendly one
but I’m just gonna stick with the no sugar addict ketchup but yeah I really
want to know about the spicy ketchup up next y’all we’re gonna get some
chicken wings not chicken wings with chicken wings
guys we got some ground beef all-natural twenty seven percent fat seventy three
percent lean y’all know this is not a keto grocery haul without me getting a
whole chicken for my mother I am gonna change up my salads regularly Wow
I don’t think I said that right but anyways yeah so we’re gonna get some ham
too for a late-night treat our dang it whenever I feel like it I’m gonna have
some sugar-free jell-o y’all I got the last of the unsweetened vanilla almond
milk that was nobody but God thank sup y’all we’re gonna get some eggs we’re
gonna get this one but I want to know what type of eggs are y’all getting do
y’all care if it’s like high quality I guess whatever or do you get like these
kinds like let me know and y’all make sure to check your eggs because they
almost got me see I almost got me I am gonna get the twelve case of the coke
yeah I’m gonna get the twelve case of the cherry coke zero make sure it’s Coke
Zero y’all know what happened to me last time my fingers have been so ashy this
whole video and I’m so ashamed of it just ashamed of it of course we have
some dairy-free butter right y’all so for some more snacks we’re gonna have
some salt and pepper pistachios and also we have roasted for cousins we are also
gonna get just some regular pecans for baking goal and let’s see we’re gonna
get some pumpkin because I want to make some more Akito pumpkin muffins cuz they
were a bomb we do need to get some more vanilla extract of course
next up y’all we’re gonna get some stevia pure organic stevia we’re gonna
get two coconut oil because I have one for my body and one for my food as well
y’all I was getting upset because I could I found the five gram nick carps
mission card balance y’all but look at God
I’m over here searching and identifying the whole wheat one and it’s three grams
net carbs my soul cries out hallelujah thank God
for saving me you finished I went in the world it is awesome we’re in heaven
y’all we’re getting our so delicious dairy-free coconut milk no sugar added
ice cream pumphrey all freelance hey my YouTube
family so y’all I just got done with Zumba class looking tired AF nearby
killed myself up in there but it’s okay we’re one step closer to our weight loss
goals I thank you guys so much for watching my keto grocery haul I love
these videos so much any conversation dealing with food is a great
conversation in my opinion if y’all went shopping already or if you plan on going
grocery shopping go ahead and let me know down below in the comments what you
plan on getting so I can steal some of your ideas y’all yes yes yes
I don’t want to keep buying the same thing I know some of you tuber is like
no shade but they don’t read their comments I read all of my comments and
I’m definitely I’ve been slacking a reply back to everyone and I really want
to get back in the habit of responding back to y’all because y’all have to
comment down below to any of us youtubers so I mean like I appreciate
that and I really do want y’all to know that I appreciate you taking the time
out of your day whether that’s one minute or whatever to just comment down
below so yeah I’m gonna do background on my job because I’ve been slacking and
that’s so rude honestly for me to do that so I’m gonna do better I promise
y’all that if by any chance you are new to the channel welcome to the fam I’m
over here documenting my keto weight loss journey
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thank you so much for watching this video as always if you don’t hear it
from anyone else I love you so stay blessed and I will see you in the next
video which will be Monday y’all I plan on Monday’s video being December 2019
Kito crate review plus giveaway video so I hope y’all enjoyed that video and I
hope y’all have a wonderful amazing weekend and stay safe I love y’all so
much see you my leg bye

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