We Try Beyoncé’s Coachella Diet For A Week

We Try Beyoncé’s Coachella Diet For A Week

has made a mistake I was bad hungry right and I just ate some chicken McNuggets oh my stomach’s hurting it tasted so delicious [Music] this week we are trying out Beyonce’s Coachella Homecoming diet and man am I gonna be hungry I’m a big fan of Beyonce I love her music I love everything about her I want to say I’m a fan of I respect Beyonce there’s Dawson have a creak hello like what of course my fan of Beyonce my normal diet is platinum platinum and more platinum I’m pretty healthy but I can always be healthier in the end I normally try to listen to what my body wants to eat it all eat that alright I go to the Jamaican spots any cocktail shout out shout out so much making Sun I try to be as low carb and low sugar as possible I have PCOS which is a hormone disorder and what most doctors recommend is to be keto and it’s very hard for me to do very hard I’m a huge fan of like fish so I hope do salmon I love spinach I love beans I love to make sure I mean incorporating fiber in my diet but other days child how does me eating whatever Lord leads you to eat Beyonce described her diet in the homecoming documentary as no carbs no meat and no fish no sugar no alcohol no dairy no fun I don’t think any hyper restrictive diet is good for long periods of time me I don’t think this is healthy for me because I need to have me I need to have fish I need to have protein in my diet I need fiber I don’t think this is healthy I looked this up and the article said don’t do this diet the hardest part is not eating me I feel like I never spent a day without eating me I eat me every day I think the toughest one what am I going I don’t know what T she don’t need any cars with me and we spinach I don’t like kale it tastes like rubber nasty so we have a pact and that is if at any point during the week we start to feel sicker and healthy we’re just gonna eat what our body is telling us to eat get the nutrients that we need I mean maybe it will be fun ah this is a bad idea I just realized okay let’s start this diet let’s eat this air let’s drink this water let’s get to it so fun fact I realized I actually have never tried to even be vegan before and I didn’t think about how hard that would be for me because I really do mean all the time so day one I was feeling really motivated I got some chia pudding and I figured out that she had pudding was a good breakfast for me it’s an hour after I ate my veggie breakfast and I feel a little lightheaded I felt really lightheaded from just eating like a bunch of veggies I got really hungry really fast and that happened the whole week I’m joined by water and I’m also joined pretzels I’m trying I really am trying I woke up this morning hypo Berry’s water and we’ll do better three ones not going well I got a plan son I thought this book right this is gonna be my secret weapon but the only thing is I gotta go shopping so I’m at Disneyland or a Marvel night and there’s literally nothing I can eat I can’t eat anything I really didn’t think this through it smells like yeah it is I’m vegan thanks to our Lexus thank you so I just got back with my healthy vegan keto ingredients I’m going to make a salad for protein I’m adding a little baked tofu that looks pretty good to me ah so it turns out got milk in it and then I read that I’m too hungry to read anything yo don’t judge me but how did get McDonald’s every time I was looking for excuses to start the next day I’m gonna eat this right now and then I’m gonna go shopping for an ibeacon stuff not today not today Lord I pretty much did that for like three mornings straight because I’m not good at breakfast breakfast I’m gonna have this coconut yogurt let’s see what it tastes like Oh God oh god this is so bad it tastes like baking soda mixed with coconut baby but after about like the first day or the second day I was feeling so great supposedly a vegan chicken seasoned rapped son we ready I’m gonna dig into this okay look a recipe and I made like an avocado pesto with zucchini noodles and tomatoes it looks super good cuz today it’s kind of like I felt full but I have like this enduring headache I’m feel light-headed when I stand up and I don’t think that’s pretty normal so I wasn’t working out and still felt tired I didn’t feel energized so in a Sun turn of events I’m so hungry that I’m eating the Coco yo mmm here’s the real deal and it feels so bad that I did this I only treated one time last night it was Friday and it was a friend’s going-away party and I drank and I ate three pieces of pizza and the next morning I actually felt terrible like my my stomach was hurting like a lot a lot which sucks because I was feeling actually really great so I think what I’m gonna do is try to do it extra days to really see if I can do the full effects good morning I am currently showing you my shower curtain because I look like kinky crap this morning I wake up on day 4 my stomach is in knots I had salad Brussels sprouts and hope I do not have to a poisoning but I was like I do all right so I’m very very hungry and I just don’t feel like experimenting with something new so I’m gonna make a deal I’m gonna bring my diet one more time but in return for doing that I’m gonna go to Vaughn’s and I’ma buy all that bd4 I was feeling great I was feeling on top of the world barks – I’m so hungry my hands are shaking so I’m a big kid absurd – step of pizza last night I decided to turn over a new leaf and try to keep the book and I’m looking at this now to create one of the meals one thing I don’t like I don’t like bell pepper either I don’t like tomatoes this is out of the question oh that was good after this I need to start this I need to start this so when it came to Monday I started eating more video I was like in the groove I was eating like the same thing for a dinner and I really liked it going back at it and I’m at friends and I’m about to show you what I’m giving up lunch at work and it was super sad walking by all of the meat but I’m pretty actually happy with how my plate turned out it’s fine alright I’m meeting this hummus wrap again I don’t like this but I ain’t regular food I will eat and I will get tired I’m gonna claim to eating vegan food that’s what I felt like I was more energized I did any coffee that the happen thing I grabbed you juice but instead of one of those sugary juices I got a green juice full of vegetable so it was four days I had to stop after a four because I unfortunately encountered a is C now this look delicious my friends one thing I’m noticing today today is like the last day and I feel more energetic I did not know that once you eat vegan you have to eat a lot more food than what you used to because the food flushes out immediately so I was getting a lot of headaches I was hungry a lot I’m going to the bathroom I live on you after this meal I could eat meat again man this was interesting it was ups and downs my friends ups and this was a lot for my brain to process every time I picked up an item of food I was like does this have sugar does this is carbs I think I learned a lot more about my body and also like about food in general this week then I really ever thought that I would I had no idea there was protein and kale did you know there’s protein and kale and dark leafy greens there’s protein in that it was hard but it definitely made me reconsider things that I saw I needed in my diet you know how people be like I’ve been eating cleaning and I ate mean and I didn’t feel good no it’s not that you don’t feel good this after you’ve been eating clean and yeah and then you eat McDonald’s they really hurt you stomach I say all this a Beyonce your work ethic sis your hustle I have a newfound appreciation for you but hard to go through this before a concert he shows me that she respects the art she respects her craft and she respects her audience I went pretty light on my workouts this week just to kind of balance until my energy kind of bounced back Beyonce was doing a workout a spin class and doing rehearsals everyday I don’t know how quickly I’m gonna go back to eating all those things I think like a healthy whole food diet is actually good for everyone it just depends on what those cool foods are I would not do this diet again but what I would do is continue to try and be more vegetarian what I will take away from this week is like I now know my own strength and I also know to listen to my body sticking to my doctor’s order sticking to a mind to nutrition that is healthy for me to eat I have I got the experience of how much it affects your body so I want I want to take care of myself man so I’m probably gonna go vegan and with carbs battle I’m not gonna go with the extreme of no carbs I will say that I’m not gonna be a completely again like I’m gonna I want you to see again maybe I should get sushi I’m getting hungry now [Music] [Music]

100 thoughts on “We Try Beyoncé’s Coachella Diet For A Week

  1. Everyone except for maybe Kelsey failing for 11 minutes and 22 seconds straight.
    And who's gonna tell the one girl that meat doesn't have fiber and that veggies have a lot of fiber? Cause she was saying she "needs" fiber in her diet.

  2. I can never get motivated from him. He is like me 😂 telling myself that I will do it tomorrow.

  3. This puts such a bad name on veganism🤦‍♀️ I eat a ton of different foods and I am completely broke but can still afford it. Where are the steamable veggie bags, cauliwings, vegan burgers, sandwiches, vegan chili, burritos, grilled tofu kebabs, quinoa, salads, fruits, bread, spagetti, smoothies, etc?!?! Like I get that they were also following the Beyoncé diet but please people don’t think this is what veganism is. Vegan ice cream is amazing, cashew yogurt is SO GOOD, and almond milk is better than regular milk to me.

  4. Helloooo they have vegan sushi!!! Go vegan!!!!! It is the best for you and everyone/everything else on this planet. Do your part!

  5. I wish these folks had done a little research into what going vegan feels like the first few days. There will be times feeling lightheaded, especially if under-eating, there will be times your stomach or bowels just kinda hurt or you need to go to the bathroom more often. It's not a stomach bug necessarily. You're body is switching how it fuels itself and you're eating less heavy food. You're flushing toxins and upping your fiber intake a lot.

    That said, good job for trying everyone! Even if you cheated a ton-at least you tried new foods and if you work them into your life even a few meals a week, you'll be doing your body/mind/spirit/planet a serious solid. I hope you keep trying vegan restaurants too. It will help you find what you DO like. I hate yves faux hot dogs-they taste like water. Some people love them. I love tofurkey dogs. Some do not.

    Point-just because one yogurt is bad doesn't mean you won't find one you like. And regular yogurt tastes frickin' weird the first few times too. For the fish eaters specifically-check your local Asian markets- there are often whole rows of plant based seafood and meats. You will find yummy faux fish, low in carbs, high in protein. Beyonce's diet is extreme but veganism or being partially plant -based doesn't have to be.

  6. Beyoncé: I did this super extreme diet that I don’t recommend for anybody, for any reason.

    As/Is: Don’t worry you’ll be fine! You don’t even need to really do it, Beyoncé will be in the title so we’ll still get views.

  7. Ok they did not try… honestly they need protein like seriously it’s not that hard to get protein from plant based resources. They kept under eating and they ate carbs.

  8. I like how one of the girls where like I NEED milk I NEED fish I NEED MEAT… like girl no you don’t you WANT this stuff

  9. We try Beyoncé’s diet for a week:
    Day 1;
    Okay so we’ve got our McDonalds
    Day 2;
    Now how can I say not to (a really non vegan thing) that.

  10. This video would have been way better with a meal plan. Beyoncé went through 22 days of nutritions meal plan. It wouldn’t have taken much to ask them to collaborate.

  11. They keep calling this diet vegan, but a vegan diet allows carbs. This one is just a VERY restrictive diet. They should research recipes and plan their meals before doing something this extreme. They probably need help from a professional nutritionist to make this work. This has 0 educational value.

  12. 🙈 these people. I appreciate the optimism but I just don’t think they prepared themselves by educating themselves before they started.

  13. News flash you don’t need meat or dairy in your diet. They are actually both really bad for you. It has some protein, but mostly saturated fat. Broccoli is more protein dense than a steak.

  14. In the beginning of the video they’re all saying it’s unhealthy but in all actuality aren’t they essentially just adopting a vegan diet??? What is unhealthy about that.

  15. The best low-ish carb vegan and great diet "snack" is obviously VEGGIES and you could at some hummus with it… it's good too

  16. If you planned this out with 3 vegan meals and snacks throughout the day there wouldnt have been anyone hungry

  17. Gadiel’s reaction is totally me😂Every single day!Lmfaooo eat greasy foods for vegan diet shopping later¯_(ツ)_/¯

  18. I can assure you that vegan keto is so so so soooo hard, and not at all necessary!!! Cut out meat and dairy and you'll be healthy and fit. But keto is super extreme and not sustainable at all!

  19. If they had her team it probably would be easier. Just because there are a lot of restrictions doesn’t mean don’t eat much. If you are hungry you didn’t eat enough. They should have had someone on hand to give tips & advice

  20. The difference is that it took a lot more work for them than for Beyonce, because I am sure she had someone prepare all the meals for her, and probably made sure they were more dense

  21. I prefer not to listen to celebs so called diets a lot of times it's what they say but probably really don't follow plus my body need nutrients not just air.

  22. I really started trying to eat healthy the last few months and it's been pretty successful but I can't relate when these guys feel so much better I just feel the same but god knows McDonald's makes me want to hurl now

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