Weight Watchers SmartPoints | “Healthy Eating Zone” Blue Dot Chart Explained

Weight Watchers SmartPoints | “Healthy Eating Zone” Blue Dot Chart Explained

total duh moment! first go to the weight
watchers mobile app that you have on your phone. if you select your journeys
tab at the top you’ll see your weight loss progress chart, and then at the
bottom you’ll see this chart here which is a calendar and it says days and
healthy eating zone 33 to 43 smartpoints now this is going to be different for
each person depending on the amount of smartpoints you’re allowed for the day. my
daily smartpoints target is 36 smartpoints, so they’re telling me that my healthy
eating zone is to eat between 33 to 43 smartpoints in a day. now each day that I stay between 33 to 43
smartpoints i get a little blue dot on my chart. the days that you don’t see a
blue dot are the days that i didn’t stay between 33 to 43 smartpoints. it could have been a day that I used a
bunch of weeklies. so, they’re saying that you know, as long as you stay within this
days…,or this healthy eating zone you should be fine, and this is
good if you want to like spread around your weeklies on different days instead
of just splurging one day and using all of your weeklies at one time.

13 thoughts on “Weight Watchers SmartPoints | “Healthy Eating Zone” Blue Dot Chart Explained

  1. Thanks! I didn't know this was there. This totally confirms what I learned from step into tracking. I'm not losing weight because I'm not staying in my healthy eating zone. I'll eat all my weeklies on the weekend then struggle to stay in my points all week. This helps a lot.

  2. I ate the exact same thing two days in a row and one day has a blue dot and the other does not. Both days were 35 and my range is 27 to 37. Theories?

  3. My range says 35-45 smartpoints and I have been coming in around 30-33 each day. Is this why I am not getting the blue dot? sad face I have not been using any of my weekly points because and coming in right under my daily points of 38 so I thought that I was doing well at this.

  4. The only problem i have with the app is not getting notifications when someone replies or includes my @leerodriguez07 name in a post. I get notifications for likes and followers but not for that. Does anyone know why? Thank you for explaining the blue dot chart, very helpful.

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