What are your top three non-nutrient factors that prevent beta-oxidation or ketogenesis?

What are your top three non-nutrient factors that prevent beta-oxidation or ketogenesis?

Anonymous attendee, last question at 12:59
with one minute on the clock, says, “What are your top three non-nutrient factors that
prevent someone from entering beta-oxidation or ketogenesis?” Top three non-nutrient factors? Unless you are taking a drug that prevents
lipolysis, then they aren’t non-nutrient. The overwhelming things that govern those
are carbohydrate and fat intake. So, you eat more fat, you have more beta-oxidation. You eat less fat, you have less beta-oxidation. You eat less carbohydrate beyond a threshold,
you— “I mean like sleep disruption.” Adam, I don’t think sleep disruption is going
to do that. Sleep disruption is going to increase your
stress hormones, and so sleep disruption, your cortisol is going to spike, and it’s
going to increase your appetite for junk food, so you’re probably more likely to eat things
that are anti-ketogenic when you’re sleep-deprived because you’re eating more junk food, which
has more carbs in it. You probably are not going to have lower beta-oxidation. You’re probably going to have higher oxidation
because you’re going to eat more fat. But most people do not have impairments in
beta-oxidation. If you have a riboflavin deficiency, you can
have an impairment in beta-oxidation, but even in disease states, beta-oxidation is
higher. If you have a fatty liver, beta-oxidation
is increased because your liver is trying to get rid of fat. The overwhelming thing governing beta-oxidation
is the relative balance of fat going into your tissues versus out. To the extent carbs displace the fat from
being burned, carbohydrate is going to decrease beta-oxidation, but if you’re eating carbohydrate,
and you’re eating more fat versus less fat, you’re going to have more beta-oxidation when
you eat more fat. So, yes, sleep disruption will disrupt the
appropriate way of handling those things, but I don’t think it’s going to block ketogenesis
or beta-oxidation except by messing up your appetite.

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  1. Excellent. I just learned why I have only been getting 4.5 hrs of sleep on average per night for the last 2 months – too low carbs. I have been OMAD carnivore for 8 months and now I can see that will need to bring in SOME carbs into the mix to offset the cortisol and sleep deprivation that are interfering with my body's ability to mobilize the fat in lower abs area (currently at 11% BF overall) and also slowing my lean body mass gains for lack of recovery time.

  2. Hyperglycemia from diabetes can, also carnitine deficiency. Carnitine can get low due to certain drugs which interfere with reabsorption or low biosynthesis due to methionine deficiency or genetic defects.

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