What I Actually Eat In A Day | Doctor Mike

What I Actually Eat In A Day | Doctor Mike

– And also these snacks
really easy to eat on the go. (chewing) I don’t know where I’m going. (upbeat music) So today we’re gonna be talking
about what I eat in a day. I’ve seen a lot of your comments, I’ve seen how excited and interested you are about nutrition. I’m gonna be showing you
exactly what I ate yesterday. Most of it’s not home cooked, it’s not fancy, but it is nutritious and it’s food that I genuinely enjoy. It’s time for me to go into the hospital. It’s gonna be a crazy day
’cause I’m starting super early and I have a really late day but when it’s a gorgeous day like this, it definitely makes it a lot easier. So for breakfast today, I’m
doing one of my favorites, avocado toast with a little smoked salmon. Get your essential fatty acids in. (grunts) So good. Look at that. You want a bite? You want a bite? No, it’s for me. Breakfast. (hip hop music) It’s known as the most important meal of the day but not everybody wakes up with an appetite so I understand if breakfast isn’t for everyone but if you do eat breakfast, you’re getting a lot of health benefits throughout the day. Not only do you kickstart your metabolism which allows you to burn
calories throughout the day, but you’re also giving
yourself enough energy to get to the gym. First ingredient very
simple whole wheat bread. I really enjoy whole wheat
bread versus white bread. Whole wheat bread contains
complex carbohydrates versus simple carbohydrates
that you find in white bread. What it does is it give you energy to be utilized throughout the day instead of just giving you one quick peak and then a crash later on, and sometimes get into that hangry state that we all know about. – Ma, the meatloaf! – Next, light cream cheese. You need saturated fat to
make hormones in your body, and while it does raise bad cholesterol, it also raises good cholesterol. Next ingredient, my favorite
ingredient, avocados. Avocado is actually the
Aztec word for testicle because avocados do hang in pairs with one hanging lower than the other so they do resemble testicles. Pretty cool fact. They contain a lot of antioxidants and they’re rich in fiber. Yes, avocado does contain a lot of fat, but it’s important to remember
that it’s unsaturated fat and that unsaturated fat actually helps increase your good cholesterol, and does not affect your bad cholesterol. Lastly, we have salmon. It’s a great ingredient
to add to you meals because it contains proteins,
omega 3’s, antioxidants, and on top of everything
else, it’s delicious. (chime) It’s snack time. I just finished rounds, I
have to go to research day. Need a snack, lunch is still
a good three hours away. I really like the Perfect Bar because it’s made of
good quality ingredients. I’m not their spokesperson, but I’m definitely a big fan. They contain a lot of protein, they’re made with good
quality ingredients, and because they have to be refrigerated, you know there’s no preservatives. It’s lunch time, just got my favorite meal for lunch right here, a
little Chipotle action. I’m eating with my colleagues here, say hello colleagues. They said hi. While some doctors go to the cafeteria, if I’m not on call I like
to get out of the hospital for a bit, so I do run out to Chipotle. It’s one of my favorite
places to get lunch. I really like the
ingredients that they use. I think they’re really tasty, and what I really enjoy
is that you’re in control, you get to chose what
ingredients go into your plate. I really like to get a burrito bowl instead of a burrito or a quesadilla because it avoids some of
the extra carbohydrates that you get from getting a wrap, but the things that I do like to make is to get a burrito bowl
with either chicken or steak, both high in protein. There’s been a lot said
about eating red meat, it increases risk of cancer, and while that’s true in high amounts, if you eat it in moderate
amounts in a good balance, it’s obviously not a problem. We have black beans, they are zero fat, and they’re one of the
richest foods in fiber which actually allows you to decrease some of the bad cholesterol
that you can get through eating an unhealthy diet. Brown rice. Brown rice is definitely
superior to white rice. It’s a complex carbohydrate, it doesn’t peak your sugar
level like white rice does. Next I like to go for guacamole. They always say, “Do you
know that it’s extra?” And I always say, “Yeah
I do, but well worth it.” I get the mild salsa because I’m not a fan of my food being too spicy. Last but not least, I love cheese. It gives you a little bit of calcium, a little bit of vitamin D. Overall, this is a nutritious meal for someone that shares my goals of trying to keep weight
on and build muscle. You have a good mix of
complex carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fiber,
all great nutrients, but it’s important to
know that these meals do contain a lot of sodium. Chipotle’s known for
that and now they started putting their sodium content on the menus, so keep that in mind because excess sodium can put extra pressure on
your heart and kidneys. I am an athlete and the rest of my day I don’t take in much sodium, so I think it’s a great meal for me, but just again, keep that in mind that the sodium content
in this meal is high. (dramatic music) You know what time it is? It’s snack time, again. Got my carrots and nuts. Perfect healthy snack. What’s beautiful about
these almonds right here is that they contain vitamin E, fiber, they keep your hair and
nails looking fresh. The carrots, you know I love carrots. Carrots are rich in vitamin
A, known as beta-keratin. Almonds, great, unsaturated
fats, vitamin E. Great food to eat for healthy
hair, nails, and skin, and in general, I think
that they’re fun to eat. Oh! (upbeat music) – Is there a doctor in the house? – Just ordered some sushi,
crazy day in the hospital, but gotta get my protein in, gotta get my omega-3 fatty acids. I like to get a variety of sushi and I get the real sushi. Not the sushi that people eat
with the rolls and all that. Just fish on top of
brown rice, very clean. It’s really my favorite
meal to end the day, get ready for the next
day without overeating and feeling fully
stuffed when I go to bed. This is my go to dinner meal. I love fish, I love the
omega-3s that they provide. There’s not a lot of calories in here. I prefer eating my sushi with brown rice, we talked about the benefits earlier. You get complex carbohydrates,
you get proteins, it’s a clean meal, it fills you up, and really, it does taste great. Important to note about fish, wild fish is better than farm fish because it contains less mercury. There’s a lot of news going around about how mercury poisoning is bad, so if you are eating farm fish, make sure no more than three
to four servings a week. So that’s what I actually eat in a day and it’s not something
that I eat every day. I know yesterday I consumed
probably more sodium than I should have, but
in general, it’s balanced, it’s in moderation, and that’s
really the smart way to go. This diet obviously does
not work for everybody and I don’t recommend it for everybody. If you’re interested in the calories and all the other nutrients
that were in my meals, check out the description down below, we put all that information there for you, and remember, eat in
moderation to stay healthy. (pop music) I hate that you’re recording right now. Hey guys, thanks for watching. If you haven’t already, hit
that subscribe button now to get new videos every week.

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