100 thoughts on “What I Eat in a Day | Easy and Healthy Meal Ideas + Late Night Snacks

  1. I loved Matt's "a tad dramatic" comment! Made me laugh. By the way, where did you get your sweatshirt?

  2. So funny I love the Jurassic Park movies!! I think people think I’m crazy! Glad I’m not the only one! Great video thanks! 🤗 Heather S.

  3. Did you say you would post the link for the mini compost you showed in the video? I didn't see the link. 🙁

  4. These healthy food YT Channels probably make food look really good and then in real life they probably just throw it together into a bowl! LOL BTW that Nice Cream looked SO GOOD!! And what’s with literally EVERY PERSON with the “organic diet”?

  5. This may be a random/odd question, but I bagged up some sliced banana and froze it and it turned a brownish black color. I noticed your frozen banana still looked normal, so am I doing it wrong somehow?!

  6. im a silent follower of your inspirational videos. Appreciate them alot. BDW, i like your nail color. what's the brand.

  7. Yay, buffalo cauliflower! I've been waiting for this recipe! The burgers look so good. I like that you eat a variety of healthy food not just vegetables or chicken etc You enjoy desserts, snacks, and delicious meals. I buy the Four Sigmatic packets at Sprouts. I like it but I also drink coffee, like Mr. Matt, I need my morning coffee. It makes me happy. 😉 Thanks for the video and yes, posting a raw everything you eat in a day would be great.

  8. Yes please share a raw version of what I eat in a day! I find ur videos so real and inspiring. Your attitude towards food just makes me realize you CAN eat healthy and not feel restricted at all! Thanks for all the amazing videos

  9. Wine and watermelon???😱😱😱 I grew up listening that is dangerous to mix those products! Love your videos from Argentina!!😊😊😊

  10. I freaking love these videos!! I am always inspired by your healthy eating/recipes and I really needed a boost today since I have been eating a tad unhealthy lately. Thank you!! ^_^

  11. You are not supposed to eat watermelon and drink wine at the same time. At least that is what I’ve been told my entire life growing up in a wine area haha haha something to do with the combo of both in your stomach

  12. I definitely want a super raw "what I eat in a day" video!! You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for helping me find my own healthy way of living. Both mentally and physically. You are one of the kind. Hugs and smoothies!!

  13. Add cilantro or Italian parsley to your celery juice every morning… way more flavor and they help detoxify! It helps that’s what I do ❤️

  14. Those burgers though. And I can’t wait to try that buffalo cauliflower 😍 I love these videos so much! They always give me tons of inspiration for cooking and living a healthy lifestyle. Also, I need to try that banana nice cream with the four sigmatic golden turmeric blend. What a great idea! 💛💛

  15. i love your videos i watch you all the time. i am 12 years old and love to be healthy. you inspire me so much. i think you would like the pick up limes it is on youtube.

  16. That is so what my husband does. And children for that matter. I can't eat by myself because other people's fingers are in my food

  17. Overdramatic porn noises after tasting every piece of food and hearing people eat … Hard to take sometimes !

  18. Oh my goodness, girl! First of all, LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! You make me smile every time I watch you!! I forgot about cottage cheese on cucumbers!! That looks delicious! I am always trying to find some yummy things to have with cottage cheese. I used to always do almonds in my cottage cheese, but some days I can't because of the fat content in the nuts! That looks delicious though! Thank you again for the amazing suggestion!! Cannot wait for your cookbook!! 🙂

  19. I don't know how I feel about those beyond beef burgers… the ingredient list is a mile long and very highly processed.

  20. If you ACTUALLY ate like this, you would be a lot thinner. Just saying. You cant fool me. Youre having alot of cheat meals, lady.

  21. Here in Argentina there is a myth that says if you eat watermelon with wine you are dead!!! 😲😲😲 Apparently it's not true hahaha. Great video!!

  22. I stopped eating meat about a year and a half ago and recently tried the Beyond Burgers and wow they were SO good! I haven’t heard of pressed cottage cheese before and want to look for it in the stores and try it on the cucumbers like you showed. Yes would love to see everything that you eat in a day. These are one my favorite video!

  23. It would be interesting to see a video for a working person to do meals for work where all the fresh
    Ingredients are not at hand.

  24. Just wondering if you got the pressed cottage cheese at a chain like The Superstore or Loblaws or health food store like Noahs or Ambrosia or Natures emporium. Thanks!!!

  25. Do you think Cashew is a purebred boxer? Her snout isn't as smooshed as typical boxers are, I see a lot of mastiff in her face 🥰 she is adorable either way!

  26. Currently binge watching all of your videos! Such an inspiration for a healthy lifestyle ☺️

    If you need a clean, homemade gluten free hamburger bun recipe we have an amazing one made with almond flour and psyllium husk 🤘🏼 perfect for burger season

  27. Where can I find the cauliflower recipe you were talking about at the end? I love experimenting with those! I've been trying to find a tasty version with a little bit of kick (that my husband will still eat).

  28. I saw what you did with the last cucumber piece!!! You ate it because if not you will have an odd number!! Hahaha, I don't know if you did it on purpose but I do the same!!! Love your vids btw!

  29. I love this video! I've got some Beyond Meat burgers in my freezer and now I crave one with mushrooms! 😀 I've a question about the mushrooms – do you wash them? They don't look washed, so I was wondering if soil bacteria could be a problem? :I Now I'm going to watch all the fall and winter recipes – I need some inspiration beyond the burger 😉

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