What I Eat in a Day – Mediterranean Diet – February 2019

What I Eat in a Day – Mediterranean Diet – February 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to the February
edition of What I Eat in a Day Mediterranean diet. In February the vegetables that are in season
are pretty much the same ones that were in season in January, but this month we’re
going to make different choices. And I also want to make dinner tonight in
courses. A lot of times when you go to an Italian restaurant,
they eat dinner in courses. So you’ll have an appetizer, then you’ll
have a primi, and then you’ll have your entree. And it’s just a nice slow way of having
dinner. You can enjoy good conversation, maybe a little
wine, and at the end of the meal you’re very satisfied. But it kind of takes a couple of hours and
you just really enjoy the event of dining. And you get to savor your food. So come along for the day. For breakfast we’re going to make some polenta. I just have the instant polenta here. It cooks in 3 minutes and it makes a nice
warm comforting breakfast. It’s Italian cornmeal. It kinda reminds me of grits, if you’ve
ever eaten grits. You can make it sweet or savory. And today I’m going to make it with bananas
and drizzle on a little bit of honey. I’m following the package instructions which
is to boil some water with a little bit of salt. And you take the water off the heat and you
stir in the polenta. And because it’s instant you just stir it
for a few minutes until it gets soft. Our water is boiling. We’re going to remove it from the heat and
add the polenta. I’m in the car now. We’re on our way to Whole Foods. We have some lovely farms and supermarkets
near us. But Whole Foods is about a 30-minute drive
away. But they just have some really beautiful food
sometimes that you can’t get at the other markets. So we’re going to go there, and I’ll give
you a little tour when we’re in the place. I love collard greens. Let’s get some collard greens and then when
we have leftover risotto from dinner tonight, we can stuff them. Essential oils Handmade soaps. Look how pretty this one is. Mission complete. Finished at Whole Foods. Don’t forget to take a water break every
now and then. Here’s our haul from Whole Foods. So we have this large container of mushrooms. You can do so many things with mushrooms. And some Vidalia onions. They’re the little sort of flat looking
shaped onions. They’re sweet onions. They’re really good for flavoring things. They’re really good on fish. We bought some grape tomatoes, these beautiful
collard greens, and we bought these brioche rolls, some endamame, some Halloumi cheese,
which is a really great Greek cheese for flavoring things. I have a Greek chicken dish that I’ll probably
do one of these months, and I’ll let you see how I make that. It’s the kind of cheese, it’s like a,
it’s a soft cheese but it doesn’t melt. And it’s good for things like sandwiches
and things. You can actually even put it on the grill
and it doesn’t melt all over the place. I got this container of lemon hummus because
it just sounds good lemon hummus. And this little Gouda cheese. I like at Whole Foods they have a little bin
there where they have sample sizes of cheese and you can get cheese for under a dollar
sometimes, and its a great way to try them. I got some smoke salmon, baby spinach, these
mini quiche appetizers, these appetizers which are potato and pea Samosas. I love the coffee that they have at Whole
Foods, so I get this Allegro brand. I get the French decaf and sometimes I mix
in a little of the Italian roast. And then I couldn’t help but I bought these
little tea cakes for Valentines Day. They’re so sweet. For lunch I’m going to make an avocado salad,
which is basically I’m going to slice up and avocado, put a little dressing on it,
and garnish it with these grape tomatoes. And as a side dish I’m going to use some
leftover salsa on some Italian bread. I never know what to do with leftover salsa,
but I always hate to throw it away. The next day it kinda tastes really oniony. But I discovered if you toast some bread and
you spread it on the bread, it makes a really good accompaniment to the avocado salad. And if you want to learn how I make my salsa,
I’ll put a link up above to a video where I’m making my salsa recipe. One of the courses for tonight’s dinner
is going to be this spicy Calabrian shrimp recipe. You can see the picture here. Don’t they look so beautiful. Oh yum. It’s from Giada’s Italy book, her recipes
for La Dolce Vita. And you know I’m all about la dolce vita. For our first course we’re going to stuff
some endive leaves with ricotta cheese. I have some part skim ricotta here. And we’ve chopped up some red bell pepper,
some red onion, and we have some grape tomatoes chopped up here with a little salt and pepper
on them. We’re going to mix that with the ricotta
cheese and then we’re going to stuff the endive. For the second course I’m making spicy Calabrian
shrimp. In this bowl I have some parmesan cheese,
actually it’s Romano cheese. And I’m adding a very tiny bit of this Calabrian
chili paste. It’s very very hot, so be cautious. I’m adding a little bit of oregano, and
some olive oil. And I’m going to stir this up. And we’re going to use this to dip our shrimp
in. And then we’re going to put it on some parchment
paper and bake it in the oven at 425 for about 8-10 minutes. It depends on what size your shrimp are. Just keep an eye on them. They don’t take very long at all. Look at that. And then just spoon over whatever is left. Shrimp out of the oven. I’m going to put the shrimp in these radicchio
leaves. For our entree this evening, we’re making
a Caprese risotto. The first thing we’re going to do is make
some stock. So we’re going to combine these Italian
whole tomatoes with some vegetable stock, and we’re going to season it with some bay
leaves, some Italian seasoning, and some crushed red pepper. And probably some salt and black pepper too. Here we have a 28-ounce can of Italian style
peeled tomatoes and we’re going to squish them up by hand because we don’t want them
to be whole. It’s such a satisfying feeling when you
do that. Into this we’re going to add 2 cups of broth,
this is the vegetable broth. And then we’re going to add our spices. In go the bay leaves: 1, 2, 3, and the Italian
spice, and the red pepper flakes … to taste. We’re going to stir this up now, and then
we’re going to heat it up and bring it up to a simmer, because we want it to be hot
when we start incorporating it into the rice. This is coming along nicely. We’re going to lower the heat on this, and
start to prepare the rice. For the risotto base it’s always a good
idea to have a shallot in your risotto. So we’re going to chop up very finely a
couple of tiny little carrots, some garlic cloves, and some shallot. And now we’re sautéing these vegetables
in a little bit of butter and a little bit of olive oil. Now that we have this warmed up we’re going
to add about a cup of arborio rice. As we stir this in, it’s going to absorb
this liquid, and then we’re going to add a little bit of white wine, and then we’re
going to start incorporating the tomato and vegetable stock mixture. And with risotto you just keep stirring and
adding liquid until it absorbs it, and keep stirring and adding liquid and you just keep
doing that until it’s ready. Isn’t it beautiful already. Arborio rice is so pretty. It’s like little pearls. Now we’re ready for our first ladle of the
tomato mixture. And we’ll just stir that in, and keep incorporating
it a little at a time. That looks so good already. Oh my god. If you find that your rice is not getting
soft enough, you can add a little water to this dish. We’ve added 2 ladles of hot water. The rice is soft now. I’m just going to cook this for a little
but more to burn off some of the liquid, so it’s not so wet. One final step: add some cheese. It’s not risotto if it doesn’t have cheese. Ready for plating. And now for the Caprese part, some fresh mozzarella. Thank you for joining me. I hope you enjoyed today’s recipes and spending
the day with me. I can’t wait to do the March edition of
the Mediterranean diet. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification
bell if you want to know exactly when I publish a new video. And thanks for watching. I will see you soon. Bye.

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  1. OK so I have a question, I just found your channel and I’ve been really trying to research the Mediterranean diet. Do you really feel like this is a lifestyle where someone can lose weight? It’s just so difficult for me because it’s been ingrained in me that carbs are just not good for you. Especially starchy carbs like pasta. Do you really feel like this is a lifestyle where someone can lose a drastic amount of weight? I’m not to terribly uncomfortable with my body, I could stand to lose 30 lbs but my husband really needs help and I’m trying to find a way of eating that will help him to lose weight and get healthy. All the olive oil and pasta makes me so nervous. I’ve been low carb mentality for such a long time. Do you count your calories as well so as to make sure to not gain weight? This is all so new to me and I appreciate any helpful suggestions

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