What To Eat For More Muscle And Testosterone

What To Eat For More Muscle And Testosterone

so today I want to talk about the best
diet in the best nutrition sort of protocol that you need to follow in
order to build muscle so how is muscle built well first of all it’s a very slow
process especially if you’ve done it for a while right but as a beginner it’s a
bit faster and muscle growth basically happens when you tear down your muscles
at the gym through exercise and then protein synthesis occurs and your
muscles repair and when that rate of protein synthesis outweighs that rate of
protein breakdown on a consistent basis for prolonged period of time then you’re
left with bigger muscles but but training and recovery by resting and
sleeping aren’t the only factors involved and nutrition arguably is
probably the most important factor so I’m gonna break down macronutrients
calories we’re going to talk about supplementation we’re gonna talk about
specific nutrients important for testosterone and overall this video was
going to be a very good reference to go back to when you want to figure out the
basic nutritional requirements for building muscle or retaining it right if
you’re losing fat then these principles apply to that as well because you’re
you’re gonna try and build muscle while you lose fat and then probably end up
retaining it let’s begin with protein right because protein is synonymous with
building muscle when you talk about a food group that is involved in building
muscle then people are gonna say protein and obviously that’s important you have
your essential amino acids and you have your non-essential amino acids there are
nine essential amino acids and these amino acids that we can’t produce
endogenously that means we have to get them from our diet but and amino acids
are going to come from protein protein is found in plants as well as animal
products but animal products like meat and dairy and eggs a superior as a
protein source because these are more complete sources of protein but that
isn’t to say that you can’t consume plant-based protein and build muscle of
course you can that’s just about meeting your quota for the day the number of
grams you need with any source of protein but you may need slightly more
with plant-based sources so how much protein do you need now you don’t need
one per pound of body weight I really try to
handle this in you only need between point seven two point nine grams per
pound of body weight on the higher end if you’re cutting and on the lower end
if you’re trying to put on muscle and you’re eating a lot of food anything
more than this really isn’t gonna have the biggest impact on how much muscle
you build or retain but if you’re in a big big caloric deficit and may be
important to eat more than one gram per pound of body weight if you really
struggle with your appetite then eating more and more protein may help you out
because more protein will help to belong to appetite because of certain changes
it has on hormones like increasing peptide YY decreasing relevant and
increasing in glp-1 all these sorts of changes which happen when you ingest
protein helped a blond to appetite so that’s another reason why consuming more
protein can potentially be beneficial so aim around 0.8 grams per pound of body
weight somewhere around one point eight grams per kilogram and you should be
fine another reason why you shouldn’t be over
consuming protein is because you leave less room for carbohydrates and fats
which are going to benefit you much more when it comes to hormonal health and
performance in the gym too much protein leading to a decrease in testosterone
and an increase in cortisol which is not good that means having far too much
protein may be very stressful on the body why you should be scared of protein
obviously but don’t think that consuming protein shake after protein shake after
protein shake is gonna be advantageous because it really is not alright let’s
move on to a fat fat is fundamental for hormonal function right when you talk
about hormones people say are fat and it’s very true you need to be getting at
least 20% of your calories from fat anything less than this and you can
still build muscle you can still lose weight but it’s going to have negative
effects on your testosterone levels so when you take two people you put one on
20% fat and the other on 40% fat the one with 40% fat is gonna have higher
testosterone levels now doesn’t mean you should eat 90% fat but having at least
3035 a percent of your calories coming from fat is going to be optimal for your
testosterone levels now there are various different types of fats the ones
you should focus on a saturated monounsaturated so
animal products quality ones dairy if you tolerate it um try to avoid full fat
milk focus on you know healthy grass-fed meats eggs are another great source
additionally try and aim to get the majority from monounsaturated sources so
macadamia nuts macadamia oil avocado oil avocados olives olive oil
monounsaturated fats are really gonna be key polyunsaturated fats great omega-3
specifically we need some DHA and EPA it helps with cognitive function it helps
with protein synthesis so eating some fish a few times per week perhaps
supplementing with krill oil cod liver oil something like this is going to be a
good idea um but don’t have too much polyunsaturated fats in general
specifically omega-6 because that can cause inflammation when you have it an
excess and too many polyunsaturated fats in general aren’t gonna be the best for
your testosterone the the very vulnerable to oxidation and the body and
the research does show that polyunsaturated fats in general have an
inverse relationship so the opposite relationship with testosterone
unlike saturated in monounsaturated fats which tend to show an increase with more
more of them in your diet so next carbohydrates right aim to get about 40%
of your calories from carbohydrates 30 to 50 percent depending on how well you
tolerate them depending on your athletic goals and your intensity of your
workouts right but somewhere in that range is going to be best for your
testosterone levels because again research has shown that when you take a
low carb diet and you compare it to a high carb diet the high carb diet always
wins for testosterone now you don’t have to consume over 50%
you really don’t but somewhere in the ballpark of thirty to fifty percent
forty works well for a lot of people is gonna be great especially if you’re
looking weights and you’re very physically active if you’re lifting
weights hard almost every single day don’t be afraid of having a bit of sugar
don’t be afraid of having you know potatoes rice oats these are fantastic
sources of carbohydrates include fruit as well and don’t forget to consume lots
of vegetables right they can be very filling and it can be high
to get in five six servings per day but they’re really gonna help with your
energy levels that are really important that our nutritional hormetic stress on
the body as well and are very beneficial in a lot of ways so try to make sure
that you get and vegetables my favorite sources of carbs are potatoes right I
love potatoes I think that fantastic if you lift weights and you’re very
physically active so don’t ignore carbohydrates they help you to feel good
as well they help to get down your cortisol levels and overall they’re
going to be a key part of your diet unless you’re doing something like the
ketogenic diet right so if you’re just doing a normal diet and to get
carbohydrates and don’t neglect them forget about the people saying that if
you eat carbs they make you fat they don’t if you’re lifting weights you need
them okay no yes human beings can survive without
carbohydrates unlike that we and we can’t survive without fat but this
doesn’t mean carbs on porn if you’re physically active you’re doing lots of
Sprint’s you’re doing lots of lifting and these sorts of things and please
don’t neglect carbohydrates next calories right so although what we just
spoke about macronutrients is very important how you want to make sure that
you prioritizing your calories if you’re a new person to lifting weights and
changing your body then understand that you can basically do whatever you want
eat whatever you want and your muscles are very sensitive to the stimuli of
lifting weights and your body will grow and you will change very quickly but as
you begin to train a bit more on you over the years you exercise more you you
run more you lift weights more it’s probably gonna take a slight excess in
calories for you to maintain muscle growth over the long term so eating at
least that maintenance calories right the amount of energy you need to
maintain your weight or two three five hundred over your maintenance is going
to be a good goal to aim for in order to build muscle and maintain a relatively
low body fat you want to begin adding on weight if you’re under 15% body fat
because you don’t want to add weight too quickly because you can only gain muscle
at a fixed rate right and additionally once you start to get over 15 16 percent
body fat especially as you get over 20% body fat that just means you have more
to lose in the future and it also means that you have more
sujin right the more body fat you have the more estrogen you have the lower
your testosterone levels are going to be and you want to stay relatively lean not
lower than eight percent body fat and try not to go higher than fifteen and
sixteen percent depending on your sport depending on what kind of training you
do but that’s a good percentage that you need to stay with him then you can eat
maintenance calories and if you have excess body fat that you need to lose
don’t feel like you have to eat excess calories in order to build muscle you
can just go in a caloric deficit sometimes even aggressively and still
manage to build muscle or at the very minimum retain it as long as you’re
doing the right kind of compound exercises so next another macronutrient
to speak about is fiber just make sure you know if you’re a guy you’re like me
just make sure to get between 25 to 45 grams of fiber somewhere between the 30
35 grams of fiber per day there’s going to be fine so just try to get a wide
variety of fruits and vegetables rather than sticking to one or two types and
that will help diversify your diversify you’ve got microbiota I consider
probiotics as well as your probiotic yogurt sauerkraut these are gonna be
really really great they help to increase serotonin they help to decrease
cortisol they make you feel good and additionally they just important to to
consume just for the health of your gut so don’t forget about having some
probiotics on a daily basis no let’s talk about meal timing right so meal
timing basically refers to intamin fasting so you could be eating frequent
meals eating every two hours you could be eating within a two-hour period which
I do I eat one or two meals per day max and you can basically get the same
results so this is gonna be up to you if you’re a very skinny guy and you’re
trying to add on lots of muscle and lots of weight then chances are doing
something like intimate fasting really is not going to be the best idea for you
because you’re gonna minimize the chances you’re gonna be gaining weight
so try not to do that but if you’re you know a normal guy you you don’t really
struggle to lose weight or struggle to gain weight then eating in an eight-hour
period can be really good you might find yourself you’re a bit more productive
you have a bit more energy it might help to control your
calories so you’re not overeating and it has a number of other physiological
benefits and some potential ones as well which more research needs to be done on
and that’s pretty cool and I’ve gone into depth on that and another video
just type in intimate fasting benefits and my name Philip gazelle Bosch and
I’ll surely come up um so yeah that’s something you can consider that’s up to
you right so don’t don’t think that meal timing um doing frequent meals or
intimate fasting one is better than the other they both have their pros and cons
you don’t have to do one the one that you need to do is the one you can see
yourself doing every single day for the next ten years
okay so choose something that’s sustainable for you you can try to do
fasted exercise if you want there are some potential advantages there for fat
loss but overall in the long term your body composition is just going to be
based on the amount of calories and the breakdowns of protein fat and carbs that
you’re consuming alright and sleep and exercise so the final macronutrient is
alcohol so red wine beer a few drinks a week not a big deal some studies have
actually shown that a moderate consumption of alcohol can help to
increase testosterone but when you start to binge drink when you start to drink a
lot multiple times per week your estrogen shoots up by quite a lot and
your testosterone goes down not as much as you’d think by some of the media’s
sort of articles on this it’s not as dramatic as most people think but if
you’re binge drinking then it’s definitely going to have detrimental
effects on your recovery your ability to gain muscle your hormones and it’s not
going to be something good to do if you’re trying to maximize muscle gain
and fat loss so try to minimize it but do not be scared of having it in
moderation if you go out but just in general don’t try to drink too much you
don’t want to use it as a crutch when you’re talking to girls when you’re
talking to whatever it’s good to be able to do be sober and socialize and do
those things as well so try not to become dependent on it in general so
supplementation you know we’ve covered the basics and that’s what you should be
focusing on everything that I just covered abut supplements do play a role
now there are thousands of supplements out there lots of things boost your
testosterone boost your growth hormone it does this innocent nurse andersone
and marketing salespeople will throw around big scientific words that try and
persuade you to buy the supplement because supposedly it’s gonna give you
steroid like results now here’s the truth
there are only really two supplements that have a lot of clinical evidence
behind them and that’s caffeine right typically found in coffee and also
creatine both of these are gonna help increase your performance in the gym
creatine specifically is going to help increase ATP adenosine triphosphate this
helps give you more energy for those explosive movements in the gym caffeine
in general will help increase your performance both for jogging both cardio
and sports and weightlifting and overall they’re both going to be good for your
testosterone creatine will increase DHT which is dihydrotestosterone a potent
antigen which is made from testosterone and caffeine has also been shown to
increase testosterone when you take it before you exercise so as long as you’re
sensitive to caffeine taking some caffeine it may help you increase your
metabolism and may help you exercise harder creatine is gonna help you put on
more muscle exercise harder so overall these two supplements are really good
there are some other supplements I kind of support and I believe that the
evidence is relatively strong for these are like your hem bine HMB B hydroxy
Beam ethyl butyrate branched chain amino acids which has leucine isoleucine and
valine these supplements may have some potential benefits especially in a
fasted state when you’re training but the north’ not worth mentioning as
worthwhile supplements in this video because I’m covering the absolute basics
so if you’ve got to buy some supplements then buy creatine buy caffeine and then
potentially supplement once with some sort of omega-3 fatty acid I recommend
cod liver oil because it has vitamin A and E as well which are hard to get from
your diet and supplement with those three and you should be fine so I like
to make these kind of videos and just go over the basics because a lot of the
time people aren’t going to listen to the very specific details about what one
single supplement does and a lot of you guys just want the basics just so you
know that you’re doing the 90% that’s gonna give you the 90 percent of your
results so here get a balanced ratio between carbs fat and protein and you
should be fine don’t overthink it right just try to have some potatoes on your
dish some vegetable like broccoli and spinach
then a bit of steak or maybe some chicken and some fruit on the side
that’s an example of a meal that’s amazing right and it’s gonna be super
beneficial for you now you don’t have to eat clean like that all the time
clean right you can include some ice cream you can include some junk food
from time to time and that’s fine especially if you’re counting your
calories and you understand exactly what’s going into your body but you need
to make sure that 80% of your diet is is coming from these natural Whole Foods
the reason being not that it’s gonna make the biggest difference for your
body composition but because it’s gonna help you give you more energy
getting the right micronutrients like like zinc right like magnesium getting
enough of vitamin b12 like all these vitamins and minerals are going to be
important for energy if you’re lacking micronutrients you’re gonna be less
insulin sensitive you know you’re not gonna feel as good you’re not gonna
perform as well so getting 80% of your diet from healthy foods dense and
micronutrients is something you you don’t want to underestimate you know if
you if you’re deficient in zinc you’re not getting at least 1015 milligrams of
zinc per day from your food then your testosterone is gonna go down your sperm
counts gonna go down right so you see what I’m saying despite you being able
to get your carbohydrates from candy you should probably aim to get it from
potatoes and vegetables and fruits just for those added micronutrients and no
you can’t eat candy and then take a multivitamin and expect to get the same
results as you would from consuming natural Whole Foods right so that’s
something important to keep in mind and not underestimate – so um lots of energy
today I just had a awesome workout so I’m happy to be making this video and I
hope this helped you out I hope this helped you understand the basics of what
it takes to eat the right foods to build muscle and lose fat so thank you and I
will see you guys in the next video I’ll leave your comments down below and let
me know what video is specifically that you want to see from me in the future
and if I like the topic if I think it’s something that people will benefit from
and get value from then write it down below and I will make that in the future
alright peace out

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    I'm an ex pre diabetic, i cured it but i always fear the glycemic load of a meal, what s your thoughts about that ? Like I wouldnt see myself consuming more than 100g of carb per meal for example.

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