What To Eat On The Ketogenic Lifestyle | Easy Keto Foods

What To Eat On The Ketogenic Lifestyle | Easy Keto Foods

hey everybody it’s your boy Keto Steve and welcome back to the channel! today I’ll be telling you all about which foods you should be eating on the ketogenic lifestlye we will go over a few of my favorite proteins, fats and veggies that I eat on keto so let’s get to it! Chicken It’s one of my all-time favorites only because there are so many parts ot it you’ve got the breasts, wings, legs and feets which are all great pieces to cook with Sometimes if you’re lucky the feet are on sale for just a buck, buck, buck! Eggs They are so versatile and that’s what makes them eggscellent You can cook them so many different ways poached, hard-boiled, sunny-side up over-easy, fried, the list goes on If you’re looking for an easy and portable way to eat them though I highly suggest ham egg cups I’ve got a recipe video so feel free to check it out Beef Where my carnivores at? There are different parts on the cow which are fattier than others as we all know so be sure you talk with the butcher to figure out which type of cut works best for you for me nothing beats a medium-rare prime rib with some horsey sauce…oh baby! Salmon Just keep swimming, just keep swimming just keep swimming swimming swimming into my stomach You’re bound to get plenty of Omega-3 Fatty acids and Vitamin D if you decide to go “fishing” at the grocery store Salmon is my go-to choice when it comes to fishies because it’s all I’ve ever known Bacon You don’t HAVE to cover it in chocolate but I mean who wouldn’t am I right? But for all you regular folks out there bacon is a great fatty meat option especially if you have it with breakfast Here’s a pro-tip, when you buy the bacon make sure that it says “nitrate and nitrite free” on the label Avocado Can we create like a National Avocado Day please? Or is that already a thing? In all honesty though the health benefits from the avocado, or alligator pear as some might call it are amazing plus I mean guacamole like who doesn’t love a good guac Cheese I think in another life I was French or something because I can never get enough cheese For me the main source of my fats are cheese of any and all kind Pepperjack and Brie are my personal favorites Yogurt Fage is usually the brand that I grab when I’m at the store Typically I throw it in my smoothies when when I meal-prep on the weekends Another quick pro-tip when you’re shopping for yogurt read the fine print and try to find a brand that has a low sugar amount or none at all Oils Olive oil and coconut oil are the two main ones that I use to cook with Avocado oil is also great but can be rather pricey so stick to the basics if you can Heavy Cream No lie I could easily crush an entire carton of heavy cream in one sitting and not even feel bad about it Except the next morning when i want to put cream in my coffee I don’t have any Normally I put a splash of cream in my egg mixture when I make my morning omelette or a little bit in my smoothies on the weekend Kale When you live in Southern California people incorporate kale into pretty much everything and anything Kale smoothies, kale Salad kale juice, kale water the list goes on I just buy frozen kale throw it in my smoothies and forget about it Spinach Now I’m not trying to be a hero and eat canned spinach cause that is nasty Most of the time I throw some in my smoothies or eat them in a stirfry and please, don’t forget to season your spinach Brussels Sprouts Insert bacon and you’re done Game Over No mas, go home and shut it down Red Cabbage Crackslaw you guys, it will quite literally change your life Plus the color itself is so pretty and not green Lettuce Caesar salads for dayz ya’ll for dayz That’s all I could ever want in my life aside from maybe a million bucks and a girlfriend and a job wait do I really want a girlfriend? And those are a few of my favorite proteins, fats and veggies that I eat on keto but I’d love to hear some of yours so be sure you comment below some of your favorite Alright I think that’s it as always thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you guys later! Are we clear? Okay cool Mom! I need a hot pocket!

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  1. YAY a new KS Video to distract me from working on my own video…Really enjoyed the presentation though very fresh!

  2. babe your videos are always hilarious and I love how you and then with k bye I say that all the time and sometimes I feel like saying it at the end of my videos LOL anyways gimmie a hot Pocket

  3. Hey Brotatoichip 😉🤣😅😂
    You could probably make a video about going in for an appendectomy fun. Just love you videos but I've said that before so you know that

  4. Your videos are so fun and creative! You’re amazing! Love love love watching your channel! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Arugula. I add Arugula to my salads to get that slight minty taste. 🙂 and Cilantro. Anytime I make chicken I tend to add cilantro. Love the taste!

  6. Nicely done. I pretty much eat all those things already in my keto diet. I also eat cauliflower. I make a great cauliflower casserole that everyone around me loves.

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