Why Do You Feel Sleepy After Eating Thanksgiving Dinner

Why Do You Feel Sleepy After Eating Thanksgiving Dinner

Have you ever just felt drowsy, sleepy, overwhelmed, too full after
that big Thanksgiving Day meal? Today, I’m gonna tell
you why you actually feel that way and I’m gonna give you some tips on how you can get around that and you can enjoy Thanksgiving, you can enjoy the energy that you have and you can eat nutritionally. (lively music) First off, what is the root cause of Thanksgiving drowsiness? Well, first of all, you have
to look at the night before. Did you get enough sleep the
night before Thanksgiving Day? Most of the time, people
drink excess alcohol which means their body’s energy stores are already going to be low when they wake up in the morning on Thanksgiving. Most people that I’ve talked to, most people that we’ve evaluated are severely dehydrated
on Thanksgiving day. So you look at all of these factors and then the food factor comes in. You eat four times more food than what the normal person eats every single day. Food, believe it or not, is the biggest energy
drainer the body has. For example, we eat 10 times the amount of food that we need to
survive on a regular basis. And that research was done in the 1940s. So think about this, 90%
of the energy you have in your body goes to digestion. When you talk about fatigue, when you talk about falling asleep, when you talk about your
energy levels being low, it’s because your body has
to utilize its energy stores to break down the food. On top of that, a normal
Thanksgiving dinner may consist of 80 to 90%
carbohydrates and sugars. That means all the bread
that you might be eating, all of the deserts, all of the
sugars that you’re consuming in different types of
drinks, alcohol, gluten. All of these things get mixed together in a big, toxic slue
that can ultimately sit in your digestive system
for up to three days. The proteins can turn putrefactive, the carbohydrates can ferment,
the fats can turn rancid. All you’re doing is just
overloading your system with too many chemicals, too many toxins, and you add the GMO foods in there, you add all of the snacks in there, the crackers, the pastas if you have any, all of the carbohydrates, and it’s just a recipe for disaster. And, when you add stress, most people are stressed
around the holidays, they might be stressed
about having enough food, they might be stressed
about guests coming over. When you’re stressed, you’re
in the sympathetic state, which means your digestion comes to a halt or it slows down drastically. When your digest process
slows down drastically, guess what? All of that food that you’re
putting in and putting in and putting in just
stays in your system and depletes your energy stores. Another cause of fatigue on
Thanksgiving is sedentary. What do people do on Thanksgiving? They’re not out exercising
like they should be. They’re watching football
games or they’re sitting on the couch or they’re talking. Lack of movement, lack of exercise. What can you do about all this? I recommend that you start
by creating more vegetarian, more raw foods for Thanksgiving,
put fruit platters out, make two or three different
types of salads people can eat, reduce the amount of protein. Eat at least 75% less food than you would normally eat on Thanksgiving. And drink lots of water. It’s very important to hydrate yourself. When you’re dehydrated, the body sucks your energy
stores from its system. You really wanna be
hydrated on Thanksgiving and you wanna be hydrated any time. The more that you eat live foods, the healthier you’re going to be. If you just break it down and say, “What am I putting in my body? “If I am gonna put a live,
high energy food in my body, “then I’m gonna have high energy. “If I’m gonna put a low
vibrational energy food “or a dead food in my body, “then it’s going to suck my energy away.” And that’s true for anything in your life and anything in your environment,
especially with foods. You just have to look at it. Before you put it in your mouth,
ask yourself the question, is this going to raise
my vibrational frequency and give me energy or
is this going to lower my vibrational frequency
and deplete my energy? Anything that’s cooked, processed, canned, animal flesh, animal
discharge, eggs, milk, things like that, if they’re not organic, if they’re not raw, those
are all going to lower your vibrational frequencies,
just like alcohol. The things that are gonna raise your vibrational frequencies are going to be the fresh fruits, the fresh vegetables, the salads. You could even make green
juice for Thanksgiving. That’s a good thing to do because pass it around to your family. That way you’re getting
that power packed nutrition on a day that most people just binge eat. The root cause of fatigue on Thanksgiving and falling asleep after your meal is not necessarily the
tryptophan, like people say. I mean, there’s tryptophan
in nuts and in seeds and organic and raw foods as well. Tryptophan is an amino
acid and it can cause you to become a little bit tired because of, it produces melatonin and melatonin can actually cause you to be sleepy, but it’s not the main reason why people are tired or fall asleep on Thanksgiving. Another tip that I would say is really, ready good to do if you can do it is do intermittent fasting on Thanksgiving. Just skip a meal. You know, you’re already
gonna have one big meal on Thanksgiving, so don’t
snack during the day. Skip the morning snacking,
skip the morning breakfast, and even skip the night
time meal or the dinner meal that might be later on after
your Thanksgiving meal. Considering most people
eat Thanksgiving dinner between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00
p.m. in the afternoon. Another tip is to move
your Thanksgiving dinner to earlier in the day. When you eat around three
to four in the afternoon, your body is already
slowing down for the day. If you move your Thanksgiving
dinner to around noon or earlier in the day, that
gives your body more time to digest the food,
later on in the evening. Now, what I love to do
and many people do now is they just take enzymes. This is a tip that will help you digest your Thanksgiving meal
a little bit faster. Taking a good digestive enzyme product like VeganZyme will help
break down your food and it won’t be such a
strain on your system or your body during Thanksgiving. Also, try to cut out the carbohydrates. Try to reduce the amount of stuffing, try to reduce the amount of
bread that you’re eating. You might just try to reduce
anything that’s sugary, any cakes, any pies, anything like that. Instead of eating a whole
piece, just eat a couple bites. I know that might sound
hard, but just small changes on Thanksgiving can make huge changes in how you feel after Thanksgiving. Believe it or now, most people gain 10 to 15 pounds from November to January. Try to avoid that. It’s just a day. It’s just you being
mindful of your health. It’s just you making those
decisions in your mind and saying “No, I’m not
gonna eat that today,” or “No, I’m not gonna drink that today, “and I’m gonna drink water instead, “or I’m gonna eat a salad instead, “or I’m gonna eat healthy instead.” Those are my tips for Thanksgiving. Those are my tips on how you can prevent that grogginess, that over
full feeling of just sitting on the couch and not
being able to do anything. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, feel that energy, get outside, go for a walk
after your Thanksgiving dinner. Start changing your life. Start changing the way
your Thanksgivings are. Thanksgiving should also
be thanking your body with good, healthy food. You have the power to change your Thanksgiving and create
a healthy Thanksgiving for you and your family. As a free gift, click the link below for the complete guide
to a healthier diet. I’m Dr. Group. Don’t forget, subscribe to our channel, click the little notification bell. If you’ve had a healthy Thanksgiving, share with us in the comments below and until next time, and as always, live happy and live healthy. (lively music)

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  3. All the excessive talking and listening at the dinner table is what makes me drained and sleepy. Everyone is questioning…..judging.

  4. This is such a good video! I been saying this to my family and they dont listen! Definitely sharing this!๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ™Œ

  5. If I tried to pass around a "green drink" at my family's Thanksgiving dinner someone would definitely try to throat punch me…lol.. Good advice as always, thanks Doc!


  7. Funny thing I've found in my research, is that people feel bloated and undo their belt within 10 mins of starting to eat dinner, even if they've only eaten a little bit. They presume it has to do with food displacing their belly, but it has nothing to do with that. It has everything to do with inflammation of the gut, organs, etc. This can also cause people to fall asleep after dinner.

    Because of my allergies, ever since I cut foods I'm allergic/sensitive to, I don't suffer from bloating after eating and I also don't fall asleep after eating. I also drink alcohol (wine) and water during Christmas dinner and still don't fall asleep like everyone else.

    I believe many people have food sensitivities without realising it. Add in preservatives, colourings, sugars and many more additives, and it's the perfect combination to cause inflammation and sleepiness.

  8. Dr. Group could you please do a video on how to remove and/or rid vegetables and fruits of pesticides? Is there any truth to using baking soda and vinegar to remove pesticides?

  9. Thank you, God, for good healthy food choices and also intermittent fasting! Our bodies should be a "temple of God" so we should be mindful what we do with it. Thanks for such good reminders!!

  10. Sounds like good sense! Any tips for selling this idea to the friends and neighbours who take exception to us not eating their high carb spreads?

  11. But doc…I'm 55 yrs old, 5'3, 115 lbs (maybe)..some crazy metabolism. I dont snack. I eat only at meal time. If I lessen my intake, I could lose some weight. I really dont want to get any smaller. And I dont own a microwave. I cook my meals.

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