Your Own Personal Diet Guru

Your Own Personal Diet Guru

Your Own Personal Diet Guru Did you know, you can have your own personal
diet guru, a guide that can teach you when to eat and how much to eat.
And the diet guru I’m talking about is not old Bob Briggs. We’re going to get to that in a few minutes Before I tell you about that personal diet
guru, I want to tell you about the simple plan I
used to lose 145 lbs in 14 months and I want to tell you why I think you should use this simple plan too,
especially if your weight has got out of control and it has limited the life you have you know about two years ago my daughter and her friends invited me to come to this IHOP here in my hometown it was so big and fat, I could not sit in this very booth You know, a lot of you are sitting at home, you can’t go anywhere you don’t feel like going anywhere you don’t to eat with your family and friends because they might sit in a booth you don’t go to your High School reunion, you don’t go on Airplane rides Shortly before my daughter and her friends invited me here to eat in this IHOP with them I took an airplane ride out to California it was about a four hour airplane ride and I could not sit in the airplane seat and I was cramped in that seat and could not move thank God I was in a seat next to the isleway and I had to lean out in the isleway the whole trip the whole trip, four hours to keep my body out of the next seat where a person was sitting you know, people who are really heavy our life becomes very restricted this video is designed to help people with a big problem, with a very simple, boring solution a boring solution that will give you an exciting life you know, about two years ago I was standing in front of this tree and my son took a snapshot of me, here it is as you can see, I was as big as the tree you know a lot of you are writing to me about some eggs in the leftover bacon grease, I
take them out and melt about a tablespoon of butter and pour over these delicious eggs.
I have a cup of coffee with two tablespoons full of heavy creme.
I don�t eat lunch, because I�m not hungry at lunch, but we�ll talk about that in a
minute. For Dinner I have some type of fatty meat.
Like chicken thighs with the skin on, fried in Lard with a green vegetable, like turnip
greens, collard greens, spinach, green beans, broccoli or a fresh salad.
I keep my diet very simple, most the time, I don�t have to do the math each day, because
I�ve already done it and know it works for me. To get started, write down a few meats and
vegetables you like to eat. Get a few simple meal plans down on paper.
You like chicken, build a simple meat and veggie dinner with chicken. You like fish,
do the same. then get online and go to a place like,
here�s the link At first you should start with a carb level
that�s worked for millions of people. Later on, you can adjust it and in a minute
I�ll tell you where to get the best advice to adjust your future diet. I suggest you start by
Taking your carbs down to 20 grams a day at first, maybe they�ll increase later maybe
they won�t. Your gonna to have to wait and see. And we�ll
talk about that in a minute, too. Next � up the fat percentage in your diet
to 75 to 80 percent of your daily calories. How do you do that?
It�s simple: Put in the foods on your meal plan and see
what the fat percentage is, try to choose foods that are high in fat to begin with,
like bacon if you eat pork, or hamburger or skin still on chicken, or some other high
fat meat. If the fat percentage is not high enough
Then add into your calculations a tablespoon or two of butter, or creme, or the fat of
your choice. Go ahead and cook a little extra if you want
at first just so you make sure your not hungry. The amounts will adjust themselves, and I�ll
tell you how in a minute. Get these meals down correctly and go buy
the stuff at the store. Get started and stay simple.
Get used to eating this way. As long as we�re being simply, let�s talk
about some of the common things that de-rail this diet:
Here�s four things that could de-rail your success. If you have trouble try eliminating one or
more of them, first. Too much protein and not enough fat. Diet
Soda and artificial sweeteners, dairy products like cheese, especially too much cheese and
finally nuts. These are the top ones.
Some of you will be able to use them without any problem. Some of you will have to give
them up, You have to experiment on yourself. If you�re
not losing weight, if you are constipated, then try eliminating one or all of these. We�ll go into more depth on these in a future
video. But if you have trouble start with them first. Eliminate them for a week or two
and see what happens. Now here comes the good part of this video.
In the beginning of this video, I told you that you can have your own personal diet guru. But, like I told you before, the guru I�m
talking about, is not old Bob Briggs. When you keep your diet simple, it�s like
taking a chain saw to your oak tree of appetite problem.
It makes doing this diet quick and easy. You�ll quickly and easily gain complete
control over your appetite for the first time in your life. This appetite control will come faster than
a cat can lick it�s tail, with it�s tongue out and it�s tail up. This new found appetite control gives you
freedom from food cravings like you will not believe at first,
Your body will start telling you when to eat and how much.
And guess what, as long as you keep your diet simple, you can trust what it tells you. This appetite control allows you to explore
how much you need to eat and how often you need to eat it. Your own personal diet guru will let you know
how big a portion to eat, no more weighing out the ounces or grams. No more counting
the calories and as long as you keep it simple, no more wondering about the fat content either. Your appetite will tell you what time to eat
and how often, no more schedule to keep, no more extreme dips in your energy levels, no
more shakes from low sugar. Once you prevent your belly from stealing
your breakfast, by cutting your carbs to the bone.
then your own body will reward you by allowing you to go hours and hours without being hungry. It can do this because it will be eating your
own body fat. And this fat is a huge source of steady energy You will begin to experience complete appetite
control like you never thought was possible. Folks, This appetite control is like hitting
the diet lottery jackpot. Your appetite will be so under control that
many of you will worry that you�re not eating enough. But don�t worry about that, your body knows
how much energy it needs. Here�s the glorious part.
On this diet, you are causing your body to eat fat � your own stored fat in your belly
and your butt and your chinny, chin, chins. This fat that you�ll be using IS FOOD. Your body eating it�s own fat is the same
as it eating calories from your food. Belly fat is the food nature designed to keep
you alive when tough times came along. If you count this fat that is being released
by your body as a part of your daily calories, which it really is, then even if you�re
not eating as often as you used to do, you are still getting plenty of calories. Your body is always eating, even when nothing
is going in your mouth. As I told you in my Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off video. Remember this, hunger is nature�s way of
letting you know you need nourishment, so if you�re not hungry, that�s a good sign
everything�s okay and cool. So don�t worry about not being hungry all the time. Now that you�ve gotten the insulin problem
under control, by cutting carbs to the bone, trust your body to tell you when to eat and
how much, trust your new appetite control. Let your new body be your own personal DIET
GURU. Let your new diet guru set the limit on carbs
for you. As long as your appetite is under control,
as long as you feel good, and have plenty of energy and are losing a few inches off
your belly, even slowly. Don�t be afraid to listen to your new inner
diet guru. It will tell you when to eat and how much. Don�t worry someone said this or somebody
else said that. As long as you keep the insulin problem controlled
by not eating carbs then you can use fat as your energy source. Eat the fat, love the fat, fat is your friend. You�ll have a new liberating freedom from
the domination of food cravings. You�ll always have your inner guide to teach
you when to eat and how much. Keep it simple, a simple boring diet will
give you an exciting life.

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